Mystic Rose: A New Beginning

Osho on Mystic Rose Group We are doing the experiment again and we are in a far more successful stage now. Our people are more joyous, more meditative, more intelligent, uncompromising. This is the meeting…

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Listen to the Gaps

Osho on Emptiness OSHO, WHAT IS YOUR FUNDAMENTAL TEACHING TO YOUR SANNYASINS? Gourishankar Mehta, It seems you must be a total stranger to this place, otherwise such a question is not possible, because I have…

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Laugh Your Way to God

Osho on Laughter BELOVED MASTER, TO BECOME ENLIGHTENED, DO YOU NEED TO BE JEWISH OR DOES IT JUST HELP? Amitabh, religion has been missing one very fundamental quality: the sense of humor. It has been…

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Religion: The Science of the Soul

Osho on Religion and Psychoanalysis BELOVED OSHO, CAN’T PSYCHOANALYSIS HELP PEOPLE TO KNOW THEMSELVES? IS RELIGION REALLY NECESSARY? Sugeet, psychoanalysis can help a little bit, it can prepare the ground, but it cannot be a…

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Absolute Freedom

Osho on freedom THE BUDDHA is the greatest anarchist in human history. He does not believe in any rule from the outside. To help you become free from the outside, he teaches you an inner…

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