Seeds of wisdom

Keep the message pure

Beloved Osho,

What you talk about can mean so much to so many people. Your message has spread. It has to bring about a spiritual explosion. That seems to be the only hope there is for us today. How do you intend to let your ideas grow and spread and blossom, to flower into something more universal, more accepted, more usual?

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Recollect your own divinity

The dark no-moon night is descending. The birds have returned to their nests and in the gathering darkness there is great chirping on the trees before they retire. The lamps are being lit in the city. In a short while, the sky is going to be studded with stars and the earth glittering with lamps.

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Swami Satyatirth Bharti

…left his body in Bhopal on Jan 30 th January 2020.

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