The Ultimate Alchemy Vol 2 05

Fifth Discourse from the series of 12 discourses - The Ultimate Alchemy Vol 2 by Osho.
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Paripoorn chandra amrit rasaiki karanam naivedyam.

Accumulation of the nectar of the inner full moon is naivedya – the food offering.
You must have heard about the Taoist concept of yin and yang, the concept of polar opposites into one reality. Reality exists through polar opposites – through the positive and the negative, through the male and the female, through yin and yang.
Reality is a dialectical process. And when I say “dialectical process,” I mean it is not a simple process, it is very complex. A simple process means one element working; a dialectical process means two polar opposites working in one direction. And though they appear as opposites, they create a symphony, they create a musical harmony. And that harmony is reality.
Man and woman, they create humanity. Man alone is not humanity, neither is woman alone humanity. Human being – the music, the synthesis we call human being – is a dialectical phenomenon. Man and woman, they both work to create humanity, they both help to create humanity. And the way of their creating it is dialectical. They exist as polar opposites, and the inner tension between the two creates the energy for movement, for process, for further growth.
It is the same on every plane. If we go deep down with the physicist to the atom’s structure, inner structure, then again we find two polar opposites working there: the negative electricity and the positive electricity. Because of these two polar opposites, matter is created. If there is only positive electricity, the world will disappear immediately. If there is only negative electricity, there will be nothing. But negative electricity and positive electricity create an inner tension, and because of that inner tension matter exists.
It is the same in the inner being of man also. This sutra is concerned with that. We discussed how awareness creates an inner sun. Now this sutra talks about the creation of an inner moon. Sun is symbolic of the inner positivity and moon is symbolic of the inner negativity. Sun is the inner male and moon is the inner female. These words are symbolic, and for Indian yoga, particularly, they are very meaningful. So by sun is not meant the outer sun, nor by moon the outer moon. Those two words are used for the inner universe, sun and moon.
Indian yoga divides man into two parts: the sun part and the moon part. Even one breath is known as the sun breath and another breath is known as the moon breath. And one of the deeper findings is that if you stop the moon breath, and just breathe through the breath that is known as the sun breath, your body will become hot. And such great heat can be created, simply by using only one kind of breath, that it seems inconceivable in physiological terms. In Tibet there exists a heat yoga which uses only the sun breath, not using the moon breath at all – because the breath is continuously changing.
Western medical science has not yet taken note of it. Breathing is not a simple process; it is a dialectical process. You are changing your nostrils every hour, approximately every hour, forty minutes. Somewhere between forty and sixty minutes your nostril changes, you begin to take the breath from the other nostril; then again it changes. When you need more heat in the body – if you suddenly get angry – your sun breath starts. Yoga says that when you are angry, if you use your moon breath and stop the sun breath, you cannot be angry at all, because the moon breath creates a deep coolness inside.
The whole body is also divided between sun and moon, and the mind is also divided between sun and moon. So don’t take man as one, because nothing can exist as one. Everything exists through duality. You are divided in two: you have a negative part and you have a positive part. The positive is known as sun in Indian symbology, and the negative as moon. The negative is cool, silent, still. The positive is hot, vibrant with energy, active. The sun is the active part in you and the moon the inactive part in you.
And if the active and the inactive both come to a deep equilibrium, you are enlightened suddenly. If one is more emphatic, you have an imbalance; if both are of equal force they balance each other, they negate each other; and the moment both are of equal force, your inner balance is regained and you reach to a different reality – the reality of the nondual. That one, the nondual, can be felt only when both these dualities in you are balanced and you transcend them.
In the world we exist as duality. Beyond the world we exist as nonduality, one. You can think of yourself as a triangle: two angles exist in the world and the third angle exists beyond the world. Two angles belong to this, this world, and one angle belongs to that, the world of the brahman. But if these two are in an imbalance, you cannot go beyond them. You go beyond them only when they regain balance.
This balancing is nirvana, this balancing is moksha, this balancing is the centering. How does awareness work to balance this duality? And the moment this duality is balanced, you cannot be reborn again – you disappear from the world. You can be born again and again only if there is an imbalance. If the balance comes to totality, the balance becomes total, it is impossible to be born again. You disappear from the world. The body cannot exist then. Then you cannot re-enter a body again.
So first we will try to understand what this inner sun is and what this inner moon is, and then how they are balanced.
