The Great Zen Master Ta Hui 19

Nineteenth Discourse from the series of 38 discourses - The Great Zen Master Ta Hui by Osho.
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Present Awareness and Comparative Awareness

Yen T’ou said, “In the future, if you want to propagate the great teaching, it must flow out point by point from within your own breast to cover heaven and earth: only then will it be the action of a man of power.” That which flows out from one’s own breast, as he calls it, is one’s own beginningless present awareness, fundamentally complete of itself. As soon as you arouse a second thought, you fall into thinking. Awareness is something from before your parents were born.
This affair is not a matter of intelligence or acuity. Actually, it’s just an abrupt bursting out that’s the criterion. As soon as you’ve attained this scene, then whatever words you have, they’re established. When where they’re established is real, this is the so-called “flowing out from within one’s own breast to cover heaven and earth.”
Truth can never be a missionary, but only a heart-to-heart message – not to convert the other, but just to share your abundance of love, compassion, blissfulness.
This has to be remembered: a missionary is one of the ugliest persons in the world. He himself knows nothing; his heart is empty, but his head is full. He has read, he has studied…but all the words which are written, howsoever significant, are dead corpses. The scholar is a gravedigger. He brings out skeletons, and he lives among skeletons.
There is a psychological problem: the man who has not known the truth wants to convince himself that he knows it, and the only way to convince himself that he knows it is to start converting people. It is a feedback system. As more and more people become impressed by his words, by his philosophy, the ultimate outcome is that he becomes convinced that he must have the truth, because so many people could not be idiots.
I have heard…

Once it happened – it very rarely happens, just once in a billion years – that a journalist reached to the gate of heaven. A journalist, by his very profession, is already booked for hell, but there are always accidents….
A journalist knocked on the doors of heaven, and Saint Peter opened the door. But seeing the journalist he said, “Forgive me, we have a quota of only twelve journalists, and it has been full since eternity. Even they are absolutely useless here, because nothing happens in heaven – no murder, no rape, no robbing, no suicide. So only the first issue of our newspaper was ever published, and that remains relevant forever” …because good people don’t have stories. To have stories you need bad people. It is unfortunate, but that is how it is.
The saints go on sitting in silence. Now, silence is not news; unless there is a riot, a massacre, a war, nuclear weapons, Ronald Reagan, there is no news. Bernard Shaw has defined news: when a dog bites a man it is not news, but when a man bites a dog, it is news. All politicians are news – they are men biting the dog.
But in heaven there is no place for politicians. St. Peter said to the journalist, “So forgive me, you will have to go to the other door, which is just opposite. There are only two places, not many alternatives to choose from…”
But you know, journalists are very stubborn people. He insisted, “At least give me twenty-four hours, just to look around. And after twenty-four hours, if you have some place vacant, you can allow me to remain. Otherwise I will be gone.”
It was not asking too much, so Saint Peter said, “For twenty-four hours you can be in heaven.” And immediately the journalist started a rumor that in hell a great new daily newspaper is going to start, and they need a chief editor, they need an editorial board, they need assistant editors, they need all kinds of journalists. Rumor for the journalist is just like water for a fish: he lives in rumors, in lies, in all kinds of things which are not in any way true, but have a quality of sensationalism.
There was great commotion, particularly among the twelve journalists. They were tired of heaven, they were tired of dead saints…. Saints can’t have any life, because all religions have condemned life. To be a saint, you have to cut your roots from the earth, you have to become a dry bone with no juice in you. The more dead you are, the greater a saint. Any small fragment of life is enough for your fall.
Those twelve journalists were roaming around for centuries among those dead people – but they could not get any news, nothing was happening. When they heard the rumor, they all became so excited. After twenty-four hours, when our journalist reached the gate, Saint Peter did not open the gate. He said, “Listen, fellow, now you cannot go out. All the twelve have gone.”
“It seems that in hell they are going to start a very big newspaper on a great scale,” the journalist said, “and I don’t want to stay here.” Although he knows he has created the rumor, now the suspicion arises that if so many people believe it – and even Saint Peter believes it – there must be some truth in it.

