Democracy: New Vision of Life

International Day of Democracy September 15 is celebrated as International Day of Democracy. The word ‘democracy’ comes from two Greek words – ‘demos’ meaning people and ‘kratos’ meaning rule. Greece is considered to be the…

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The Pleasure of Growth

Birthday of Russian writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy 09th September is the birthday of the famous Russian writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy. Born in an aristocratic family in Russia in 1828, he was orphaned by…

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The Essence of Zen

Osho on Jewish Mystic Baal Shem Born in 1698 in Poland, Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer known as the Baal Shem Tov or as the Besht, was a Jewish mystic and healer who is regarded as the founder of Hasidic Judaism. “Besht” is the acronym…

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The Madness of the Mystic

Osho on German Philosopher Albert Schweitzer Albert Schweitzer was a versatile learner and polymath born in then-Germany in 1875. By terms, he was a pastor, theologian, organist, writer, philosopher, physician, leader, and philanthropist. His well-known…

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India: An Inner Search

India Independence Day 15th August commemorates India’s Independence from the United Kingdom in 1947, after nearly 100 years of domination. The day is celebrated with myriad activities emphasizing Nationalism such as flag hoisting ceremonies, cultural…

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The Alchemy of Silence

Birthday of American Writer and Orator Robert G. Ingersoll Born on 11 August 1833, Robert G. Ingersoll was an American lawyer, politician, writer, and orator who came to be known for his lectures and his…

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