This sutra says:
Accumulation of the nectar of the inner full moon is naivedya – the food offering.
You need a full moon in you to offer to the divine as food. Only that can be the food for the divine, a full moon inside.
Awareness works in a double way: it creates a sun and it creates also a moon. We talked about how it creates a sun inside. When you become aware of whatsoever is happening in you, the innermost unconscious activities become enlightened. The very cells of your body become conscious. Your light, your consciousness, reaches to the very pores of your body. Just like the rays of the sun reaching to the earth, your inner sun, once awakened, begins to work on every cell of the body, every fiber, every nerve of the body. Your whole being is filled with light.
But this is only one part of awareness, this is one process of awareness: rays from your center going to your periphery, to the circumference. The more your rays go to the circumference, the cooler your center begins to be.
I don’t know whether you have heard of a particular theory about the sun, the outside sun. I don’t know whether it is right or not, but it is meaningful in helping to understand the inner reality. They say the sun at its deepest center is the coolest spot in the solar system. It is not hot. The heat is only on the periphery, just the circumference, not in the inner center of the sun. Because of helium gas around the sun, the heat is created; because of the helium and its chain explosion of atoms, the heat is created. And then the heat spreads to the solar family.
The sun has a body: it is the center, the solar family is the body. Our earth belongs to its body as a cell. The heat goes to the solar family, it spreads. But the sun in itself is a cold thing, absolutely cold, and its deepest center is the coldest spot in existence. It should be so, because reality exists in a polarity. If the sun is the hottest thing, it must have something inside it which balances its heat.
Just like a wheel moving on the street: the wheel moves, but in the center the hub on which it moves remains still. The movement must have something unmoving, nonmoving in the center, otherwise movement will not be possible.
In this world of manifestation, everything exists with its polar opposite. You are alive because you have death inside. You cannot be alive if you have no death inside. So don’t think that one day it suddenly happens and death comes to you. It is an inner growth; it is not something coming from the outside and happening to you. It is not something that you meet, that you encounter, no; it is something you are daily growing. One day the growth is complete and you are dead. It is an inner phenomenon. You are alive with a death center. You cannot be alive without a death center. Nothing exists without the polar opposite. Life and death are just two positive and negative realities.
So it looks logical, dialectical also, but it is not yet proved that the sun has a center which is the polar opposite to its heat on the circumference: a cold spot, an absolutely cold spot. It may be true, it may not be; that is irrelevant. But inside it is absolutely true.
When you become aware, the heat begins to travel towards your circumference. Each cell of your body will become heated, warm, because of the awareness penetrating. The second thing, the counterpart will be: your center of being will become cooler and cooler and cooler. That is the moon. This is the sun, this warmth spreading, this light spreading.
And you must know that light has two qualities: light and warmth. Heat is just concentrated light; light is nothing but heat dispersed. So when light travels to your body, every cell will become warm, enlightened, aware. Sleep is a cold thing, night is a cold thing. That’s why we sleep in the night; it is a cold thing. In the morning, with the rising sun, everything becomes warm, alive. Then it is difficult to sleep, it is easy to be awake.
When your circumference is cold, when your every body cell is cold, asleep, your center will be a hot spot. Because of that hot spot in the center you will be sexual, you will be angry, you will be greedy, and everything. Your center will be in a fever. When this heat begins to travel…of course, when the heat leaves your center it spreads. And the more it spreads, the less it is heat and the more it is light.
The sunrays on the earth are life-giving. They have traveled much. If you go nearer and nearer to them, they will become death-giving, because then they will not be warm, then they will be just pure fire.
If the heat is accumulated in the inner center, as it is, the whole body structure is just cold. You feel heat only in anger, in sex, in desire, in passion. But that is not light, simply heat, a feverish phenomenon. Because of this, sex is felt as a release – because you lose a certain quantity of heat and you are relieved, you lose a certain quantity of fever and you are released.
Because of this, militaries have not allowed their soldiers any sexual freedom – because if you allow sexual freedom to soldiers, they cannot fight. Their inner fever is released. Don’t allow them sexual freedom, then their inner fever is accumulated. That accumulated fever begins, automatically, to be violent.
That’s why a very deep phenomenon, a great riddle of history, can be solved. Whenever a society is affluent it begins to be sexually free. Only poor societies can be sex suppressive. Whenever a society is affluent, rich, you cannot suppress sex – because the food problem is solved, much energy is released. What to do with it? So the affluent society will become sexually free.
