The Osho Upanishad 43

FourtyThird Discourse from the series of 44 discourses - The Osho Upanishad by Osho.
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With what love and compassion you fold your hands and do namaste to us – thank you, thank you, Osho. I have never asked – yet, all my questions have been answered. Could you guide us as to what kind of question a disciple should ask?
The disciple is not to ask but to drink. He has no questions but only a quest. He is not inquiring. He has felt the truth, he has seen a glimpse of it, he wants to become it. The distance hurts.
The disciple is not a student full of curiosities, full of thousands of kinds of questions. The disciple is silent. There are no questions at all.
And you know it. You yourself have written that you have never asked a question and all your questions have been answered.
To ask a question does not mean that you will get the answer, because the very mind that asks the question is not the receiver of the answer, and cannot be the receiver of the answer. This is something very fundamental to understand: questions come from the mind, and the answer happens in the heart.
The heart never asks, and the mind is never satisfied with any answer. Give an answer to the mind and it will create a hundred questions out of that answer. And only the mind can ask.
The heart knows no language – it knows how to love, it knows how to be grateful, it knows how to be open, it knows how to come so close to the master that you are consumed in the very silence of the master.
His silence becomes your silence. His truth becomes your truth. This is the mystery that happens between the master and the disciple, but never between the teacher and the student.
The disciple has learned one thing, perhaps in hundreds of lives: that the head is a factory where questions are manufactured – put anything into it, and out comes a question. The head never receives any answer, that is not its function. And we should not ask something from a certain faculty that is beyond its capacities and limitations.
You never ask to see music, because you know your eyes cannot see music. You never ask to hear the light, because you know that your ears are not meant for that; they are specialized parts of your body for a special function.
The function of the head is to create questions, doubts, suspicions, skepticism. It is helpful as far as scientific research is concerned, as far as the objective world is concerned. A man with a heart cannot be expected to become an Albert Einstein. To be an Albert Einstein you need a trained head, which can go on asking questions infinitely.
The poet, the mystic – they know the answer. The poet knows it once in a while. The mystic knows it every moment – waking or asleep, living or dying – because it is not something separate from him; he is the answer.
For the poet the answer is separate; once in a while the window opens, a little breeze comes in and poetry is born, a song arises, a dance takes birth. But the poet is not in control of the window – it is only rarely, in certain moments, when the poet becomes available to existence. Hence I always say to my people that if you love someone’s poetry, someone’s music, someone’s dance, someone’s painting, sculpture, never try to see the man because that is going to be an utter frustration.
But if you hear and feel a statement of a mystic, forget about the statement, search out the man – because the statement is bound to be wrong and the man is bound to be right. The very presence of the mystic will be his argument, his evidence. He is an eyewitness.
The poet has also seen something, but from a faraway distance; and that too for a few moments and then it is gone. And when you reach for a few moments to a high peak and then the peak disappears, you fall far below the ordinary man. The ordinary man is at least on solid ground, on the plain – he never goes up, never goes down. But the poet goes up and down.
The poet will be found drunk, lying in a gutter, and you cannot believe that this man has such golden moments and is capable of bringing them to language. You will find the painter in the house of a prostitute – and this man has talked about beauty, has painted beauty, beauty that surpasses the material world, that seems to belong to the beyond – but the man…? The man is absolutely just the opposite of his painting, of his poetry, of his music, of his dance.
The poet also gets the answer from the heart, but it is accidental. It is not in his hands; sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not happen. Sometimes months are barren, sometimes years pass like a desert and the poet cannot do anything. He is at the mercy of existence.
The mystic is not at the mercy of existence, he has become one with existence. He has the answer each moment, just like his breathing, just like his heartbeat. It is not something that he has to see again, something that he has to go on remembering otherwise he will forget.
A disciple means someone who has found a master, someone who has come close to a mystic. And as you come closer to the mystic, your questions will start disappearing and his answer will start spreading in you. There is only one answer and there are millions of questions, and that one answer can only be experienced in a deep, loving at-one-ment with the master.
So there are no special questions for the disciple. There are no questions for the disciple; the disciple has to learn how to drop questions. I allow you to ask questions so that they can be dropped. Remember, I am not answering your questions; that is not my business – although from the outside it appears that I am answering your question. I am not answering your question, I am trying somehow to take the question away from you. I am not giving you the answer, because it cannot be given to you – only the question can be taken away. And one day, when all questions are taken away from you, the one answer will be found, in the oneness of the disciple and master.
You have also said that my greeting to you with folded hands means a great humbleness on my part, and you are thankful for it.
Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not a humble man. By the very nature of things, I cannot be a humble man; only an egoist can be a humble man. When there is no ego, there is no humbleness either – one simply is.
But our mind is such that it moves like a pendulum of a clock, from one extreme to another extreme: either ego or humbleness, either love or hate, either friendship or enmity. And the reality is somewhere exactly in between, where you are neither an egoist nor a humble man – you are simply without any attributes of ego or non-ego.
When I greet you with folded hands it is not my humbleness.
Secondly, I don’t greet you. I greet something which is within you and beyond you. My greeting is nothing but an effort to remind you that you are not what you think you are, you are not where you think you are. I am greeting you deep inside – not on the circumference where you exist, but at the center where you never go. I am greeting you just as a reminder that you are carrying within you something divine, something that is waiting to be fulfilled. It is a seed, but it is ready to become a sprout at any moment; new green leaves, ready to become a flower. I am greeting you as you should be – I am greeting your future.
Right now you are only your past. You are not even your present; you are just all that has passed by, a collection of memories. I am not greeting that. I am utterly against it.
I want you to look into the new, into the coming, into the future – the moment that has not come but is going to come any moment.
Don’t just thank me, because the danger is that by thanking me for my greeting you may feel that the chapter is closed, the work is done: I have greeted you, you have thanked me.
No, you can thank me for my greeting only in one way, and that is by realizing the godliness to which the greeting is addressed. There is no other way to show your gratefulness, your thankfulness to the master.

