The Master of Masters Osho, His Discourses

Osho has been called ‘The Master of Masters’. Ever since the beginning of history, there have been enlightened masters but no master has talked in such depth and in such detail about almost all masters as Osho. He has brilliantly explained the masters from the West and the East with in simple language which appeals to the heart. These spontaneous talks to thousands of his disciples from all over the world highlight the profound understanding of the core messages of these masters and are laced with pertinent stories and, occasionally, jokes. Some discourses are answers of questions from his disciples/visitors which can guide others on the path. Lasting between 90 minutes and even more than two hours, these discourses never let the listener falter with his unbounded knowledge. His imagery and fluency rivet the attention of listener right to the end. Osho ignites, inspires and enlightens with his deep insights.

Right from Heraclitus of ancient Greece, Zarathustra of ancient Persia, Jesus of Nazareth and the Sufis and the Hassids of the Middle East, he moves to ancient Indian sages and scripts, Buddha and Mahavira, numerous enlightened souls in ‘bhagti’ and moves to ancient China to expound on Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu and to the Zen masters of Japan, Osho has talked about them over 4,800 hours of English discourses and 4,000 hours of Hindi discourses. Around 5,640 of Osho discourses in high quality MP3 format are offered here FREE for downloading.

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Around 2492 audio discourses are available here for listening and free download

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Around 3148 audio discourses are available here for listening and free download

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