And the affluent society means a society which has progressed much technologically. Whenever any civilization comes to a point of affluence, sexual freedom is bound to be there, and then any less civilized society can win over this higher civilized society. So this has been always a riddle in history: a greater civilization will always be defeated by a barbaric, uncivilized society.
India was defeated continuously because of its affluence. Tartars, Berbers, Huns, Moghuls, Turks, they were all uncivilized societies – poor, poverty-stricken, sexually suppressed. They had much violence in them. You can see this in a modern phenomenon, in Vietnam. Americans could never win. Their youth is sexually free, they are less violent – they could not win in Vietnam. No affluent society can really win over any poor society. It can fight for longer periods, but cannot win. You can kill kill the whole country – but you cannot win, because the very fighting spirit is not there.
America is now one of the most sexually free societies in all history. America cannot fight. Fighting is part of a suppressed sex. The inner fever must be accumulated in such quantities that you begin to be violent. Suppress sex and you will be violent. That’s why so-called saints are very violent in their behavior – angry, violent – because of suppressed sex. Then that fever has to be released in some way.
In sex you are releasing a particular amount of energy. They say in one sexual act you release one hundred and twenty calories of heat – one hundred and twenty calories you release in one sexual act! It is the same if you run for one mile, fast; you will release the same amount of calories, one hundred and twenty. That’s why there is much talk about whether sex can help heart disease. It can help. It releases energy. For persons who are well fed, it helps to delay heart disease. It releases energy, but it is not a solution. It is just a temporary arrangement, just creating a leakage in your system from which energy is released every day.
When you are angry your whole body is heated, becomes feverish. The center releases energy; it comes to the periphery. Ordinarily it is cold. The periphery is cold ordinarily and the center is hot. The reverse will be the case when awareness happens to you. When you meditate, go deep inside, when you become aware of every activity, everything will take a turn, an about-turn. Your periphery will become heated – not in anger, not in sex, not in greed, not in passion. It will lose its coldness, sleepy coldness. It will become warm, alive and aware. And because this energy is released to the periphery continuously, twenty-four hours a day, then you don’t need any anger, any sex.
A buddha doesn’t need anger. It is absolutely useless for him, because the very energy system has changed. Now he is using his heat for light, but you are using your light for heat. The same fuel can be used to burn your house and the same fuel can be used to light it. The fuel is the same, but the direction changes. The inner fuel, the inner energy, becomes fire, suicidal, burns you down, and ultimately you are just ashes. In the end, when death comes nearer you, you are just ashes, everything burnt out. You used your energy not as a light but as a fire.
It becomes fire if it is concentrated into the center and only temporarily released when it is overflowing. In a sudden shock, it comes to the periphery and is released. This is a very chaotic state. You go on accumulating it inside, then it is overflowing, then one day you have to throw it.
We go on rationalizing ourselves. When you get angry, you think someone has made you angry. No, really, you were ready, you were overflowing inside. You don’t know because you are not aware. You are overflowing with a certain amount of energy which needs to be released. Someone abuses you, insults you, and you get angry, you think, “This man is creating anger in me.”
No, this man is simply giving you a situation, an opportunity, to release the overflowing energy. In a way, he is your friend and a helper. If he is not there, you will be in a very difficult situation. If no one is giving you any opportunity to throw your energy, you will project, you will imagine something, and you will get angry with anything whatsoever.
People get angry with their shoes; they will throw them away. They can get angry with the door; they will be violent with it. They can be angry with anything. When no opportunity is given, they can get angry with themselves. They will begin to hurt themselves, harm themselves, or they will create some substitutes. We have created many.
Someone is just smoking. We think it is a simple thing – it is not. Now psychologists say it is a deep violence. You take the smoke in and then throw it out, you take the smoke in and then throw it out. It helps to release anger, violence, sex. We have many, many things. Persons who are violent will eat more; just by destroying the food they are releasing violence.
You may not have observed, but observe it: when you are loving you cannot eat more, when you are happy you cannot eat more, when you feel blissful you cannot eat more. Ordinarily it should not be so. It looks opposite: when one is happy we think one must eat more. No, a happy person will not eat more, cannot eat more, because eating is part violence. A happy person is not violent. When you are in love, you cannot eat more.
