The Secret of Secrets Vol 1 14

Fourteenth Discourse from the series of 16 discourses - The Secret of Secrets Vol 1 by Osho.
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The first question:
What according to you is the most significant thing that is happening today in the world?
A New Man is emerging. The image of the New Man is not yet clear, but the horizon is becoming red and the sun will soon be there. The morning mist is there and the image of the New Man is vague, but still, a few things are very crystal clear about the New Man.
And this is of tremendous importance because since the monkeys became man, man has remained the same. A great revolution is on the way. It will be far more deep-going than the revolution that happened when monkeys started walking on the earth and became human beings. That change created mind, that change brought psychology in. Now another far more significant change is going to happen that will bring the soul in, and man will not only be a psychological being but a spiritual being too.
You are living in one of the most alive times ever. The New Man, in fragments, has already arrived, but only in fragments. And the New Man has been arriving for centuries, but only here and there. That’s how things happen: when the spring comes it starts with one flower. But when the one flower is there, then one can be certain the spring is not far away – it has come. The first flower has heralded its coming. Zarathustra, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus – these were the first flowers. Now, on a greater scale, the New Man is going to be born.
This new consciousness is the most important thing that is happening today, according to me. I would like to tell you something about this new consciousness – its orientations, and its characteristics – because you are to help it to come out of the womb, because you have to be it. The New Man cannot come from nowhere, it has to come through you. The New Man can only be born through your womb: you have to become the womb.
Sannyas is an experimentation: to clean the ground so that new seeds can fall in. If you understand the meaning of the New Man, you will be able to understand the significance of sannyas too. And it is because sannyas is concerned with the New Man that the old orthodoxies of all kinds are going to be against me and against sannyas – because this is their end. If sannyas succeeds, if the New Man succeeds, the old will have to go. The old can live only if the New Man is prevented from coming.
It cannot be prevented now, because it is not only a question of the New Man’s coming into existence. It is a question of the survival of the whole earth – of consciousness itself, of life itself. It is a question of life and death. The Old Man has come to utter destructiveness. The Old Man has reached the end of its tether. Now there is no life possible with the old concept of man, but only death. The Old Man is preparing for a global suicide. The Old Man is piling up atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, in order to commit a collective suicide. This is a very unconscious desire: rather than allowing the New Man to be, the Old Man would like to destroy the whole thing.
You have to understand, you have to protect the new, because the new carries the whole future with it. And man has come to a stage where a great quantum leap is possible.
The Old Man was otherworldly, the Old Man was against this world. The Old Man was always looking to the heavens. The Old Man was more concerned with life after death than life before death. The New Man’s concern will be life before death. The New Man’s concern will be this life, because if this life is taken care of, the other will follow on its own accord. One need not worry about it, one need not think about it.
The Old Man was too concerned with God. That concern was out of fear. The New Man will not be concerned with God, but will live and love this world, and out of that love will experience the existence of God. The Old Man was speculative, the New Man is going to be existential.
The Old Man can be defined in the Upanishadic statement: neti neti, not this, not this. The Old Man was negative – life-negative, life-denying. The New Man will be life-affirming: iti iti, this and this. The Old Man’s concern was that, the New Man’s concern will be this, because out of this, that is born, and if you become too concerned with that, you miss both.
Tomorrow is in the womb of today: take care of today and you have taken care of tomorrow. There is no need to be in any way worried about tomorrow. And if you become too worried about tomorrow you have missed today! And tomorrow will come as today – it always comes as today. And if you have learned this suicidal habit of missing today, you will miss tomorrow also. You will go on missing.
The Old Man was continuously missing, was miserable, sad. And because he was sad he was against the world, he blamed the world, he blamed samsara. He said, “It is because of the world that I am in misery.” It is not so. The world is immensely beautiful – it is all beauty, bliss and benediction. There is nothing wrong with the world. Something was wrong with the old mind. The old mind was either past-oriented or future-oriented – which are not really different orientations. The old mind was concerned with that which is not.
The New Man will be utterly in tune with that which is, because that is God, that is reality: iti iti, this is it. This moment has to be lived in its totality. This moment has to be lived in its spontaneity, with no a priori ideas. The Old Man was carrying ready-made answers. He was stuffed with philosophy, religion and all kinds of nonsense.
The New Man is going to live life without any a priori conclusion about it. Without any conclusion, one has to face existence and then one knows what it is. If you have already concluded, your conclusion will become a barrier, it will not allow you inquiry. Your conclusion will become a blindfold, it will not allow you to see the truth. Your investment will be in the conclusion, you will distort reality to fit your conclusion. That’s what has been done up to now.
The New Man will not be Hindu, will not be Mohammedan, will not be Christian, will not be communist. The New Man will not know all these “isms.” The New Man will be simply an opening, a window to reality. He will allow reality as it is. He will not project his own mind upon it, he will not use reality as a screen. His eyes will be available, they will not be full of ideas.
The New Man will not live out of belief, he will simply live. And remember, those who can simply live without belief, only come to know what truth is. The believer or the disbeliever never come to know what truth is – their beliefs are too heavy on their minds, they are surrounded too much by their belief systems. The New Man will not know any belief system. He will watch, he will observe, he will see, he will live, and he will allow all kinds of experiences. He will be available, he will be multidimensional. He will not carry scriptures in his head, he will carry only alertness, awareness. He will be meditative.
The Old Man lived out of fear – even his God was nothing but a creation out of fear. His temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches – they were all out of fear. He was trembling, he was afraid. The New Man will live out of love, not out of fear, because fear serves death, love serves life. And if you live out of fear you will never know what life is, you will only know death, again and again.
And remember, the person who lives out of fear creates all kinds of situations in which he has to feel more and more fear. Your fear creates situations, just as your love creates situations: if you love you will find so many occasions to be loving, if you are afraid you will find so many occasions to be afraid. Love is going to be the taste of the new consciousness.
