“A disciple becomes almost a part of the very being of the master. There arises an invisible connection between the two hearts. They dance together.” – Osho


Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre

Swamiji, as he was lovingly called, was sent by Osho to start a Centre in Delhi in 1978. With total dedication and surrender, he established the Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre which is the fountain head of all meditation activities in the Capital Region of Delhi. Swamiji’s love and dedication to his master is the inspiration behind the flowering of many creative dimensions – Oshodham, Osho World Patrika and oshoworld.com.

Meditations at Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre

Rajyoga is closed due to Covid situation

Mon to Sat Morning
06:30am – 07:30am Dynamic Meditation
Sunday Morning
06:30am – 07:30am

08:00am – 09:00am

09:15am – 10:15am

10:30am – 11:30am

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Dynamic Meditation

Audio Discourse

Nadabrahma Meditation

Kirtan Dhyan

Osho Video

Mon-Sun Evenings
05:00pm – 06:00pm

06:30pm – 08:30pm

Kundalini Meditation

Osho White Robe Meditation

Address : C-5/44, Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi – 110016
Tel: 011-26862898, 26964533 E-mail : contact@oshoworld.com
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