The Center of the Cyclone

Osho on Witnessing All communication has disappeared from the world. Everybody is living a lonely life — lonely in the crowd; the crowd is becoming bigger and bigger every day. The world population is exploding;…

Enlightenment: Your Very Being

Osho Enlightenment Day On 21st of March 1953 something immensely beautiful happened, something extraordinary, something for which existence also must be waiting to happen. A flower of love blossomed with never ending fragrance and beauty,…

Innocence is a Light unto Itself

Osho on Innocence One day a small child was walking with D.H. Lawrence in a garden, and was continuously asking questions of all kinds. And D.H. Lawrence was one of the most sincere men of…

The True Education

Osho on Education OSHO, WHAT IS YOUR IDEA OF TRUE EDUCTION? THE EDUCATION THAT HAS EXISTED up to now has not been true. It has not served humanity; on the contrary, it has served the…

Aloneness: The Real Suicide

Osho on Aloneness Unconscious evolution ends with man and conscious evolution — revolution — begins. But conscious evolution does not necessarily begin in any particular man. It begins only if you choose it to begin.…

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About Osho Dham

About 30 miles south, on the outskirts of Delhi, Osho Dham is a pristine and peaceful space for the spiritually inclined. Seekers from world-over, converge here to participate in Meditation retreats and benefit from the pulsating energy-field that has built up with the continued practice of Meditation over the last 25 years.


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