Because fear was the taste of the old consciousness it created wars. In three thousand years man has fought five thousand wars – as if we have not been doing anything else – continuous fighting somewhere or other. This is a very mad state of affairs, humanity’s past is insane.
The New Man will become discontinuous with this insane past. He will believe in love, not in war. He will believe in life, not in death. He will be creative, not destructive. His science, his art – all will serve creativity. He will not create bombs. He will not be political, because politics is out of hatred. Politics is rooted in fear, hate, destructiveness. The New Man will not be political, the New Man will not be national. The New Man will be global. He will not have any political ambition, because it is stupid to have political ambition. The New Man is going to be very intelligent. The first signs of that intelligence are rising on the horizon. Those who have eyes, they can see it: the children are rebelling.
It is a great moment of rejoicing that the young people all over the world are rebelling against all kinds of orthodoxies – whether the orthodoxy is that of church or state doesn’t matter. They are not ready to obey – not that they have determined to disobey, they are not determined to disobey either. They will meditate, and if they feel like obeying they will obey, if they feel like disobeying they will disobey. They have no fixed ideology. “My country right or wrong” – such stupid statements they cannot make. Sometimes it is wrong, sometimes it is right. When it is right, the New Man will support it, when it is wrong whether it is one’s own country or not doesn’t matter. It may be one’s own family – one’s own father, mother – but if it is wrong, it is wrong.
The New Man will live not out of prejudices but out of spontaneous responsibility. The Old Man was a slave, the New Man will be free. The New Man will have freedom at the very core of his being.
The Old Man was very serious, the Old Man was a workaholic. The New Man will be playful – homo ludens. He will believe in enjoying life. He will drop words like duty, sacrifice. He will not sacrifice for anything. He will not be a victim to any altar – that of the state or of the religion, of the priest or of the politician. He will not allow anybody to exploit his life that “Go and die because your country is at war.” His commitment is towards life, his commitment is not towards anything else. He wants to live in joy, he wants to rejoice in all the gifts of God, he wants to celebrate. Alleluia will be his only mantra.
Jesus says, “Rejoice, rejoice. I say unto you rejoice.”
Man has not rejoiced yet. Man has lived under a great burden of seriousness. Work for the country, work for the family, work for the wife, work for the children, work for your father and mother – just go on working and working and then one day die and disappear into the grave. And then others will work and it goes on and on. Nobody seems to have any time to enjoy life.
And I am not saying that the New Man will not work. He will work, but that will not be his addiction, he will not be a workaholic. It will not be a drug. He will work because he needs a few things, but he will not continuously work for more and more. He will not be accumulative. He will not believe in having a big bank balance, and he will not believe in being on a very high post. Rather, he would like to sing a song, play on the flute, on the guitar, dance. He would not like to become famous. He would like to live, authentically live. He will be ready to be a nobody.
And that is already happening. The first rays are already available. It is still hidden in the morning mist, but if you search you will find: the new children, the new generation, are a totally different kind of generation. Hence the generation gap, it is very real. It has never been so – never before has there been any generation gap. This is the first time in the whole of human history that there is a gap. The children are speaking a different language from their parents. The parents cannot understand because the parents want them to succeed. And the children say, “But what is the point of success if you cannot sing a song and you cannot dance, and you cannot enjoy and you cannot love, what is the point of being successful? Why? What is going to happen through success? Even if the whole world knows my name, what is that going to give me?”
The old generation believes in money. And you will be surprised, that the belief in money is so deep that even those who renounce money, they also believe in money; otherwise there is no need to renounce it. And those who praise renunciation, they also believe in money: the more money you renounce, the greater you are. So the measurement is through money, money remains the criterion. In the world if you have more money you are great. And even in the world of the monks: “How much have you renounced?” If you have renounced more money, then you are more important. Money remains important even there.
The new generation is not going to be money-manic. And remember, I am not saying it is going to be against money – it will use money. In the past money has used man, in the past man has lived in such an unconscious way that he thought he possessed things, but things possessed him. The New Man will be able to use: the New Man will use money, will use technology, but the New Man will remain the master. He is not going to become a victim, an instrument. This, according to me, is the greatest thing that is happening. A few characteristics….
The new consciousness is going to be counter to all orthodoxies – any kind of orthodoxy, Catholic or communist, Hindu or Jaina. Any kind of orthodoxy is a kind of paralysis of the mind – it paralyzes, you stop living. It becomes a rigidity around you. You become a fanatic, you become stubborn, you become rock-like. You don’t behave like a liquid human being, you start behaving like a mule. That’s why for Morarji Desai I have another name: Mulishjibhai Desai. One starts behaving in a mulish way – stubborn, dead set, no possibility of changing, no flexibility, no fluidity. But in the past that has been praised very much: people call it consistency, certainty. It is not. It is neither consistency nor certainty. It is simply deadness.
An alive person has to remain flowing. He has to respond to the changing situations – and situations are continuously changing. How can you remain fixed in your attitudes when life itself is not fixed? When life is a river how can you remain stubborn? And if you remain stubborn you lose contact with life, you are already in your grave.
The new consciousness will be non-orthodox, non-fanatic. It will be fluid. It will not react, it will respond. And the difference between these two words is great.
Reaction is always rigid: you have a fixed idea, you react out of it; before the question is raised, the answer is ready. Response is totally different: you listen to the question, you absorb the question, you see the situation, you feel the situation, you live the situation and out of that very living, your response arises. A responsible man cannot be stubborn, cannot be certain, cannot be rigid. He will have to live moment to moment. He cannot decide beforehand. He will have to decide every day, each moment. And because he has to move continuously with life, its changing challenges, he cannot be consistent in the old sense. His consistency will be only one: that he will always be in tune with life. That will be his consistency, not that he has a certain idea and he remains consistent with that idea, and goes on sacrificing life for it.