A missionary is in search of converts, so that he can be convinced that he has the truth. His search for converts is really a psychological need of his own. He is feeling empty and hollow, but if he can manage a few people…which is always possible.
There are people who are in need of a father figure; they themselves feel afraid in life, helpless. Life seems to be too big, unmanageable, that’s why they have created a father in God in heaven. But it is so far…and still no phone connection is available, except to a few very cunning people like the pope, Ayatollah Khomeini, the Shankaracharya of India – these people have direct lines, invisible. But for the common person, there is no way to communicate; he needs a more visible, more tangible person who can take the place of the father.
Only a very few people in the world grow and mature; most remain children, and they need a father to protect them. It is not coincidental that Catholic priests are called fathers. But they don’t have wives, they don’t have children – I always wonder how they have become fathers.
These Catholics are strange people: they believe in the Virgin Mary, who gives birth to Jesus Christ without any contact with any human being, and becomes a mother without a father. There are these millions of Catholic fathers, and they don’t have wives, they don’t have children. Catholicism is really mysterious.
But to call them “father” indicates that inside you is a need for a protective figure. You have been brought up by your father: he was always a protection, a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom. In your eyes he was the greatest man in the world, and you could relax and depend on him. Now the father may be dead.
Physically you have grown older, but psychologically the average man is less than thirteen years of age, and that child is hankering for protection. Without protection in this vast universe – unknown, unpredictable, full of all kinds of diseases, sicknesses, and finally death – a man is bound to be deeply afraid.

I used to stay in a house, and the woman of the house said to me, “We have a problem with our child.” They did not have a bathroom attached to their bedroom; they were old-fashioned people, and they had outhouses far away from the house, at the back. The child was absolutely insistent that when he went in the night to the toilet, the mother or father had to follow him, the doors had to be kept open, and they had to stand there, otherwise he would feel very much afraid.
I said to him, “Why don’t you do one thing: you are harassing your mother and father, and a simple solution is possible.”
He said, “I am willing. Just tell me, what is the solution?”
I said, “You can carry a lamp with you, or a torch.” He laughed. I said, “Why are you laughing?”
He said, “In the darkness somehow I can manage to escape from all the ghosts, but with a lamp they will immediately see where I am. You are suggesting a great idea, but I will be caught immediately. I cannot follow this idea. Even if I have to go in darkness, I am willing, because in the darkness I can dodge them. But with a lamp they all will be able to see where I am, and they all will jump on me.”

A father is needed. A missionary fulfills some psychologically sick needs of humanity. He is not interested in giving you the truth; he does not have it in the first place.
It is very much a mutual conspiracy: you are feeling happy that you have somebody to protect you, a mediator between you and the invisible god, and the missionary is feeling good that so many people believe in his truth – “They cannot be wrong. I alone can be wrong, but a multitude of people, the whole congregation of the church, cannot be wrong. It must be that I have the truth.” So this is a mutual, unconscious arrangement.
Ta Hui is saying something tremendously important. If you want to give the message to people about the great truth, the truth of enlightenment, remember one thing: it should not come from your head, it should not be intellectual jargon. You will be so full of it in your heart that it starts overflowing.
Then you are not the giver, and you don’t have to brag that you have converted so many people. You are not the converter; it is truth itself which is creating the magic of transformation. You are simply a vehicle.
But the first thing for you is to be filled with truth, filled with light, filled with fragrance, so that you can share it. In fact, you have to become a rain cloud which becomes heavy with rain and wants to shower. You have to become so heavy with your ultimate experience of freedom, of joy, of blissfulness, of truth, that you want to rain, just like a rain cloud.
This is a very significant message and it must have come to Ta Hui as an experience. He was an intellectual, and we are watching a great transformation: an intellectual being transformed slowly, slowly into an enlightened human being. We are watching the birth of a great buddha, the great awakened one.
The first sutra:
Yen T’ou said, “In the future, if you want to propagate the great teaching, it must flow out point by point from within your own breast to cover heaven and earth: only then will it be the action of a man of power.”
Yen T’ou is saying that not only is your heart full, it will be so full that it starts radiating in all directions; the whole sky becomes filled with your flavor, with your charisma, with your presence. Those who have eyes will see it, those who have ears will hear it, those who have hearts will feel it, those who have beings, alert and aware, will immediately experience it…and be transformed, transmuted, into a totally new being – beyond misery, beyond suffering, beyond agonies – into a world of ecstasy.