Although you have been teaching us to enjoy all pleasures of life, and not to be led by some kind of morality or disciplines, my life with you starts to look more like that of a monk – a life of detachment from the usual kicks of life, and more of simplicity and silence. Is this a natural happening? Or am I creating a new discipline for my life?
It is a natural happening. Not only that – it is my whole intention. I want you not to repress, because the person who represses anything remains stuck with the repressed thing for his whole life. Repression is the way to drive people insane.

I have heard about a man who was brought to a psychoanalyst because his family was tired, his friends were tired. He had taken a vow of celibacy, but he was continually talking in roundabout ways about sex. And the easiest way for such people is to condemn sex – that is their only joy in life. The whole day he was condemning everything. The psychoanalyst listened to him and he said, “Wait, I will draw a few figures and you tell me what they remind you of.”
He drew a line on the paper, and the man closed his eyes; he said, “Don’t do it, don’t do that! It is pure sex and nothing else.”
The psychologist said, “It is pure sex? I will draw another thing.” He drew a triangle.
The man simply covered his eyes with both hands and he said, “You will kill me! You are reminding me of such things. I am a religious monk, and if I go to hell you will be responsible. Are you a psychologist or a psychopath? You seem to be neurotic. And my friends and family, those idiots, have brought me to you for treatment! You need treatment; I can treat you.”
The psychologist said, “Just one more figure.”
But before he could draw the figure, through the window they saw that a camel was passing by on the road. So he said, “Forget the figure, you just look outside; a camel is passing – what does it remind you of?”
And the man jumped on the psychoanalyst, hitting him hard and said, “You idiot! You will destroy my whole religion. That thing is pure sex! I never look at camels – sex, and ugly sex – they harass me in my dreams, and they do such ugly things that I would rather remain awake the whole night than go to sleep and see the camels doing ugly things. From drawing lines, you suddenly went to the ultimate in obscenity.”