There was a case against Mulla Nasrudin in the court and the magistrate asked him, “Mulla, how old are you?”
He said, “Forty.”
The magistrate said, “But this is strange. You surprise me, because five years ago you were in court and that time also you said forty.”
Mulla said, “Yes, I am a consistent man. Once I have said something, you can believe me. I will never say anything else.”

This is one type of consistency.
The new man will find it ridiculous. But the Old Man has been this way, consistent: in his character, in his statements, in his hypocrisy. The Old Man used to decide once and for all.
Psychologists say that almost fifty percent of your life is decided by the time you are seven years old – fifty percent! – and then you remain consistent with it. And life goes on changing – no wonder that you are left behind, that you start dragging, that you lose joy, that you lose the quality of dance. How can you dance? – you are so far behind life, you are dead wood, you don’t grow. An alive tree grows, changes; as the season changes, the tree changes. An alive person grows and continuously grows. To the very moment of death he goes on growing. He never knows any end to his growth.
Psychologists say the average mental age of man is thirteen. This is the situation, this is how the Old Man has lived up to now. A thirteen-year mental age means at the age of thirteen people have stopped growing. Yes, they go on growing old, but they don’t grow up. Growing old is one thing, growing up is totally different. Growing old is a physiological phenomenon, growing up means maturity, wisdom. And only those who go on flowing with life grow up.
The New Man will not be obedient to stupid ideas that have been given from the past – and they may not have been stupid when they were born, they may have been relevant in those circumstances. But as circumstances change, things become stupid. If you carry them, if you go on persisting in your old fixed routines, you start behaving in an absurd way.
Now, look: some religion is five thousand years old – that means five thousand years ago its rituals were born and since then they have remained fixed. How dangerous it is, how crippling! How can man be alive if these five-thousand-year-old rituals surround his soul?
The New Man will be creative. Each moment he will find his religion, each moment he will find his philosophy, and everything will remain growing. He will not be obedient to the past, he cannot be. To be obedient to the past is to be obedient to death because the past is dead. He will be obedient to the present, and in being obedient to the present, he will be rebellious against the past.
To be rebellious is going to be one of his most prominent characteristics. And because he will be rebellious he will not fit in a dead society, he will not fit in a dead church, he will not fit in a dead army. He will not fit anywhere where obedience is a basic requirement. The New Man is bound to create a new society around himself.
First consciousness becomes new, then the society becomes new. There is going to be a long period in which the old will resist the new, will fight with the new, will try to destroy the new. But the old cannot succeed. Time, time spirit, will not be in its favor – the old has to die. Just as the old body dies and makes space for some new child, so old societies, old orthodoxies, have to die. They have already lived overtime, they have lived too long.
The new consciousness will not be moralistic, will not be puritan – not that it will not have any morality. But it will have a different kind of morality – a morality that arises out of one’s own feeling for life, one’s sensitivity, one’s own experiences – not a morality learned from others, borrowed. The New Man will not be a man of character in the old sense, because all character is binding. It creates an armor around you. The New Man will be characterless in the sense that he will not have any armor. The New Man will be characterless in the sense that he will not have a prison cell around him. Not that he will not have character, but he will give a new definition to character. He will not be a hypocrite.
The old puritanism, the old moralistic attitudes have created hypocrisy in the world. They have made man schizophrenic: on the surface one thing, deep within something else, almost the opposite. The Old Man lived a double life. The New Man is going to live in a unitary way. He will live a single life. Whatsoever is inside him will also be his outside. He will be authentic. Remember this word authenticity – that is going to be the New Man’s religion. That is going to be the New Man’s truth, his temple, his God: authenticity. And with authenticity, neurosis disappears. The Old Man was neurotic because he was constantly in conflict: he wanted to do one thing and he was always doing something else, because something else was required. He was taught to do something against himself, he was repressive. His own authenticity was repressed, and on top of it, a bogus character was imposed.
We have praised these phony people too long. Now the time has come: their phoniness should be exposed. We have praised these mahatmas and saints so long. Now we have to see their neurosis: they were all psychologically ill, they were pathological.
A healthy person is a whole person. His inside, his outside are the same. If he loves he loves passionately, if he is angry he is angry passionately. His anger has truth in it as much as his love has truth in it. The Old Man boils within and smiles on the outside. He lives without passion, without energy. He lives without any flame. His whole life is an exercise in phoniness, and naturally he suffers. A long futile story is all that his life is: “…a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”
