From eternity to eternity

Beloved Osho,

When I look at my life, it seems that the first twenty-one years were spent in being programmed for an existence which was not my own. When I began to this programming, energy became available for the search for the truth.

After fourteen years I found you, my master, and ping this search, I received energy to explore the nature of love. Now, another seven years later, I am sharing the joy of your presence in love with a beautiful fellow disciple, and it seems I have nothing left to wish for.

Will these moments of perfect contentment last forever, or are they merely preparation for something else?

There are moments on the path when one feels that this is the end of the journey – not only feels it, but wants it, because it is so tremendously blissful that one cannot conceive that anything more can be possible.

You are at such a moment, and in such a moment the desire is natural that it should remain forever.

But I would like to say to you that you are asking something against yourself, because there is much more to happen. There will always be much more to happen. There will never come a point which can be said to be the full-point. Never think that this moment should last forever because if this moment lasts forever, then what about those beautiful moments that are still unexplored, still ahead?

I would like to tell you a beautiful story.

Rabindranath, one of the greatest poets the world has produced, says in one of his poems that he has been searching for God for thousands of lives. Sometimes he has found his shadow near a faraway star; he has rushed towards the star, but by the time he reached there, God was gone; he was always moving. Sometimes he would see Gods face somewhere far away… and again and again, the same story, although he was coming closer, and each time he was seeing something more. From the shadow… he had started seeing God himself. At first it was only a vague figure. Slowly slowly, he could see the face, the eyes, the smile… he was coming closer and closer and closer.

And one day he came across a house, a beautiful golden house with a plate on the door saying: This is the House of God. He was immensely joyful. Thousands of lives journey, so much trouble, so much arduous, tedious… but finally he had made it. You could feel his joy – he danced, and then he went up four steps to knock on the door.

Just as he was going to knock on the door, an idea came to his mind: “If this is really the house of God and he opens the door, then what am I going to do? All I know is searching, seeking, journeying. I have become an expert in millions of lives, an expert in seeking and searching. What am I going to do sitting in this house for eternity? It may be made of gold, but this is dangerous. It is entering into your own grave, life is finished. You have met God – what more do you want? Now there is no challenge, nothing to explore, nowhere to go. Everything is finished; it is simply death.”

He became so afraid that he took his shoes off his feet so that no noise would be made, because who knows? – just a noise on the steps and God might open the door… although he had not knocked. And God will say, “Where are you going? Come in.” And then he ran away.

And in the poem he says, “Since then I have been running.And people ask me, ‘Where are you going?’ and I say ‘I am searching for God’. And I know where he is. This is one good thing about it,” he says, “that now I know where he is so I avoid that place. And the whole universe is available for me. God is in his house, and the whole universe, with all its beauty and all its joy and all its journey, is available to me. I dont look in that direction and I am not going to enter that house.”

His poem has a tremendous insight.

There is no end, because every end will be death. And life knows no death; it goes on and on and on.

So this is simply a preparation; it is always a preparation for a new journey.

You can have a little rest, but remember:

It is just an overnight stay in a caravanserai.

In the morning we have to go, so rest well, be ready.

As the sun rises, our journey starts again.

Life is from eternity to eternity.

Osho, The Osho Upanishad, Ch 37, Q 2

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