All the religions of the world, with good intentions, have created a very crazy and pathological world because they had no idea how the mind functions: you try to repress anything and you will become obsessed by it. It does not matter what it is.
You have laughed at this man because those were just lines and triangles, geometric figures, having nothing to do with sex. You try – and you will not find yourself in a different position.
Just don’t think of three. Take a vow: that “I will not think of three.” Whatever happens, three is renounced – you have become a celibate as far as three is concerned – and from that moment you will be tortured by three. Wherever you look, you will be surprised: before you also used to see these things, but you had never thought that they were three. In some way you will work it out so that everything turns out to be three. It is you, who without understanding a simple mind-process…
Repression is creating obsession. And when you repress vital things like sex, when you repress things which you feel are pleasant… Nobody represses painful things. Have you heard of anybody repressing headaches, heart failures, cancer? Strange world – if you want to be a great saint, renounce all these things. “I renounce headaches, I renounce tuberculosis.”
No religion asks you to renounce any painful experience. They want you to renounce everything that you enjoy.

I was taking a morning walk with a Jaina monk, and I showed him a beautiful roseflower. He would not look at it. And when I said, “It is so beautiful,” he said, “Please, don’t disturb me.”
I said, “I am disturbing you?”
He said, “Because I am a monk, anything pleasant is not allowed for me.”

Certainly the fragrance of the rose is pleasant, the color of the rose is pleasant, the petals’ opening is a miracle. This man cannot see the full moon, this man cannot allow himself to enjoy beautiful music.
Mohammedans have abandoned music: before their mosques you cannot go dancing, singing, playing on instruments; there will immediately be a Hindu–Mohammedan riot. Music is worse than murdering hundreds of people!
You have been told by religions to repress anything that is pleasant. Naturally your mind is obsessed. All that is left to you is pain, misery – have it as much as you like. Your religions are really very compassionate to you: you can have as much pain as you want. Just avoid pleasure, and in avoiding pleasure much pain is created. Life becomes just a long, stretched-out anguish.
My strategy is diametrically opposite to all religions, although my intention is the same. They wanted you to go beyond pleasure – because there are more blissful experiences but they are beyond pleasure. If you get stuck and glued to pleasure you will never reach to the blissfulness, to the silence of the universe. Their intention and my intention are the same, but our methods are diametrically opposite – and they have failed.
I tell my people to enjoy everything – only renounce pain; avoid pain, there is no need. If you have a headache, just a small aspirin tablet and it is gone – why suffer unnecessarily? That aspirin has been found by human intelligence, and human intelligence is part of the intelligence of the universe. It has not come from somewhere else; it is our creativity. Why suffer a headache? Why suffer tuberculosis? Why suffer any pain of any kind?
So, basically, renounce pain, destroy pain; and don’t miss any opportunity to enjoy pleasure. And a miracle happens. That’s what has happened to you.
When you enjoy pleasure, there is a point where you become fed up with it. How long… Even if you have a beautiful woman like Cleopatra or Amrapali, just get married…

Mulla Nasruddin and his wife had gone to see a picture. Mulla was very reluctant because even if the picture is good, the wife is sitting by your side. She is such a pain in the neck that you cannot enjoy it, no aspirin helps. Against the pain in the neck that a wife creates, medical science has failed – up to now they have not been able to come up with anything.
So he was reluctant. He wanted to go to the picture; he had been planning to go, but his wife suddenly gave him the news that she had bought two tickets. He said, “My God, she has spoiled a chance to sit with somebody else’s wife.” He had been thinking and planning and enjoying, but this chance was also gone. So he had to go.
The picture was beautiful, everybody was enjoying it except Mulla Nasruddin, who was sitting so seriously, so saintlike, as if he were sitting in a church.
The wife asked him once or twice, “Why you are sitting so silently?”
He said, “I don’t see much in it. I know this man, the hero in the picture – he is such a nasty fellow. And he is kissing that woman! It is good that I have not brought my gun with me; otherwise I would have shot this fellow: ‘Somebody else’s wife, and you are kissing her publicly!’”
The wife said, “Are you mad? This is just a film on the screen and you were thinking of bringing your gun? And moreover, you are wrong! That woman is not anybody else’s woman, that woman is that same man’s woman. They are wife and husband in real life also.”
He said, “My God, that means they both need to be shot. This is too much. His own wife and he is kissing her so joyously? Such a cunning fellow, a hypocrite. I was thinking it was somebody else’s woman. That would be acceptable, okay, but his own wife. My god, he is really an actor! But I am not going to let them get away with it. And what do you think, that I will shoot them here on the screen? Just let me get home and I will take the gun and go directly – I know their house – and shoot both these fellows, because they are spreading such lies in the society.”