The New Man will not be a tale told by an idiot but will be a poetry sung out of wholeness, will be a dance of immense joy for God’s gift of life and being – for the flowers and the trees and the birds and the sun and the sand and the sea. The New Man will not look somewhere faraway for God. He will look here, close-by. Now will be his only time, here will be his only space.
The New Man will be earthly, and by “earthly” I don’t mean materialistic. The New Man will be a realist, he will love this earth. Because we have not loved this earth and our so-called religions have been teaching us to hate this earth, we have destroyed it. It is a beautiful planet, one of the most beautiful, because it is one of the most alive. This planet has to be loved, this planet has to be rejoiced – it is a gift. This body has so many mysteries in it that even a Buddha is possible only because of this body. This body becomes the temple of the greatest possibility: buddhahood, nirvana. This body has to be loved, this earth has to be loved.
The New Man will find his religion in nature – not in dead stone statues, but in living dancing trees in the wind. He will find his religion surfing on the sea, climbing on the virgin mountain. He will find his prayer with the snow, with the moon, with the stars. He will be in dialogue with existence as it is. He will not live with abstract ideas. He will live with realities. His commitment will be with nature, and through that commitment he will come to know super-nature. God is hidden here in this earth, in this very body: this very body the buddha, this very earth the paradise.
The New Man will read the scripture of nature. This will be his Veda, his Koran, his Bible. Here he will find sermons in the stones. He will try to decipher the mysteries of life, he will not try to demystify life. He will try to love those mysteries, to enter in those mysteries. He will be a poet, he will not be a philosopher. He will be an artist, he will not be a theologian. His science will also have a different tone. His science will be that of Tao – not an effort to conquer nature, because that effort is just foolish. How can you conquer nature? – you are part of nature. His science will be of understanding nature, not of conquering nature. He will not rape nature, he will love and persuade nature to reveal its secrets.
The New Man will not be ambitious, will not be political. Politics has no future. Politics has existed because of the neurosis of humankind. Once the neurosis disappears, politics will disappear.
Ambition simply means you are missing something and you are consoling yourself that in the future, you will get it. Ambition is a consolation: today it is all misery, tomorrow there will be joy. Looking at tomorrow you become capable of tolerating today and its misery. Today is always hell, tomorrow is heaven: you keep on looking at heaven, you keep on hoping. But that hope is not going to be fulfilled ever because tomorrow never comes.
Ambition means you are incapable of transforming your today into a beatitude, you are impotent. Only impotent people are ambitious: they seek money, they seek power. Only impotent people seek power and money. The potential person lives. If money comes his way, he lives the money too, but he does not seek it, he is not after it. He is not afraid of it either.
The old man was either after money or afraid of money, either after power or afraid of power, but in both ways his whole focus was on power and money. He was ambitious. The Old Man is pitiable: he was ambitious because he was unable to live, unable to love. The New Man will be able to live and able to love. And his herenow is going to be so beautiful, why should he be worried about tomorrow? His concern will not be having more, his concern will be being more – another very important distinction to be remembered. His concern will be being more, not having more. Having more is just a substitute for being more. You have more money – you think you are more, you have more power – you think you are more. Deep down you remain the same beggar. Alexander the Great dies as empty-handed as any beggar.
Being more is a totally different dimension. Being more means getting in touch with your reality, getting in tune with your being, and helping yourself to fall in harmony with the universe. To be in harmony with the universe you become more. The more you are in tune with existence, the more you are. If the harmony is total, you are a god. That’s why we call Buddha a god, Mahavira a god: utter total harmony with existence, no conflict at all. They have dissolved themselves into the whole, they have become the whole, just as a dewdrop disappears into the ocean and becomes the ocean. They have died in their egos, now they live as existence itself.
The New Man will have no use for sham, facade or pretense. He will be true, because only through truth is liberation. All lies create bondages. Tell a single lie and you will have to tell a thousand and one to defend it, ad nauseam you will have to tell lies. Then there is no end to it: a single lie sooner or later will spread all over your being – it is like cancer.
Be truthful and you need not hide. You can be open. Be truthful – you need not protect yourself against existence. You can be vulnerable. In that vulnerability existence penetrates you, God reaches to your heart.