You will be so full that the earth and the sky both become filled with your experience, filled with your light, filled with your energy, filled with your radiation.
Yen T’ou is right: In the future, if you want to propagate, don’t become a missionary. It is a human weakness to pretend that you are knowledgeable. It is a subtle way of humiliating people: you know, and they don’t know. So even if you have got only a little intellectual understanding, you immediately start propagating it because it gives great nourishment for your ego. You start becoming the knower, and everybody else is ignorant.
In fact, you are falling into a great ditch. It is better to be ignorant than to be an egoist, because ignorance is natural and can be transformed into innocence very easily. But ego is a perversion: it is very difficult for the egoistic person to understand anything that demands the demolition of ego. Ego is his only treasure; he knows nothing else in the world except his prestige, respectability, knowledgeability, honor.
…if you want to propagate…it is not necessary that you propagate. There have been millions of mystics around the world, down the ages, who have decided not to propagate. I cannot say that they are absolutely wrong; they are ninety-nine percent right.
They have decided not to propagate because there is no way to explain to you something which you have not experienced. If you have experienced it, there is no need to explain it to you. Their logic is clear. In the East these mystics have been called arhatas. They attain to the ultimate enlightenment and remain silent. If somebody comes to drink out of their well he is welcome, but they do not make any effort on their own to reach people.
Only a few people have decided in favor of the one percent possibility: in Buddhism they are called bodhisattvas. They have decided… It may not be possible to reach to the people’s hearts; they are so closed, they have already chosen…somebody is a Christian, somebody is a Hindu, somebody is a Mohammedan, somebody is a Buddhist. They have already chosen without knowing anything. Their minds are prejudiced and polluted, and these prejudices are functioning like walls around them. They don’t allow anything new to enter in.
But perhaps once in a while you can find a small crack in the wall, and if a person is a seeker, a searcher, open to encounter any truth, then there is a possibility that if you have the truth, his heart will immediately start beating with your heart. It is a synchronicity. Suddenly he will become aware that the man has come for whom he has been waiting and waiting for many lives.
It will not be an intellectual conviction, because you have not even spoken. It will be a subtle, invisible transfer – a transmission of the lamp. The other person just has to be open. You cannot force anybody to be open; the more you try to force, the more closed he will become. It is absolutely in his own hands to be open and vulnerable, to be available just like a womb and to give birth to himself into a new space, a new consciousness.
The man of truth can only be a triggering point. That’s why Yen T’ou says, if you want…” If you don’t want, the question does not arise. if you want to propagate the great teaching…” And why is he calling it the great teaching? Why not just teaching?
This is a difference made very clear by Gautam Buddha. Teaching is from the mind; it is a philosophy, a theology, a religion, but it is from the mind. Mind is immensely capable of fabricating systems of thought, very logical, very rational – but missing the foundation, the foundation of experience.
The great teaching is that which has arisen out of your experience. Its greatness also is that you don’t have to make any effort to propagate it. Its very presence starts ringing bells in the hearts of those who are worthy to receive it, who have earned some kind of meditativeness, who have earned some kind of silences of the heart…whose ground is ready so that the seed of enlightenment can be sown.
The teaching is just a rational approach to existence, and the great teaching is an experiential approach to existence.
“…to propagate the great teaching, it must flow out point by point from within your own breast to cover heaven and earth: only then will it be the action of a man of power.”
So much is condensed in this small quotation from Yen T’ou. Scriptures can be made out of the commentary, and out of the implications of it.
…it must flow out… You should not make an effort, because your effort will be destroying its beauty, its purity. Your effort means you are not trusting existence and truth. And your hands are very small; your efforts cannot be great enough to transfer the truth.
It has to be a flow, point by point. You have just to be a witness, not an active agent; you have just to see the flow from your heart, and rejoice.
And if it reaches to a few hearts, they become joined in a certain mystical union. That’s what an authentic commune is – where people are joined by an invisible flow of energy, from heart to heart. Then they are separate as individuals, and yet deeply connected with each other…just like a garland of flowers – each flower is individual, but a thin thread, invisible to the eyes, runs through all of them, and makes it a garland.