Two persons, when in love, unmarried, will not eat more – married they will begin to eat more, because love has disappeared. Now it is a violence. It is related with many deep things, because violence is expressed through teeth in animals and we are part animal. When an animal is violent, angry, the energy comes to the teeth and to the nails, because these are the instruments for an animal to be violent with.
The same happens still with us. When you are violent, your teeth, your fingers, your nails, are filled with heat, with energy. Now you have to release it. You can eat, you can use gum, you can smoke, you can take pan, now you need something to crush. So there are people who are crushing pan the whole day…the violence is released.
Even by continuously talking, violence is released. Women talk more than men, because men can be violent in other ways also that women cannot be. That is the only reason they talk more. They talk continuously, they talk madly, because man has other possibilities to be violent: in the office, with the car. Have you observed an angry man driving his car? He is releasing his anger through the accelerator. The car will speed up. He is releasing; the car is just a medium. Fifty percent of car accidents are not because of cars but because of drivers, not because of traffic but because of mental tension.
But women cannot release in so many ways. They have only one way: to go on talking. Doing something with the teeth and the lips much is released. An angry woman will break more saucers, more cups, unknowingly – unknowingly. Even she may be surprised why today everything is just breaking. Unconscious mind. Energy is in the hands: the energy wants to destroy something. So it is good to have breakable things in the house, it helps. Then before the husband is back, the wife is released. If you make everything unbreakable, it will break up families. Breakable things help families to continue. Now these are proved facts.
If you have feverish energy in the center, not transformed to the periphery, not used as light for the whole body and for your whole being, this is bound to happen. Every day you will accumulate energy, and then you will have to throw it. And this is nonsense! Your whole life you are doing this: accumulating, throwing; accumulating, throwing. What are you doing daily, twenty-four hours a day? Accumulating energy to throw. When energy is there, then the only problem is how to throw it: in sex, in anger, in greed – how to throw it? When energy is thrown, then the only problem is how to accumulate it.
What sort of life is this? A vicious circle. With awareness, the whole mechanism changes. With awareness, every moment your inner center is sending its energy to every pore of your body. And your body is not a small thing, it is a miniature universe. As above, so below: everybody is a small universe. And when I say “small” I feel guilty because, really, it is not small. It is as vast as the universe. But because of our language, there are problems. The universe appears vast and your body appears small.
What is the difference between the two? They say that if we can throw out all space from the earth, if we can compress it, and all the space, the vacant space in it, is thrown out, our earth will just be like a small ball. If we can throw out all the empty space from the Himalayas, it can be put into a matchbox. The material is not much, matter is not much, matter is very small. Only the emptiness in it…
So how to judge a thing, whether it is big or small? A very small thing can be blown up to any size if we put space in it. If we put as much space in your body as there is in the earth, you will be one earth. So all the differences are of spaces, empty spaces, no differences really.
But when I say “a small universe,” I mean only this: that everything that exists in the universe exists in you also. Whatsoever the measure may be, but exactly everything exists in you also.
So when your solar center, your sun, releases energy…and it releases only in two ways. Either you are unconscious: then it releases into sex, anger, greed and other diseases. Or, if you are conscious, through this consciousness, this heat is transformed into light: then it releases as light. Then you are under a shower of light continuously. Your every pore, your every cell, is bathed – a continuous shower of light. When this happens, your inner center begins to be cool and cool and cool and cooler, and ultimately it becomes the coldest spot.
Hindus have a myth that Shankara lives on Kailash. Kailash is the coldest mythological spot, the coldest peak, the highest peak, always covered with snow. This is just a symbolic way of saying you also have the coldest spot, the Kailash, in you. But you can know it only when the heat is transformed into light, never before. And the more you become aware, the more the heat is transformed into light. Then you begin to feel a moon inside. You begin to feel a cool, silent pool.
This sutra says:
Accumulation of the nectar of the inner full moon…
In the beginning, of course, you will feel it and miss it. It is just like the first-day moon, the second-day moon, the third-day moon: you feel it and it is gone. And then it grows…then comes the full-moon night. Just like this, this inner spot of coolness grows. As your consciousness grows, as your heat is transformed into light, as your periphery becomes enlightened, as your each and every cell is filled with light and becomes aware and awake, this inner moon grows.
Sometimes you feel it and sometimes you miss it. Sometimes suddenly there is an inner cool breeze. You know something has happened inside. You feel it, but you miss it again. Then it goes on growing. Ultimately, when in you there is no unconsciousness left, when your total energy has become light, you come to know the full moon.