Tell a lie and you are afraid. You will be afraid of God too, you will be afraid of facing him, you will be afraid of facing yourself. You will be continuously escaping – from yourself, from others, from God. You will be constantly hiding behind your pretensions, hypocrisy will become your lifestyle, and that’s where hell exists. Hypocrisy creates hell. Authenticity is the only joy – the only joy, I say. And if you are not authentic you will never be joyous.
The new consciousness will not put up with double-talk. The new consciousness will hate this kind of thing with a passion. This hatred for phoniness is the deepest mark of the New Man. The New Man will be opposed to structured, inflexible and infallible systems, because life is a beautiful flow. It is not structured, it is freedom. It is not a prison, it is a temple. He would like organizations to be fluid, changing, adapting and human. Our states are inhuman, our armies are inhuman, our churches are inhuman. They dehumanize man, they reduce man into a thing because they don’t respect man’s freedom. The New Man will respect his freedom and respect others’ freedom too.
The Old Man is constantly interfering, poking his nose into everybody’s affairs, trying to manipulate, criticizing, condemning, rewarding, punishing. The Old Man is continuously concerned with others: “What are you doing?” I was staying in Bombay once. A Parsi woman came to me because just the day before I had criticized Satya Sai Baba and had called him a phony guru. She came to see me and she said, “I have come to tell you a few more things.” She was thinking that I would be very happy because she had brought some information against Satya Sai Baba. She said, “He is a homosexual. And I know it from reliable sources.”
I said, “But why should you be concerned? Homosexual or heterosexual – that is his business. It is his life. Who are you? Why should you be bothered about it?”
She was very shocked when I said that. She had come feeling that I would be very grateful to her because she was giving me such great information. Why should you be concerned? Can’t you leave people to their own life? I criticize only when the other’s life is concerned; otherwise there is no question. What Satya Sai Baba is doing with his sexuality is his business, it is nobody else’s business. But the Old Man was constantly poking his nose into everybody’s affairs.
Here it happens every day: the old kind of people come and they are very much in agony because some man is holding some woman’s hand. Why? But he is not holding your hand. And if those two persons have decided to hold hands, they have absolute freedom to do that. And if they are enjoying, who are you to interfere? If the man is holding some woman’s hand against her will, then maybe your help is needed, but if they both are willing then you should not be concerned at all.
But this is the old consciousness. It was always trying to find ways and means to manipulate others, to be dominant over others. The new consciousness will leave everyone to his own life. Unless somebody is harming others, he should not be prevented. Unless somebody is a danger to others, he should not be prevented. Unless somebody is interfering in somebody else’s freedom, he should not be interfered with.
The old world remained without individuality – it hated individuality! It liked only sheep, crowds – people behaving in the same way and everybody following the same routine and the same structure. The New Man will allow all kinds of possibilities. The New Man will love liquid structures. He will be human, he will respect human beings. His respect will be almost religious.
The New Man will have to find new forms of community, of closeness, of intimacy, of shared purpose, because the old society is not going to disappear immediately – it will linger. It will give all kinds of fight to the new society – as it always happens. It has so many vested interests, it cannot go easily. It will go only when it becomes impossible for it to remain in existence.
Before it goes the New Man will have to create new kinds of communes, new kinds of families, new communities of closeness, intimacy, shared purpose. That’s why I am trying to create a small commune where you can be totally yourself – away from the structured and the rotten world – and you can be given absolute freedom. It will be an experimentation, because on those lines, the future is going to move. It will be a small experiment but of immense significance.
The new consciousness will not have anything to do with institutions like marriage. The New Man will have a natural distrust of marriage as an institution. A man-woman relationship has deep value for him only when it is a mutually enhancing, growing, flowing relationship. He will have little regard for marriage as a ceremony or for vows of permanence…which prove to be highly impermanent. He loves the moment and lives it in its totality. Marriage has no future. Love has a future.
In the past, love was not a reality, marriage was a reality. In the future, love is going to be the reality and marriage is going to become more and more unreal. In the past people were married to each other, hence by and by they started liking and loving. In the future people will love and like each other, only then will they live together. In the past to live together came first, and naturally when you live together a liking arises, a dependence arises. It was a need phenomenon; the husband needed the wife, the wife needed the husband, and then the children needed the parents to be together. It was more or less an economic phenomenon, but it was not out of love.
