Transcendence: Freedom through Awareness

Osho on sex and Transcendence


Then what is the need to transcend it? The need of transcendence arises only because you are in it. You are born in it, you are born out of it. You are a sexual phenomenon.

Except for Jesus, nobody has been born of a virgin. And Christians insist too much on the theory that Mary was a virgin so that they can condemn sex. If Jesus is also born of sex, then it will be difficult to condemn sex. In fact, Jesus was born out of sex as much as anybody else. The body has to be constituted from male and female energy, otherwise the body cannot be constituted. To say that Mary was virgin is to say that you have electricity in your house with only one pole: positive or negative. That will be just as nonsensical. Electricity needs to have both poles, positive and negative. Without those two poles electricity cannot exist, cannot come into existence — not even in Jesus’ house; the electricity will need two poles. The electricity does not care who you are — even in my house it needs two poles.

You can ask Haridas. He tries, the whole day he tries, continuously working to make electricity virgin. But up to now he has not succeeded. But later on you can write stories about me that in Osho’s house the electricity had only one pole. These stories are always created later on, because you have to prove that your Master was exceptional. Jainas say that Mahavir never perspired. Now, what kind of foolishness…? He missed the joy of perspiring in the sun. And he lived naked and moved naked. In fact, he must have perspired more than anybody else. If you say I don’t perspire it may be right because I live in an air-conditioned room, but Mahavir, moving naked, never perspired? Something seems to be suspicious, fishy. He must have been stinking. To hide the fact you have to cover it and say that he never perspired, so the whole root is cut.

He never defecated, never urinated. How can you think of Mahavir pissing? That does not look right at all.

These stories are created. These stories simply prove that the followers are stupid. They don’t say anything about Mahavir or Christ or Mohammed, they simply prove that the followers that came in their wake are neurotic. Jesus was born out of two sexes just as everybody else is. You come out of sex, each cell of your body is a sexual cell. Each cell of your body has two poles: the feminine and the masculine, yin and yang.

You ask me, ‘Can’t sex be transcended without going into it?’

The only possibility is not to be born. Once you are born you are already a sexual being. Whether you make love to a woman or man doesn’t matter. You can be a celibate, but to be a celibate does not mean to go beyond sexuality. Sexuality has already penetrated. The moment you were in the womb of your mother you became a sexual being. There is no way to avoid it. So all that you can do is repress it. You will become unnatural, and your whole life will be a perverted life. Repression is possible, but transcendence is not possible in the way you are asking about. I have heard…

Ellen and Dolph had been married thirty years and never missed a night of connubial bliss. One day Ellen visited her doctor and was told that she must have complete rest and quiet for six months or she would not live.

Ellen and Dolph decided they should stay completely apart during this period. She moved into an upstairs bedroom and he remained downstairs.

After three months of complete abstinence and solitude, his will-power collapsed, and Dolph started for her bedroom. As he started to climb the stairs, he saw her coming down.

‘Dear,’ she said, ‘I was just coming down to die.’

‘I’m glad, honey,’ he said, ‘because I was just going up to kill you.’

Don’t be mad, let things be simple. There is no need to kill or die. Repression will make things very complicated in your life; you will become split, schizophrenic — just celibate on the surface, and deep down just the opposite of it.

Transcendence means the disappearance of the need for the other, the disappearance of the desire to get lost into a woman or into a man. And this is possible only if you have understood. And understanding comes only through experience. So I don’t say drop out of your relationships, rather, become more meditative in your relationships.

Making love, let it be a meditation too. And you will be surprised: if while making love you also move in a meditative state you will have great insights into what is happening, and the whole urge called sex will become conscious. And once it has become conscious it can disappear.

And it disappears on its own; you need not cultivate, you need not practice anything for it. When it goes on its own it is beautiful. Yes, sex disappears — one transcends it — but not by fighting it. This is true, and because of this truth much misunderstanding has happened in the world. Sex disappeared in Buddha’s life, sex disappeared in Christ’s life. People have seen sex disappearing, and people have seen that when sex disappears there is great splendour. Something of the sky dances on the earth. The beyond reaches to the earth. The mundane becomes suffused with the sacred. And because people have seen these things, great desire has arisen in them too to transcend sex. But then the whole thing goes wrong: they start fighting with it. It is a secret science, and if you don’t move rightly, everything will go wrong.

A man is told by a friend that he should pick a wife who is ‘an economist in the kitchen, a lady in the parlour, and a prostitute in bed’.

They meet sometime after the wedding and the friend asks if he is satisfied with his choice.

‘Well,’ says the newly-wed, ‘I did what you said, but I guess I made a mistake somewhere. The woman I married turned out to be a prostitute in the parlour, a lady in the kitchen, and an economist in bed!’

Just a little mismanagement, just a thing here and a thing there misplaced, and everything goes wrong.

Transcendence is never through repression, transcendence is through understanding, transcendence is through awareness.

Just the other night I was giving sannyas to a psychoanalyst — a beautiful man. I have given him the name: Anand Veetkam. It means bliss beyond sex. And to him I said that if you become meditative while making love you will come to know a few immensely significant things. The first and the most significant thing is that when you are going into a deep orgasm, when the climax is happening, there is great joy because in that moment sex disappears. Sex brings you to the orgasmic state, and once its purpose is fulfilled, sex disappears. In the orgasmic state there is no sexuality left in you. You are simply throbbing and there is no desire. You are utterly herenow, there is no future, no fantasy, no imagination, nothing. And when the orgasm happens, the man is alone — the woman may be there but he is not aware of the woman. And the woman is alone — the man is there but she is not aware of the mall.

Orgasm is individual: it is happening inside the man, it is happening inside the woman. The other has triggered it, but then the function of the other is finished; you are no more interested in the other. In deep orgasm you are simply inside yourself. There is no sex in it, hence the bliss. And after a good orgasm, for hours you will feel very very blissful. And for hours you will not think of sex again. The desire has left you. What has happened? If you are feeling blissful, the desire cannot be there. If the desire is there, bliss cannot be there. Desire and bliss are never together.

And if you meditate deeply while making love, you will become aware that time disappears. At the peak there is no time, suddenly you are herenow. Only then do you know the meaning of here and now, otherwise you are in the past or in the future. And when time disappears, mind disappears, because mind is another aspect of time, another name for time. Mind is past plus future. When there is no time there is no mind. Just think: no mind, no time, no sexual desire — and there is great bliss. But people miss it because they are not alert about it. People go into love-making unconsciously, mechanically. Go consciously, mindfully, remembering what is happening, watching, remaining a witness, and that will release understanding in you. That will release awareness in you. And awareness is transcendence, awareness is freedom.


This is an excerpt from the transcript of a public discourse by Osho in Buddha Hall, Shree Rajneesh Ashram, Pune. 

Discourse Series: The Secret of Secrets, Vol 1

Chapter #6

Chapter title: Born with Joy

16 August 1978 am in Buddha Hall


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