Past the Point of No Return

Recollections of Osho Disciples on how they became His Sannyasins


“I have found my people. I have found my world. I have found a small planet of my own, where love is the only law, where laughter is prayer, where dancing is divine, where every moment is sacred, and where to be natural is the only spirituality. Click here for more…


SWAMI ANAND NEERAVA (Blissful Silence)
Born in 1948 in London, England. Neerava took sannyas in 1978 and is presently living in Perth, Western Australia.


If I’m honest, it was clothes and sex – two of my favourite things (when I was younger) – which started me on my way to Osho! It’s a long story because it took me a long time to get it; Osho and sannyas eased gently into my life.

In the mid-1970s, I was a young and idealistic left-wing lawyer, and former professional rock drummer, working in a legal aid practice in the East End of London. I wanted to help change the many injustices and things I saw wrong in the world…

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MA PREM ATTA (Love of Self)
Born in 1946 in Lima, Peru. Atta took sannyas in 1978 and is presently living in Bali, Indonesia


In 1969, during what became known as the Summer of Love, I was working as a stewardess for United Airlines, out of San Francisco. Work life was Miss Stewardess, prim and proper, and in the off-hours a hippie in Marin County. United had announced a special program for airline volunteers to have a work experience in Asia and I had applied to the Tom Dooley Foundation for a position working with Tibetan refugee children in a day care centre at the carpet factory in Jawalakhel in Nepal. When I flew to Kathmandu to check out my future post, I met a hipster there named Milan Melvin who had been married to Joan Baez’ little sister, Mimi Farina…

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SWAMI ANAND DEVOPAMA (Divine-like Bliss)
Born in 1937 in Lincoln, England. Devopama took sannyas in 1976 and left his body in 2018 in Somerset, England


Sannyas found me. I just went along with what was clearly happening, and enjoyed the thrill of whole new vistas opening up. The conscious sense of a connection with Osho, or with Bhagwan, as he was known then, came later, after I’d been to Poona. Even there – so far as I was aware – it came in little realisations, nuggets perhaps: during one of my first lectures in the old Chuang Tzu Auditorium, in German Purna’s Janov-style primal group and the group darshan afterwards, a Hindi discourse, as he drove by outside Lao Tzu Gate. These are some of the most memorable moments….

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MA PREM ANADO (Love and Soundless Silence)
Born in 1944 in Modena, Italy. Anado took sannyas in 1978 and left her body in 2015 in Seattle, WA, USA


Can you believe it?

Can you believe the silhouette of a man, all dressed in flowing orange robes, with long curly hair floating in the breeze around a smiling face, walking down a little country road in Tuscany? Surrounded by fields and vineyards, by cypress trees and olive groves, he walks with a steady gait, carrying an orange bag on his shoulder. The sun is at midday, so this orange man’s shadow walks with him, under him, the only shade on the road…

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