The future will know a different kind of relationship which is based purely on love and remains in existence only while love remains. And there is no hankering for its permanence, because in life nothing is permanent; only plastic flowers are permanent. Real roses are born in the morning and are gone by the evening. And that is their beauty: they are beautiful when they come, they are beautiful when their petals start withering away. Their life is beautiful, their birth is beautiful, their death is beautiful, because there is aliveness. A plastic flower is never born, never lives, never dies.
Marriage has been a plastic flower in the past. The new consciousness can have no respect for marriage. It will have to create a new kind of intimacy – friendship – and it will have to learn to live with the impermanent phenomenon of love and of everything.
It needs guts to live with the impermanence of life because each time something changes you have to change yourself again. One wants to remain fixed – it seems safer, secure. That’s how the Old Man has lived: the Old Man was not adventurous, his whole concern was security.
The New Man will have the spirit of adventure. His concern will not be security, his concern will be ecstasy. He will not believe, because belief is a search for security – he will explore. He may not have neat answers to every question, but he will accept every challenge to inquiry, to exploration. He will go as far as life can take him. He will try to reach to the stars. But he will remain open. He will not start with a belief, with a conclusion, he will start only with a quest, a question.
To start with a belief is not to start at all. To start with a belief is just playing a game with yourself. You have already believed – how can you explore? To explore one has to be agnostic, and that is going to be the religion of the future: agnosticism. One will be capable and courageous enough to say, “I don’t know, but I am interested in knowing. And I am ready to go into any dimension, into any adventure.”
The New Man will be ready to risk. The Old Man was very businesslike, never ready to risk: risk was anathema, security was his goal. But with security you start dying. It is only in adventure, continuous adventure, that life grows to higher and higher plenitudes, that it reaches to the Himalayan peaks.
The new person will be a spontaneous person – unpredictable, willing to risk newness, often willing to risk saying or doing the wild, the far-out thing. He will believe that everything is possible and anything can be tried. He will not cling to the known, he will always remain available to the unknown, even to the unknowable. And he will not sacrifice for any future because he will not be an idealist. He will not sacrifice for any abstract ideas, ideals, ideologies. He has a trust in his own experience and a profound distrust of all external authority.
The New Man will trust only his own experience. Unless he knows, he will not trust it. No external authority can help the New Man. Nobody can say, “I say so, so you have to believe, because we have always believed so you have to believe, because our forefathers believed so you have to believe, because it is written in the Vedas and the Bible, you have to believe.” The New Man is not going to have anything to do with such nonsense. The New Man will believe only if he knows. This is real trust: trust in one’s own possibilities, potential. The New Man will respect himself. To believe in external authorities is disrespectful towards one’s own being.
And, finally, the New Man will like to be close to elemental nature: to the sea, the sun, the snow, flowers, animals, birds, to life, growth, death.
This, according to me, is the most important phenomenon that is happening today: a New Man is coming into existence, the first rays are already on the horizon. Prepare yourself to receive the New Man, get ready – become a host to the guest who is going, just any moment, to knock on your doors. And that’s what sannyas is all about: a preparation – getting ready to receive the New Man. It is going to be a great adventure to receive the New Man, it is going to be risky too, because the old will not like it.
Now you can understand why the orthodox mind is against me: I am preparing their graveyard and I am preparing for something new – I am preparing a garden for the new. You are to open your hearts for the new, uproot all the weeds of the old, drop all the conditionings that the old has given to you so you can receive the new.
And remember, the days of the messiahs are over. Don’t wait for Christ’s coming again, and don’t wait for Buddha’s coming again. Nobody comes again, not at least Buddha and Christ. Those who come again are the people who live without learning anything from life. Buddha has learned the lesson – he will not be coming again. Christ has learned the lesson – he will not be coming again. Don’t wait for any messiah to come but wait for a new consciousness, not for a messiah to deliver you. That is what the Old Man used to believe: somebody will come. Hindus think Krishna will come: “When things are really dark and difficult and dismal, Krishna will come and deliver us.” All nonsense! All holy cowdung!
A new consciousness is going to deliver you, not some person – Buddha, Krishna, Christ. They had been here and they could not deliver. No single person can do it – it is impossible. A new consciousness can only deliver man from his bondage. And the new consciousness can come only through you: you have to become the womb, you have to accept it, receive it, prepare yourself for it.
Sannyas is nothing but getting ready for something immensely valuable, so that when the gift comes you are not fast asleep, so when the new consciousness knocks on your door you are ready to embrace it.

