From Head to Heart

Osho on Sufism Sufism existed before Mohammed ever was born, and Sufism will exist when Mohammed is completely forgotten. Islams come and go; religions take form and dissolve; Sufism abides, continues, because it is not…

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Sannyas or Suicide

Birthday of Ernest Hemingway On July 21, 1899, Ernest Miller Hemingway, influential American literary icon is born in Oak Park, Illinois who became known for his straightforward prose and use of understatement. He was awarded the Nobel Prize…

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The Art of Dying

Osho on Death HOW CAN WE PREPARE OURSELVES FOR DEATH? DON’T accumulate anything whatever: power, money, prestige, virtue, knowledge, even the so-called spiritual experiences. Don’t accumulate. If you don’t accumulate you are ready to die…

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