Drop the Seriousness

Osho on Seriousness BELOVED MASTER, WHY DO I CONTINUE TO TAKE MYSELF AND LIFE IN GENERAL SO SERIOUSLY? Tada, Everybody takes life seriously because everybody is so empty. By being serious you hide your emptiness,…

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Master: The Inner Guide

Osho on Master Disciple Relationship SCIENCE IS BASED ON DOUBT: doubt is its method, its climate, its very soul. Science cannot exist without doubt. It is only through questioning, and constant questioning, that science comes…

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Haiku: That which Is

Osho on Haiku The old pond Frog jumps in The sound of water THIS IS ONE of the most famous haiku by Matsuo Basho. It has that special flavor that only awakened people are aware…

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Kabir: The Christ of the East

Osho on Enlightened Mystic Poet Kabir THE gods of the past are dead. And they cannot be revived again. They have become irrelevant to human consciousness; they were created by a very immature mind. Man…

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Be nobody, be Joyous

Osho on Joy WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO ENJOY? Rani, it is difficult to enjoy because you will have to disappear. Joy is possible if you are not. You and joy cannot coexist: when…

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From Adam to Christ

Birthday of French Philosopher Chardin Born on May 1st 1881 in France, Chardin was a French Jesuit priest, scientist, palaeontologist, theologian, philosopher and teacher. He was Darwinian in outlook and the author of several influential theological and philosophical books. He took…

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Spirituality: The Highest Need

Osho on Italian Poet and Philosopher Dante Born in 1265, Dante Alighieri was an Italian poet, philosopher, and literary theorist. He is best known for his work Divine Comedy, published in 1320. This piece of…

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World is a Cosmic Joke

Osho on Sufi Msytic Mulla Nasruddin 1st of April must be the day of laughter and joke as this is the day when Sufi Mystic Mulla Masruddin was born. Mulla nasruddin was a Selijuq satirist…

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