The second question:
Oh that I could have died of the shame that you've been nauseated by me…. Thank you for such a drastic reason to give up non-vegetarian habits. It hasn't arisen out of my own awareness yet, and I suspect this was my conditioning. My childhood was ruled by Jewish dietary laws and rituals – there were so many foods forbidden by my father, forbidden by his fathers for the so-called “chosen people.”

Maybe an external, non-existential morality imposed on my early years blunted my sensitivity? But now it hurts so much to have nauseated you. This decision and a small light fill me.
Pradeepa, it is not that you nauseated me, something in you…. And of course, you are unconscious, that is why I have been so drastic and hard on you: so that you can become conscious of it. Just a habit…. And when a person is born in a non-vegetarian family it is natural to learn the ways of the family, just as vegetarians learn the ways of a vegetarian family. Both are unconscious. And I don’t give any value to the unconscious vegetarian – he is not superior to the unconscious non-vegetarian – because both are unconscious. Only consciousness has value. If you are consciously vegetarian then there is some value in it, otherwise there is no value.
In India there are so many vegetarians – unconscious – just because by accident in their childhood, they were taught vegetarianism – they have learned it. You have learned in the same way, non-vegetarian habits. You are both alike. There is no difference – not at all – not even the difference of an inch. Unconsciousness is unconsciousness. What you do out of unconsciousness is a robot-like phenomenon.
I had to hit so hard on Pradeepa’s head so that she becomes a little more alert. I hit you only because I love you. And remember, the more you will become meditative, the more your non-vegetarian habits will be more nauseating. When a person comes, new to me – who has not meditated, who has no intimacy with me, no love for me, who is not close to me – his vibe is not nauseating to me. Why? – because his whole vibe is the same. But when a person starts meditating, starts becoming more and more silent – as is happening to Pradeepa, her energy is moving in beautiful dimensions – now a disparity will be felt.
It is just like on white cloth, a little dirt will show; on black cloth it won’t show. When your whole being is unconscious and there is no silence and all is noise, you can be non-vegetarian – it will not make much difference, it will not show. There is no contrast to show it. You can even be a cannibal and it will not show. But when you start getting clean – some space inside becomes fresh, young, natural, some part of you becomes clear, is purified – then the dirt shows. Then even small things will show.
Pradeepa, you should be happy that I could see it so clearly that something inside you, just out of old habit, is poisoning your whole being. If it is dropped you will have a great leap, your growth will be immensely enhanced.
And I am here only to facilitate your growth. And I will do everything that I can do: if a shock is needed I will shock you, if you need hammering on the head I will hammer you. Whatsoever is needed has to be done – nothing has to be left undone, all possible methods have to be tried – because your entanglements with the past are deep, there are many many sources and they all have to be cut.
Slowly slowly you will arise out of your past completely free. That shock can become a transformation in you. And I hope that it has already changed you. And I hope, next time you come to me, that vibe will have disappeared.
But you will have to remain conscious, alert – old habits die hard, they persist. And remember, you cannot deceive me. Your mind can say, “If once in a while you eat non-vegetarian food how is Osho going to know?” It is not so. If you do something, your whole vibe will express it: your guilt will show it, your shame will show it, your face will show it. You will not be flowing when you will be close to me. You will be afraid, you will be caught again.
And remember, I am not against non-vegetarian foods for any other reasons. If a man is not meditating, if a man is not trying to grow inwards, if a man is not in the search of God, then it is perfectly okay – he can eat whatsoever he wants to eat. The higher you are trying to reach, more and more unnecessary luggage will have to be dropped, only then you can fly. These are unnecessary luggages, they can be dropped.
But remember, it is not that you have nauseated me, just an unconscious habit in you that has nauseated me. And you are not your habit – the habit can be dropped – and you will come closer to me and you will be able to receive more of my love. And you don’t know how much I have to give to you; you only know that much that you receive. And you receive only that much that you can receive.
Become more and more capable of receiving more and more – there is no end to it. This place can become your absolute fulfillment.