This full moon Buddha has talked about in negative terms, because it is the negative pole. So Buddha says when this inner silence is achieved, it is nirvana. The word is very meaningful in reference to this sutra. Nirvana means cessation of the flame – a lamp is burning and then the flame disappears. When your heat is transformed totally into light, there is no flame. That’s why the moon symbol is used: the moon has light, but no flame. That’s why its light is cool, with no flame, with no fire. Light is there without any flame. The flame has disappeared.
When first one becomes acquainted with the sun, the light becomes like a flame, burning hot. So if you analyze the life, the inner life, of a Buddha, or of a Jesus, or of a Mahavira, many things will become apparent which are hidden ordinarily. For example, whenever a person like Buddha is born the early life will be very revolutionary, because the moment one enters inside the first experience is a fiery flame. The older Buddha grows, the more the inner coolness is felt, the more perfect the moon becomes. Revolution is lost; then Buddha’s words are not revolutionary.
Jesus couldn’t get this opportunity. He was killed when he was still a revolutionary. That’s why, if you compare Buddha’s sayings with Jesus’ sayings, there is a clear-cut distinction and difference. Jesus’ sayings look like those of a young man, hot. Buddha’s early sayings are also like that, but he lived to be eighty. He was not killed.
There are reasons. And one reason is this – India knew it always, that this happens – whenever a person goes in, the first expression is fiery, revolutionary, rebellious. That’s why India never killed anyone. That’s why India could never behave as Greeks behaved with Socrates and Jews behaved with Jesus. India knew much. It had known many, many such persons. It knew. It is natural: whenever a buddha enters into himself, the first experience will be revolutionary. He will burst open, explode into a fiery flame. But then the flame will disappear and ultimately there will be only a moon, silent, cool, with no fire but only light.
Jesus was killed. That’s why Christianity still remains incomplete. Christianity was based on the early Jesus – Jesus when he was just a flame. That’s why Christianity has remained incomplete. Buddhism is complete. It has known Buddha in all the stages. It has known Buddha’s moon in all the stages, from the first day to the full-moon light.
This is a misfortune for the West. This has proved one of the greatest misfortunes in history, because Jesus was killed when he was thirty-three, just a flame. The flame would have turned into moonlight, but the opportunity was not given. And the reason was only this: the Jews were not aware of the inner phenomenon.
India knew many, it had known many buddhas. And it is always the case: whenever someone enters in, first one feels the fire, the flame; the revolutionary spirit comes up. If one goes on in and in, it dissolves, and then there is only silence, a moonlight silence.
This sutra says: Accumulate the nectar of the inner full moon…
This silence, this cool silence of the moon, Hindus have called nectar, the amrit, the elixir. It is not to be found somewhere else, it is in you. The nectar is in you. Once you are established in this nectar, once you are in this pool of cool moonlight, when you are a full moon inside, you have known both the polarities. You have known life, you have known death. You have known the sun, you have known the moon. You have known both the polarities, life and death. And once you have known both you have transcended both. That’s why it is called the nectar, amrit.
Now you will not die. Now you are drunk with elixir – you cannot die. But you will not be alive in the old sense either. You have died in the old sense, you are born into a new meaning. Now death will not be a death and life will not be a life. Now you will be beyond both.

I have heard about Tanka, a Zen master, who one day declared before his disciples, “Buddha was never born. This whole story is just false, this whole Buddha legend is just false. He was never born.”
The disciples were just perplexed. “What does it mean? It seems he has gone mad. Every day he himself has been teaching the life of Buddha, the birth and everything, and suddenly one day he says, ‘This whole thing is nonsense. He was never born.’” And he left the platform and went into his hut.
The disciples gathered around his hut and they asked, “What are you saying? So what about that which you were teaching to us always, your whole life?”
Tanka said, “Tanka is no more. He was never born, so the whole legend is false. The teaching of Tanka and your listening to Tanka is just false. Someone has created a fiction. Don’t be deceived.”
Then they were even more perplexed: “It may be that Buddha was not born, but Tanka is there, already standing before us.”
Tanka laughed and said, “That which is born, that which was born, was not Buddha.”

In India we have two names: Gautama Siddhartha is the name given by the parents. Then one day he becomes enlightened, his consciousness flowers, blooms. Then he uses another name: Gautama the Buddha. Buddha means the enlightened one. This second name doesn’t belong to Gautama at all. Gautama is just a situation in which this buddha happened. And this buddha has not happened really today – it has been always there. It has been recognized today. Gautama has come to recognize today something that was already and always there, that buddha.
