Sufism: The Path of Love

Osho on Sufism LA ILLAHA ILL ALLAH — There is no god but God. This is the fundamental essence of the way of the Sufis. This is the seed. Out of this seed has grown…

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Sannyas: A Synchronicity

Osho on Neo-Sannyas September 26 is celebrated as Neo-Sannyas Day. On this day, at the momentous camp in Manali India in 1970, Osho initiated His first group of disciples into his vision of sannyas. Osho…

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Experience of the Beyond

National Sports Day National Sports Day is commemorated in India on 29 August every year. It signifies the birth anniversary of the star hockey legend Dhyan Chand Singh who led India’s first Olympic gold medal…

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Man: A Tabula Rasa

Osho on Freedom Man is born as a TABULA RASA, a clean slate; nothing is written on it. You have to write everything that you want to write on it; it is going to be…

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Problems – A challenge

Birthday of Irish Playwright George Bernard Shaw Born on 26 July 1856, George Bernard Shaw was an Irish dramatist, screenwriter, critic, and political activist. He wrote more than sixty plays in his lifetime, keeping his…

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Sannyas or Suicide

Birthday of Ernest Hemingway On July 21, 1899, Ernest Miller Hemingway, influential American literary icon is born in Oak Park, Illinois who became known for his straightforward prose and use of understatement. He was awarded the Nobel Prize…

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The Art of Dying

Osho on Death HOW CAN WE PREPARE OURSELVES FOR DEATH? DON’T accumulate anything whatever: power, money, prestige, virtue, knowledge, even the so-called spiritual experiences. Don’t accumulate. If you don’t accumulate you are ready to die…

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The Mystery of Music

Osho on Sufi Woman Mystic Rabiya al-Adabia Rabiya was the sufi mystic and one of the rare enlightened women. Osho says She is a Sufi; her name is Rabiya al-Adabiya. Al-Adabiya means ‘from the village…

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