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The first thing: you are part of an infinite energy, a wave in an infinite ocean. If you can remember this you never lose energy, because an infinite source is always available. You are just a wave, and deep down the ocean is hidden.

You are born. Who gives you birth? Who gives energy to you to move into the body? Who gives energy to the body to become an automatic, delicate mechanism, an organism? For seventy years or eighty years, or even a hundred years, the body continues being alive. And now scientists say that death is an accident, the body can continue infinitely. Scientists say there is no necessity for death to exist. It exists because we have not been able to use the infinite energy that is around us. So the first thing to remember is:

you are part of an infinite energy. Continuously remember it and feel it. Moving, walking, eating, sleeping — feel you are infinite. This is what the Upanishads say; always feel you are the Brahma, the Eternal. If you can feel this more and more, you will become aware that you are not losing any energy. The source becomes available. You become a vehicle.

Then do whatsoever you want to do. By doing, nobody loses energy. This is one of the fallacies of the human mind that if you do something, you lose energy. No. If you have this idea that doing something I am losing energy, you lose energy, not by doing, but by having the idea. Otherwise, through doing you can gain energy — if you have the idea. If you don’t have any idea, then also no energy is lost. When people are retired they start thinking that now they have less energy so they must rest and relax more; they should not do anything, otherwise their energy is lost. And then they die sooner than they would have died. Statistics say that the life span is reduced by ten years: a person who is working may have lived to seventy; retired, he will die at sixty.

Your body is a dynamo. The more you use it, the more energy from the infinite source is supplied. If you don’t use it there is no need for any new supply. Then by and by the supply stops. Be more active, and you will have more energy. Be less active, and you will lose much energy. Through activity energy is not lost, through activity you renew it. You use the energy, then from the source more energy becomes available.

Look at the trees. The sun rises and from the leaves of the trees water starts evaporating. The moment a leaf starts evaporating water, from the roots new water circulates, because it is a long process. The leaf releases water, then just near the leaf dryness is created. That dryness immediately sucks water from the twig; then the twig is dry, the twig sucks water from its branch. This goes on down to the roots; then the roots suck water from the earth. If the leaves think: If we evaporate water then we will die, we will feel thirsty — then this tree is going to die. Because then new sources will not be available, then the roots will not be able to function. You also have roots into the infinite. When you use energy you suck energy from the infinite. Your roots start working.

A very fallacious idea is in the human mind, that through activity we lose energy. No. The more active, the more energy you will have; the less active, the less energy. And this is true of activity in all directions of life. Love more and you will have more love to give. Become a miser and think, If I love more, then my love will be dissipated, and sooner or later I will not have any love any more, so it is better to preserve it. Then your love will die and you will not be able to love. Love, and more love becomes available; use more and you have more. This is the law of life. You can eat the cake and have it also. Compassion, love, activity, whatsoever the dimension, the same rule applies. Whatsoever you want more of, do the same.

If you want to become an infinite source of love, then go on sharing love as much as you can. Don’t be a miser; only misers lose energy. And we are all misers, that’s why we always feel dissipated. But the idea can be dangerous, poisonous. If you have an idea, that idea works. Mind works through hypnosis.

For example, just a few decades ago, all over the world it was taught that you have a limited quota of sexual energy. You make love, energy is lost. That idea created sexual misers all over the world. The whole idea is fallacious. But if you have the idea in your mind, then whenever you make love you are continuously hypnotizing yourself that you are losing energy. Then energy is wasted. This idea becomes imprinted in your mind. And when you make love you are so vulnerable, so receptive, you are so soft, so to speak, that whatsoever you are thinking goes deep into you. And then the consequences follow; you feel dissipated, you feel your energy is lost. And when you feel dissipated and energy is lost, the old idea is strengthened still more. This becomes a vicious circle.

Now scientists, biologists say that sex is infinite energy. You cannot lose it, because every day it is being created by your food, by your breathing, by your activity; it is created. It is not a stored thing so that when you take a particular quantity out that much is lost, you now have less. It is not that way. It is not something stored there. It is being created every moment. If you don’t use it, it goes stale and dead. If you don’t use it, it will make you stale and dead. Then the flow has stopped. But if you go on flowing, more and more becomes available to you.

Jesus says somewhere — one of the most foundational things — he says: If you try to cling to life, you will lose it; and if you are ready to lose it, you will have it in abundance.

All over the world up to this century children were taught that any leakage of semen in any way is very destructive: You may go mad, you may become crippled; at least your intelligence will be less; and the possibility of becoming crazy and eccentric and weak will be more. This is absolutely false! But the teaching did make many people crazy, many people weak, many people stupid, mediocre, because the idea…. And this is such a dangerous idea. When a child has grown up and become mature, at the age of fourteen or fifteen, he starts losing semen. He cannot do anything about it. He will masturbate or if morality is too much he will not masturbate, but nocturnal ejaculations will be there; in the night he will lose semen. And all around the propaganda is going on: If you lose semen, everything is lost…Many people go on writing letters to me saying that their lives are wasted because they have lost so much semen, they have lost so much sex energy. That idea is very dangerous, and if an idea is there, the thing will happen. It happens through hypnosis.

Any idea can become a help or a hindrance. It is difficult to live in the no idea. So before you can reach to a mind which is thoughtless — when everything becomes available spontaneously — before that, it is better to have this idea in the mind that you are part of an infinite energy and by doing you are gaining, not losing. By giving you are attaining, not losing.

Love, sex, activity — whatsoever, always remember and be filled with the idea that whenever you give something, from the roots more becomes available to you, more is given to you. God is the giver, the unconditional giver. If you are also a giver, your hands will always be empty and the God can give you more. If you are a miser, your relationship with the divine is cut. Then you live as a small wave, always afraid of losing. Live as the ocean. Be oceanic! Never think of losing, about anything. Nothing is lost, nothing can be lost.

And you are not an individual; you appear only as an individual. The whole is joined to you; you are just a face of the whole, just a way the whole has happened. Don’t be worried about it. It is never going to end. This existence is beginningless and endless.

Enjoy, celebrate, be active, and always be a giver. To be a giver so totally that you never think of retaining and holding anything is the only real prayer. To give is to pray. To give is to love. And those who can give, they are always given more.


This is an excerpt from the transcript of a public discourse by Osho in Buddha Hall, Shree Rajneesh Ashram, Pune. 

Discourse Series: My Way: The Way of the White Clouds

Chapter #8

Chapter title: Only a Ripe Fruit Falls

17 May 1974 am in Buddha Hall


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