This inner phenomenon is beyond birth and death. This is never born and never will it die, because that which is born can die, that which is not born cannot die. Death needs birth as a prerequisite, a necessary prerequisite. You cannot die if you are not born. With this inner phenomenon – when sun and moon are balanced, when the dialectic is finished, when the synthesis is complete – you come to feel in yourself something which is eternal.
That’s why the sutra says: Accumulation of the nectar of the inner full moon is naivedya… Now you have become food yourself. Now you can offer yourself to the divine. Now you are the food. But now you are eternity.
And why is it called food, naivedya? Because when you are eternal, you can become the food of the eternal. And by food the ordinary meaning also is implied. When you take food, it becomes one with you. It becomes your blood, it becomes your bones, it becomes you. You are your food.
So when you have come to know this inner reality, the eternal reality, you can offer it as food to the universe, to the existence. It is meant thereby that now you can become bones of the universe, you can become blood of the universe. Now you can be one with it, just like food becomes one with you. The meeting is complete. Become food for the divine, then you are naivedya, then the offering can be accepted.
But you cannot offer your body as the food. It will be food, but for the vultures, not for the divine. This cannot be offered as food for the divine. Your body comes out of the earth and goes back to the earth. It can only be eaten by the earth again: dust unto dust to return. This body cannot be offered to the divine.

One young seeker comes to Gautam Buddha. He says, “I have come to offer myself to you. Accept me.”
Buddha asks him, “What are you offering – your body? But that is already offered, and the earth will claim it, so how can you offer it to me? What are you offering? Tell me exactly.”
The man is confused. He says, “Whatsoever I have, I offer to you.”
Buddha asks him, “What do you have? What is it that belongs to you? Do your thoughts belong to you? They belong to the society, your mind belongs to the society. Your body belongs to your parents, to the earth, to the sky, to water, to fire, to many things – to the five elements. What do you have that you can offer to me?”
The man cannot answer because he has nothing else, he cannot think of anything else. So Buddha says, “Don’t offer now. First find it out, what you are. And the moment you find it, it is already offered. Then there is no need to offer.”

This inner balance that is known from finding the sun and from finding the moon, when you know them both, they balance, and in that balance you escape from the duality. In that balance only do you escape from the duality. And then the third angle of the triangle is touched. For the first time you are above yourself, the overself. Now you can look down at yourself, at your sun, your moon, your body, your soul, your positivity, your negativity, your male, your female. Now you can look down at yourself, at the whole world of duality, multidimensional duality – and now you can become naivedya, the food offering.
Now there is no need even to offer: you are already offered. Now there is no need to ask to be accepted: you are already accepted. You are one. Just as food becomes one with ourselves, we become one with the divine. And by divine I mean the whole, the totality, everything, the very existence.
So what to do? Transform heat into light – that is the mantra. Transform heat into light. Don’t use heat as heat, use it as light. When you think anger is coming to you, close your eyes and meditate on anger, what anger is. Dig deep inside; find out the source from where it is coming.
What we are doing ordinarily is just the opposite. When we get angry we begin to think about the object of anger, who has created it, not the source of anger, from where it is coming. When you get angry, close your eyes. This is the right moment to meditate. Close your eyes, go in, and find out from where this anger is coming. Follow it to the very source. Go deep, and you will come to the source of heat from where the accumulated energy is bursting forth to go out.
Observe it. Don’t indulge in it, because if you indulge in it, it will be thrown out – without being transformed. And don’t suppress it, because if you suppress it it will be thrown back again to the original source which is overflowing. It cannot absorb it. It will be thrown back again with a more forceful movement. So don’t suppress it and don’t indulge in it. Just be conscious. Move inward to the source.
This very movement slows down the process. This very observation transforms the quality of anger, because this calm observation is an antidote. Anger and this calm observation are different phenomena. When this calm observation enters into anger, it changes the energy, the very chemical composition of it, and the heat becomes light. That is the change: heat becomes light.
Then this anger is neither thrown back to the original source – which cannot contain it because it is overflowing – nor is it thrown to the object, which is just a wastage, a foolish wastage. Then this energy is neither moved out to the object of anger, nor is it suppressed back to the original source. With observation, this energy becomes diffused. It moves to the periphery of your body as light; diffused, it moves as light. And the very anger becomes ojas, the very anger becomes light, inner light.
