The whole humanity will take a quantum leap

Buddha is the greatest liberator. His own last message to his disciples was, ‘Be a light unto yourself. Buddhas can only point the way.’

I also don’t give any discipline to my disciples. I don’t initiate you into any kind of character, pattern, shoulds; I don’t give you any ideals. I simply give you one small thing that has to, be worked out within your heart – and that is to be more alert. Do whatsoever you want to do: do it with more consciousness.

Walking on the road, walk more consciously; keep alert that you are walking. Breathing, doing nothing, just breathe conscious that you are breathing. The breath is going in – be conscious of it; the breath is going out – be conscious of it.

Make every opportunity a device to become more conscious, and soon more and more consciousness will be flowing in you, will be flooding you… more than you were working for. Then you will see the hands of the divine helping you. And once those hands have been seen, trust arises. Then you know that you are not alone.

All those who have ever become enlightened are behind you. Much is at stake in you. It is not only a question of your individual liberation: the whole existence is involved in you. If you become liberated the whole existence is going to become enriched. So it is not the question only of being selfish – that one wants to become peaceful, wants to attain samadhi, wants to attain this and that; this is not simply selfish. It is the greatest altruistic act one can do – to become aware – because by becoming aware you release awareness into existence, fresh awareness again released. And the quantity, the total quantity of awareness, increases in the world whenever a man becomes alert.

The day the total quantity of awareness in the world is more than the total quantity of unawareness there will be a great universal change. Up to now only individuals have become enlightened. That day, the whole humanity will take a quantum leap…. And that day is coming closer. If people work hard, the day is coming closer. So, be a light into yourself!

Osho, The No Book (No Buddha, No Teaching, No Discipline), Ch 1

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