The Alchemy of Silence

Birthday of American Writer and Orator Robert G. Ingersoll Born on 11 August 1833, Robert G. Ingersoll was an American lawyer, politician, writer, and orator who came to be known for his lectures and his…

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Maturity: Becoming a Child Again

Osho on Maturity/ Born Again BELOVED MASTER, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF MATURITY? Prem Lalit, maturity means the same as innocence, only with one difference: it is innocence reclaimed, it is innocence recaptured. Every child…

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Problems – A challenge

Birthday of Irish Playwright George Bernard Shaw Born on 26 July 1856, George Bernard Shaw was an Irish dramatist, screenwriter, critic, and political activist. He wrote more than sixty plays in his lifetime, keeping his…

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Eat all the Apples

Osho on Solomon Solomon was the affluent and wise monarch of the United Kingdom of Israel, succeeding his father and king David. All knowledge about Solomon comes from the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old…

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Master: A Death and a Resurrection

Osho on Guru Purnima Celebration Guru Purnima is a sacred day of the Hindu-Buddhist-Jain spiritual traditions. It is marked as an occasion when disciple express gratitude and reverence to their Guru (Master). The full moon…

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Meditation: Jumping out of the Mind

Birthday of German psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Fritz Perls Born on 8 July 1893, Fritz Perls was a German psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, primarily known for his theory of Gestalt therapy. This therapy aimed to teach people…

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The Mystery of Music

Osho on Sufi Woman Mystic Rabiya al-Adabia Rabiya was the sufi mystic and one of the rare enlightened women. Osho says She is a Sufi; her name is Rabiya al-Adabiya. Al-Adabiya means ‘from the village…

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