The Sword and the Lotus 07

Seventh Discourse from the series of 24 discourses - The Sword and the Lotus by Osho.
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What is shaktipat, the transmission of spiritual energy?
The most fundamental thing to understand is that materialism is dead, that matter no longer exists. All that exists is energy.
The energy in a rock is the lowest form, the most dormant, the most closed, most asleep. Then there is the world of plants, trees. They have opened up a little. They are available to existence more than a rock. They communicate with the sun, with the moon, with the stars – and this communication is communication of energy. They take energy; they give energy. And this is the whole ecology of existence – a tremendous interdependence. In every possible way, there is a delicate transference of energy happening everywhere.
Man breathes out, and he is breathing out a certain energy which we call carbon dioxide; it is not matter. He breathes in – again another form of energy, oxygen. The trees do just the opposite: they exhale oxygen; they inhale carbon dioxide. This is how the balance is maintained.
In millions of ways energy is moving through different organisms. And higher than plants are the animals which have the capacity of movement. There is a link: there are plants which cannot move, and there are plants which can move a few feet; there are animals which can move miles, and there are birds which can move thousands of miles. This movement makes their energy dynamic.
These are developments of energy. Above all are the human beings, who have energy which has life, movement. But few of them can attain to consciousness, which is the most developed form of energy. And the way of consciousness is exactly the way of a river. It goes downwards following the path of gravitation.
The device you are asking about is an ancient device. I have used it, but not for six years because I have refined the device to better forms, to more invisible transformations. The device is absolutely dependent on the disciple, and in that discipleship you cannot use the word friend. The word friend can be used only with my refined techniques.
The old device has to use the master and the disciple. The disciple had to surrender totally, had to become vulnerable, had to be open – risk all and have faith. If the master is an authentic master then his touch, particularly on the forehead between the two eyes where mythologically in the East we have visualized a third eye…If he puts his bodily contact on the third eye, and the disciple is absolutely available, surrendered, ready to receive, then the energy from the master’s being starts flowing. The master loses nothing because the more he gives, the more energy is poured by the cosmos itself into his being. He is rewarded immensely. But he cannot do anything if the disciple is just a little bit reluctant, a little bit closed, a little bit afraid, not surrendered totally. Then nothing will happen.

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