So don’t be disturbed and don’t be disappointed if you have much anger. That only shows you have much energy. A person born without anger cannot be transformed; he has no energy. So be happy that you have energy, but don’t misuse it. Energy can be misused, it can be transformed. Energy in itself is neutral. It will not tell you what to do with it – you have to decide. This is the secret science of inner alchemy: to change heat into light, to change coal into diamonds, to change baser elements into gold.
These are just symbols. Alchemists were not really concerned with changing baser metals into higher metals, but they had to hide and they had to make an esoteric, secret symbology, because it was very difficult in those days to talk about the inner science and not to be murdered and killed. Jesus was killed – he was an alchemist. And the Christianity that developed, that followed Jesus, went quite against him. The Christian church began to kill and murder those who were again trying alchemy.
This word alchemy is very beautiful. Our chemistry is born out of alchemy. The word chemistry comes from alchemy, but alchemy itself is a very deep and significant word. Alchemy comes from Egypt. The old name of Egypt was Khem and Al Khem means “the secret science of Egypt.” And the Egyptians were really deeply in the alchemy of inner transformation, how to transform the inner chemistry.
Many Egyptian mummies are preserved. They are the oldest, most ancient mummies, and still scientists are not capable, not able, to probe into how they are preserved, why and how. Why were they preserved? But that why we can guess – our so-called history is nothing but a guess. And about esoteric things it is always a fallacious guess, why they were preserved.
But more problematic is the how, by what chemical process they were preserved. They are still fresh, as if the man has just died. If there were any outer chemical process, our chemistry could know it; we are more developed chemically than old Egypt. But the real thing is that these bodies were preserved, not by any outer chemical process, but by this inner alchemy.
If your sex energy, which is the source of life, can be transformed inwardly, then your body can be preserved for any length of time very easily. If your sex energy is transformed, then your body can be preserved for a million years. If the cells of your body lose sex, then the body can be preserved, because birth comes through sex and death comes through sex. Your freshness, the youngness of the body, comes through sex, and then the deterioration comes through sex.
And they were preserved, the kings, emperors preserved themselves – not because man has always been thinking in terms of ego to preserve himself, as historians say, or as Egyptologists say. That is not the case. Totally different is the secret. They were preserved only so they could recognize themselves.
When a man is born again in another body, if his old body is preserved it helps further inner progress. But it is useful to preserve the old body only if it was transformed alchemically; otherwise it is of no use. Because if you change your body inwardly, the body becomes a laboratory, it is a lab. It is not then just a body. You have been working inside, experimenting inside. You know this body from the inside, not only from the outside.
We know our bodies only from the outside. Whatsoever the mirror tells is our only knowledge, not from the inside. Our knowledge is just like someone comes around this house and looks at it and goes, then he says, “I know it.” He has never come in; he has never looked from the inside. We look at our bodies from the outside, never from the inside.
If you begin to transform your anger, your sex, you will begin to look at your body from the inside. Then your body is a great experiment, a great laboratory, very complex, and you would like to preserve it for further growth. When you enter another body, you can learn much from your old body. It was a great experiment, you did many things with it. You were successful in some things, you were a failure in some things.
Now you have again a new body, a new laboratory. If the old is preserved you will not have to begin from ABC. If the old is preserved, this is a record. Death interrupted, now you can proceed. You are not to proceed from the beginning again, you can proceed from the point where death stopped in the last life.
So only Egyptians and Tibetans, they have preserved bodies for this reason, but only those bodies which were experimenting deep down inside. Otherwise it is useless to preserve your body. You will not even be able to recognize it.
Lenin’s body is preserved in Moscow, but he cannot even recognize it. If he is born again, he cannot recognize it, because the body was never used as a laboratory. He never knew it. He was just acquainted with it in the mirror, never with this body itself.
This process is alchemical. Observe anger, and anger is transformed into light. Observe sex, and sex is transformed into light. Observe any inner phenomenon which creates heat – any inner phenomenon which creates heat, observe it – and through observation it becomes light.
And if your every heat phenomenon is transformed into light, you will come to feel the inner moon. And when there is no heat left, then you have accumulated the nectar of the full moon. And through this nectar you become immortal. Not in this body, not with this body: you become immortal because you transcend life and death both. Then you are naivedya, then you are a food offering to the divine, to the total.

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