You are bound to get fed up with everything. Enjoy all the pleasures, and soon they will lose their attraction. Slowly, slowly you will start moving beyond them and looking for something more in life.
Your religions have stopped you from looking for something more in life because they taught you to repress, and you are stuck.
My whole effort is that all the pleasures of life should be made available to man. My own calculation is, that after each seven years life goes through a completion of a circle, and a change. The first seven years are of childhood, innocence, playfulness, trust; life is certainly golden. Memories of those days haunt people to the very end, because never again in their lives, are they able to manage to find something better.
The next seven years are the maturing of sex energy. At the age of fourteen, one is sexually mature – the mind starts functioning in a totally different way; the body starts functioning in a totally different way. Fourteen is the biological age for man: he is now able to produce children. As far as biology is concerned, man has come of age.
That’s why the psychological age of humanity remains at fourteen: because now biology takes no interest in your psychological development unless you yourself are interested. Nature has brought you up to that point for its own purposes, for reproduction; its work is done. It is now only up to you if you want to be a seeker, to grow psychologically, to grow in your awareness. If you want a spiritual experience then everything is left to you; now it is up to you. Nature has ended its work. And because nature has stopped, ninety-nine point nine percent of people stop with nature. They were not evolving, it was the push of nature that brought them up to the age of fourteen.
From fourteen to twenty-one man has the greatest sexual power, he reaches to the climax. And the problem society has created is that nature brings the climax of sexuality between fourteen and twenty-one, but the society wants you to study in the university up to the age of twenty-five, or twenty-seven if you are going to become a PhD. But by that time, after the twenty-first year, sexuality starts declining. People get married nearabout the age of thirty in the advanced countries. That is the wrong time to be married – your energy is declining. Marriage gives no satisfaction and it creates a thousand and one complexities, conflicts.
By the age of twenty-eight, you have come to a point where your sexual energies are at their lowest. At this age, and afterward, you cannot have sexual orgasm, you can have only sexual ejaculation – and those two things are totally different. Ejaculation is just like a sneeze: you were full of a certain quantity of semen that has to be thrown out of the body. Because the body is creating new semen and you have only a certain capacity to contain it, it has to be thrown out, but you don’t have any orgasmic experience.
So your scriptures and your monks and your saints appear to be right, that you are unnecessarily wasting your energy. You feel weak, you feel the hangover the next day. You feel that it is unnecessary, and for this unnecessary thing you have to go through so much trouble – earning a livelihood for yourself, your wife, your children, because children are produced even without orgasmic experiences.
By the time you are thirty-five, if you have not been repressive you are finished; you are completely fed up. You start withdrawing all your desires, longings, ambitions.
Forty-two is the time… It is as important as fourteen.
The story of pleasures – physical, biological, psychological – begins at fourteen, and if nobody interferes and you are allowed to experience them, at the age of forty-two you will be naturally free of all kinds of bondage. It does not mean that you will escape from the world. It simply means that your wife will become your friend, your husband will become your friend. You will both understand that it was a certain biological force, which is spent, and now there is no need to harass each other unnecessarily. Now it is better, rather than harassing, to sit in meditation.
And I am saying this: if everything goes naturally, then reaching the age of forty-two will automatically bring a tremendous change in your life. You will remain in the world but absolutely unattached. This is true renunciation – no obsession, nothing repressed. The heart is clean; there is no garbage inside.
But if you are intelligent and you live in an intelligent society, one need not wait for forty-two – because nature moves slowly. And we have been forcing man and women to live apart. If by the age of fourteen we allow boys and girls to come closer, we teach them birth-control methods, we allow them to enjoy… And that is the time when they will enjoy the most, because they have the energy. And all other enjoyments are connected with your sexual enjoyment. If your sex is starved, then everything else becomes disturbed.
For example, if somebody’s sex is not fulfilled, he may start eating too much. It is now a well-established fact that after marriage, women start becoming fat. Not before marriage: strange. It is just that once they get married there is no problem; they have got a lifelong servant. Now they can eat and rest, and they start becoming fat. And the fatter they are, the more their husbands start looking at other women. The more the husbands look at other women, the more they eat – because eating becomes a substitute; they are very much associated. Life begins with sex, but life remains because of food, so sex and food are both associated with keeping life in existence.