The third question:
I want to say many things to you. Should I write them to you or not?
Meditate on this small story.

“Have you heard, O Socrates….”
“Just a moment, friend,” said the sage. “Have you sifted what you are going to tell me through the three sieves?”
“The three sieves?”
“Yes, my friend. Let us see whether what you mean to tell me will stand the test. The first of the sieves is that of truth: have you made sure that all you are going to tell me is true?”
“Well, no. I just heard others say it.”
“I see. Of course, insofar as it is not even true, we can scarcely bother with it, unless it happens to be something good. Will it stand the test of the sieve of goodness?”
“Oh no, indeed, on the contrary….”
“Hmm, ‘I’m not sure he said it, and what he is supposed to have said serves no good’? Perhaps somehow it is necessary that I know this in order to prevent harm to others?”
“Well, no. If you look at it in that way….”
“Very well then,” said Socrates, “since what you have come to tell me about the case is neither true nor good nor needful, let us forget all about it. There are so many worthwhile things in life, that we can’t afford to bother with what is so worthless as to be neither good nor true nor needful.”

Meditate on this statement of Socrates…and you will know: what to write to me, what not to write to me, what to ask, what not to ask.
There are a few people who go on writing letters every day. It is not a problem to me – just Arup is troubled. She has to read hundreds of letters, sometimes late in the night…. Look, she is fast asleep. She has to sleep sometime! Late in the night she has to go on reading those letters and summarizing them – don’t torture her!
Unless it is really important, something valuable, something which will help you or somebody else, don’t write. If you feel it is of some importance then certainly you can write. And then too, make it as short as possible, make it telegraphic. There is no need to write long long letters. A few people are very much into writing letters – ten pages, twelve pages. Just write a few sentences, just say exactly what you want to say. And before you write anything, ponder over this statement of Socrates – it will help you: let them pass through the three sieves.

The last question:
Why don't you say exactly what your philosophy is?
And what am I doing every day? Morning and evening I am continuously doing that. But maybe you have some ideas already fixed in your mind and you would like my philosophy to fit and adjust with those ideas – and it is not going to fit. Hence you feel puzzled, confused.
I am not here really, trying to give you a set doctrine. I am trying to provoke something in you. It is not a question of giving you an exact statement, of what my philosophy is. Rather, I am a challenge to provoke you: into thinking, into meditating. Something is lying dormant in you and it has to be provoked – I am hammering it. It is not that I have to give you a philosophy and you have to believe in it – then the whole point will be missed.
I am not a philosopher and I am not trying to give you a dogma in which you have to believe. In fact, I am just doing the opposite: I am destroying all dogmas and all philosophies – this is my philosophy! I am trying to create a vacuum in you, because when the vacuum is there the dormant energy in you will immediately start rising – it needs some space to rise. But you must be having some ideas. People come to me….

There was one Christian missionary who said, “It will be very good if you write a small book, a catechism, just as we Christians have done – just a few statements of all that you want to teach.”

I cannot give you a catechism because I have none. I respond to your potential, to your possibilities – this way and that I provoke you. And I will go on provoking…unless you are awakened!
But if you have a Christian-missionary type mind, you will be waiting: that I will deliver to you a few fixed statements, so that you can believe in them for ever and ever. I cannot do that to you, because that is harmful, that is poisoning you. And if that mind is there, you will not be able to understand what I am doing here. It is a totally different kind of work….

A famous film star announced that she was about to get married for the sixth time.
“Oh,” said Mulla Nasruddin. “Against whom?”

People have their own understandings. Now Mulla’s experience of marriage is such that he can ask only one thing: “Against whom?”

I said to Mulla Nasruddin one day, “I hear your daughter has got married. I am sure you found it hard to part with her.”
“Hard?” he said. “It was almost impossible.”

People have their own deep-rooted ideas: they listen from those conclusions. He was trying to get rid of her, he was trying hard to get rid of her – he was very worried. So when I said, “I am sure you found it hard to part with her,” this was his reaction: “Hard?” he said. “It was almost impossible.”

One day I asked Mulla Nasruddin, “Hi, Mulla! How is your wife?”
He looked at me and said, “Compared to what?”

You must be listening with your mind all intact: you will have to put it aside. Then you will see that it is not a verbal transmission that I am making here, it is an energy transmission – I am trying to contact you – your mind is in between. I am trying in every way to destroy your mind, I am taking away all your knowledge – making it look ridiculous, absurd.
First you start feeling confused because you were so certain, and when I go on hitting hard on your knowledge, you start feeling confused. And then problems arise: you were thinking that you would become clear and now you are becoming confused. In the beginning it is going to happen: certainty destroyed, you become confused. But only when you are confused can you drop all your knowledge, not before it. When the confusion becomes too much, maddening, one day you simply drop it – it is no more possible to carry it any longer. And then you will understand what I am doing here to you.
I am not giving you any philosophy. I am provoking your understanding. It is not a verbal doctrine. It is a heart-to-heart communion, a soul-to-soul communion – I am trying to connect with you. And in that connection, a spark from my being will jump into your being, and your inner will be lit – just a small spark is needed and there will be great light in you – and that light will give you eyes to see, ears to hear, heart to feel. That light will make you alive, that light will bloom in you as a Golden Flower.
Enough for today.

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