The Alchemy of Silence

Birthday of American Writer and Orator Robert G. Ingersoll Born on 11 August 1833, Robert G. Ingersoll was an American lawyer, politician, writer, and orator who came to be known for his lectures and his…

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Darkness is Eternal

Osho on Bhavbhuti Bhavabhuti was a poet, playwright, and scholar residing in Padmapura in present-day Maharashtra during 8th century India. His plays were written and published in Sanskrit and were considered equivalent to Kalidasa’s works.…

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Drop the Seriousness

Osho on Seriousness BELOVED MASTER, WHY DO I CONTINUE TO TAKE MYSELF AND LIFE IN GENERAL SO SERIOUSLY? Tada, Everybody takes life seriously because everybody is so empty. By being serious you hide your emptiness,…

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Master: The Greatest Mystery

Osho on Master-Disciple Relationship The greatest art in the world is to be a disciple. It cannot be compared to anything. It is unique and incomparable. Nothing like it exists in any other relationship, nothing…

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The Master is only a Door

Osho on Master-Disciple Relationship BELOVED MASTER, AH RAREST ONE, HOW IS IT THAT YOU GIVE SO MUCH? Chaitanya Kabir, I would like to give you much more! But the real cannot be given in words.…

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Be Thirsty, Take the Jump

Osho on Sufi Mystic Shibli Abu Bakr al-Shibli was a Sufi mystic and poet of Persian descent born in Samarra. He was a high official of Baghdad before becoming a disciple of Junayd Baghdadi to…

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Osho on Courage OSHO, WHAT IS COURAGE? Prem Leela, THERE IS ONLY ONE COURAGE and that is the courage to go on dying to the past, not to collect it, not to accumulate it, not…

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Unwinding the Mind

Birthday of Swiss Philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau Born on 28 June 1712, Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a Swiss-French philosopher, writer, and composer. He moved to Paris at the age of 30, and his work influenced parts…

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