And it is strange – why don’t you feel attracted to a fat woman, why are you not attracted to a fat man? There must be some basic reason, and the reason is that the fat man is showing clearly by his fatness that he has replaced sex with food. He is no longer interested in sex; he is interested in food. The fat woman is saying she is not interested in sex; her fatness is a signboard: “Keep off!” – she is going toward the fridge.
If society is intelligently arranged and we give a chance to young people to live their lives as fully as possible, there is no need to wait for forty-two years. Perhaps by the time they are thirty they may be ready, without any repression, to go beyond. And you can go beyond only if you are not repressed.
If you are repressed, you are pulled down. Your repressed feelings are like anchors: they go on keeping you down. And you can’t see them, they don’t appear on the surface; they are down in the water. But if you don’t have anything repressed and you have never listened to any kind of inhibitory principles and theologies – you have simply lived a natural life, uninhibited – by the age of thirty or even before it… It will depend on your intelligence. The more intelligent you are, the earlier you will become fed up.
And this is not renouncing; you are not escaping, you are simply finished. You are not escaping from pleasures – now they are no longer pleasures, there is no question of escape. This gives you such a weightless feeling that you can look beyond. Then there is nothing in this mundane life that can hold you back. You have lived it out.
This has been the experience of my sannyasins, particularly in the commune where five thousand people had been with me for five years. They had no idea what my intentions were. They had come there to enjoy; they had heard that I teach people to live life totally and intensely, without inhibition. The young people had come there not knowing my design, but within two years, three years’ time it became clear to them that something strange was happening: they had come to enjoy; now those pleasures didn’t look like pleasures.
The first to report to me were women: “It is a strange place. Everywhere in the world men are running after women. Here in your commune, we women have to run after the men – and men are running so fast! In the outer world women also run, but they don’t run so fast. They don’t really want to run, it is just a game. They run in such a way that they can be caught. But here, your men run in such a way that it is impossible to catch up.”
In the first place, women are not naturally trained to run after men; they are doing something unnatural. They want men to chase them, but nobody chases them. They stand there in the marketplace and nobody looks at them. They go on talking by the side, about great things – esoteric, occult, spiritual. How long can you stand there?
Finally the women started chasing. I suggested to them, “Don’t wait; they won’t start chasing you. This is a totally different place. You start chasing them.”
Then they reported, “We chased them. We have been chased before, but we always allowed ourselves to be caught. But these fellows simply run away, and you never see them again or where they have gone. They don’t stop to look back, they are so much afraid.”
It was the old story repeated millions of times by millions of people: every day the husband will come and the wife will turn to the other side and say, “My head is hurting. Don’t disturb me, just go to sleep.”
In the commune the women started coming to me and saying, “We had never heard of men turning to the other side and saying, ‘I have such a headache, you just leave me alone. Go to sleep, or anywhere you want, but leave me alone’ – and they are absolutely lying. But what to do when somebody says that? We also used to lie, but then the men used to persuade us and we used to be persuaded. But these men don’t know how to be persuaded. They really maintain that they have a headache! They don’t have one. What is happening?”
I said, “Nothing is happening. Soon it will happen to you too, but it will happen to you a little later than men” – because there are physiological differences between men and women. A few things happen later to women. For example death happens five years later to women than to men, and that can be a criterion.
Meditation is a self-willed death. So there will be a five-year gap: men will become bored five years earlier than women. Women will try for five years more and then, seeing that the whole thing is useless, it is better to meditate. That five-year gap is bound to be there, because it is built into their life pattern.
But the commune, which was known all over the world as a “free-sex commune,” was the least sexual place in the world. Men came into contact with so many women, women came into contact with so many men, that the old idea that “Perhaps this man that you have got is wrong,” that “Everybody seems like a hero and this stupid guy that you have got is just a mouse, not even a man,” so that the desire remains that perhaps with somebody else… One thing is certain: that you were not made for this man; neither was this man made for you. It is something wrong, some accident that you are caught up with each other. So both are looking for somebody who is made for them.
Nobody is made for anybody. But it takes a little time. A few women in your life, few men in your life – then you understand that it is the same game. Faces change, bodies change, but the game remains the same – and a boring game! Not only boring, but if you keep all the lights on, then disgusting too.
Strange type of thing… Just this game of sex is enough proof that no God has created man, because if this is what God has created then he seems to be really a rascal. Some better arrangement could have been made. But this is the arrangement – that everybody feels ashamed of it, that people go in the dark, turn the light off.
I have loved a beautiful story:

One couple from the Earth reached another planet, Mars, and of course they met people. The first couple they met, they invited them into their house. And it is very natural, because life is the most important thing, they were interested in how children were produced on Mars, because they were getting fed up with the way they are being produced on the Earth: it seems like such a bullock cart method – no improvement, absolutely unintelligent.
As they went on talking soon they came to the topic, and the couple from the Earth asked, “How do you create babies?”
They said, “Very simple. On Mars, it is such a simple thing.”
They said, “Can we see?” – fearing, and a little shaky also, that God knows what type of thing they are going to see now, and wondering whether it was right to ask.
But the Martian couple said yes, and the woman ran to the fridge, opened the fridge, brought out two bottles. The couple from the Earth could not understand what was going on. And in a third bottle she poured some liquid from one bottle, some liquid from the other bottle – some red liquid, some green liquid, looked at the bottle – “Right proportion” – went, put it into the fridge and said, “After nine months we will get the child.”
They said, “My God, this is so intelligent, and so spiritual!”
And now it was their chance: the Martians asked, “How do you produce children?”
They felt very ashamed. They said, “You have to forgive us, but this is the only way we do it there; we have never heard of this new method that you are using. But there is no harm – because we are alone here, there are no other Earth people.” So they undressed.
The Martians started laughing, “What are you doing, going to have a sunbath or what?”
They said, “Just wait.”
So they waited with great curiosity: “What is happening? The woman lying down, and the man doing pushups.” And they said, “Is it some kind of Yoga? So much trouble, and the man is perspiring and huffing and whuffing, and the woman is lying down dead, with closed eyes. What is… And you think this is pleasure? Then what is pain?”
And they said, “Now, for nine months the baby will be in the woman’s belly.”
They said, “My God, now she has to carry the baby for nine months in the belly? And then…?”
They said, “Then there is more difficulty: the baby has to come out of the belly.”
The Martians said, “Don’t spread such ugly ideas to this planet. You please go back. If some idiots get the idea and start doing such things our whole serenity and silence will be disturbed. But one thing is strange, and before you leave we would like to ask you – what was your feeling about our method of creating babies?”
They said, “Our feeling? We make instant coffee that way.”
The Martians said, “My God, and what you are doing is the way we make instant coffee, so there is not much difference. Our saints are very much against instant coffee, and they condemn it: ‘Never make instant coffee.’ And our monks take a vow not to make instant coffee, and they go into the monasteries and they never make instant coffee. But this is strange, that it is the same method, exactly. For instant coffee it seems good, but for making children? Nine months waiting, the woman suffering, it seems to be arduous for the poor woman.”

