Question: A sannyasin says: I am dreaming most of the time. But I dont know if that dreaming is connected with reality, or if perhaps it too is just part of imagination and dreaming.

Dream is as real as any other reality. Dream is part of reality. We always create a dichotomy in our minds of good and bad, the real and unreal, of God and devil. We continuously create a dichotomy, and then of course we are caught in it, and it becomes a dilemma.

Dream is part of reality as much as reality is part of dream. They are not two separate things. So dont create unnecessary problems… accept. It is good. Dream good dreams, and dream with more alertness, more awareness. Have a little more watchfulness and then you will be able to enjoy both. You can enjoy the whole movie of the mind. So many beautiful pictures move on the screen and you can just watch. No movie can be so dramatic or so intriguing but you have to become a spectator also.

And this is a great art because in the dream you are everything: the actor, the story writer, the playback singer, the projector, the hall, the audience, the screen, the projected film. You are everything and you are doing all sorts of things alone.

So just one thing has to be remembered to be a witness to all that is happening to you and enjoy it. A great drama is being enacted within you. Dont try to fight or to be against it; dont condemn it as being a dream.
If you dont condemn, by and by the dream will start disappearing. One day comes when the witness is left alone, all dreaming gone, all actors disappear, the projector and the film and the screen, and the theatre; everything gone. One is simply sitting alone in tremendous silence, in a great nowhereness, in nothingness….

Dont long for it, otherwise it will not come! Just try to understand the dreams. Watch them, witness; dont fight and then that day will come on its own. If you hope for it, you have already lost your witnessing….
Then just enjoy whatsoever is happening right now.


Beloved of My Heart, Chapter-6

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