The more intelligent you are, the more availability of experiences you have, the sooner you will see that this cannot be the meaning of life. All these pleasures – sexual or nonsexual – pale, and finally create boredom. And life cannot be just to create boredom. There must be something more.
So your question is perfectly right. You are not moving in any wrong direction; it is absolutely right. If things change on their own accord, smoothly, without repression, without any effort on your part but just your understanding, no repression of any kind, then if you drop all your pleasures of life it is perfectly right, because along with dropping all those pleasures you will be dropping all pain – they are together. And by going above pain, pleasure, you will find in yourself for the first time something of bliss, something of benediction, something of eternal beauty, immortal life – something that you can never be bored with. The deeper you go into it, the more and more interesting, the more and more blissful it becomes.
Gautam Buddha is reported to have said: The worldly experiences are sweet in the beginning but very bitter in the end; and the other-worldly experiences may be a little bitter in the beginning, but are always tremendously sweet in the end, and forever. Their sweetness goes on deepening.

Being near you, I feel very centered, silent and straight. Why is it so? Is it because of the greed to achieve something, or is it a part of your blessings? Please explain.
It is neither. If it was greed to achieve something, you could not have felt the silence, the blissfulness that you are feeling. And it is not due to my blessings, because there are people who sometimes insist on coming out of curiosity, and then have to leave in the middle, as you can see. If it were in my hands, if it were my blessings, then anybody who was here would not be able to leave the place. No, it is something else. It is my presence and it is your availability, your openness, your receptivity.
Have you seen the flower called sunflower? It opens its petals in the early morning when the sun is rising, and it is facing toward the sunrise, toward the east. And as the sun goes on moving, the flower also goes on moving. By the evening, when the sun is setting, the flower is facing west, not east; it has gone the whole journey with the sun. And as the sun sets, the flower closes its petals again.
This is actually the relationship between the master and the disciple – the sun and the sunflower.

Is there any significance in a disciple working for the master besides working on himself? Or are they the same?
They are the same. If you are working on yourself, that’s exactly the work of the master – because as you become more and more silent, more and more fragrant, more and more magnetic, you will start spreading the message of the master without any deliberate effort.
I hate missionaries. I don’t want anybody to be a missionary. A missionary is one who is spreading some message but he has not worked upon himself. What he is saying to others is not his own experience.
My sannyasins first have to become what they want to say to others. Their very becoming will be their message. Their very life will be their mission. They will not be missionaries.

A new university and new institutes have been announced to spread your vision. Is every disciple also always a medium to spread the vision of the master?
Certainly. I am against any kind of organization because every organization has proved an enemy of truth, a murderer of love.
I trust in the individual. Each and every sannyasin, alone, is my medium. Each and every sannyasin is connected to me directly.
There is no organization between me and you. There is no priesthood between me and you. So the more empty you become, the more you will be able to receive my vibrations, my heartbeat, my song, the more you will be able to dance in tune with me – and that is the only right way to spread the message because the message is not of language, the message is of being, of experience.
We cannot create catechisms, principles, ten commandments, five mahavratas – we cannot do that. I can only do one thing: to help you to be empty, so that you can radiate me as totally as possible.
And no religion in the past has ever tried to spread its message by word of mouth, individual to individual. They have all been dependent on organizations, churches. And all those churches and organizations have betrayed them because those churches and organizations, sooner or later, start having their own interests. Then the real message is put aside.
I want my message to remain from individual to individual – pure and simple, immediate, without any mediators.

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