A gathering of disciples has to be a garland. But it is possible not by any effort, not by any action, but only by a spontaneous flow, and it happens on its own. Just like when the rosebud opens…do you think it makes any effort to spread its fragrance to the winds? It happens spontaneously. It is something absolutely natural.
Once your heart has become a roseflower and has opened its buds, then the fragrance starts reaching in all directions. This is the right way of sending messages to those who are worthy of receiving them, and only then will it be the action of a man of power. This has to be understood.
Ordinarily you think a man of power must be a president of a country, or a prime minister, or a great general, or a man like Alexander the Great. Your idea of power is always power over others; it is inhuman and ugly from the very start.
Nobody has the right to have power over anybody else – neither the husband over the wife, nor the parents over their children, nor any politician over the people. Freedom is our most fundamental right, so that kind of power has to disappear from the world.
That power has created thousands of wars, and that power has been our undoing. Man has not been able to use this time for his evolution, for a better earth, for a more human society, without demarcations of nations, religions, political ideologies.
All our energy goes into such stupidities! Killing each other seems to be the main purpose of man’s being on the earth. In three thousand years there have been five thousand wars. Anybody watching from another planet will think that humanity has gone mad.
There is one great thinker of our age, Arthur Koestler, who thinks exactly that – that something in the growth of man’s mind has gone wrong: either the nuts and bolts are too tight or too loose. All our energies devoted to destruction…what can be more insane? All these energies can make this earth a paradise, but they are making it only a battlefield.
This meaning of power is not the same meaning as when Yen T’ou uses the word power. In the East we have used the word power – not over others, but over oneself. Conquering your own unconquered areas of consciousness, bringing your potential to its total flowering, will make you immensely powerful – not over anybody, but just a source of power on your own accord.
Power over others is very impotent: just put the president of any country down from his seat, and all power disappears. What kind of world is this? – where chairs are powerful, where chairs are more important than man, where chairs make man powerful, not vice-versa. What will Ronald Reagan be without being a president? – just a senile fellow. What is Richard Nixon? Who cares whether he is alive or dead?
It happened before the Russian Revolution that a man named Kerensky was the prime minister of Russia – a great power. While the revolution was happening he escaped from Russia, and people remained concerned about what happened to him. Perhaps he had been killed – because no footprints could be found, no sign of where he had disappeared to. He simply disappeared into thin air. It was found in 1960 – almost half a century after the revolution – that he was running a grocery store in New York. Of course, under disguise; he was not telling anybody that he had been one of the most powerful men in the world.
Strange…but the mystics know of a different kind of power. Wherever the mystic sits, that place becomes holy, that place becomes full of power. The mystic’s power is not dependent on any votes, it is not dependent on any chair, it is not dependent on any post. The mystic’s power is his own, it is not borrowed.
Every president and every prime minister is just a beggar, begging for votes. I have heard about an American politician who was campaigning for his election. He knocked on a door, and he started kissing every child – and there were at least twenty children with running noses, but one has to tolerate everything if one wants power. He was feeling very much disgusted with the whole affair, but he was smiling – just like the Jimmy Carter smile.
Have you heard anything about Jimmy Carter’s smile? It has disappeared. I have seen his latest photographs, and only one thing is missing – that smile. His smile was from ear to ear…but it was not his smile, it was the chair. With the chair gone, the smile is gone too.
The poor politician kissed all the children and the woman who was standing there, then he said to her, “You have beautiful children. I have come to tell you that your vote should go to me.”
He gave her his card and the woman laughed, saying, “I will think it over. But these are not all my children; I am just a caretaker. Because all the woman of the neighborhood are having a meeting, they have left their children here, and I am just looking after them.”
He said, “My God, why didn’t you say this before? Now I feel even nauseous!…these dirty children, with running noses. I have been kissing them, and their mucous was getting on my face.”
But one has to tolerate…! These beggars become very powerful once they are in the post, but their power is very ugly, inhuman, and brutal.
The power of a mystic has a totally different quality, and a different dimension. His power is not dependent on anybody else. His power is not the power of a beggar; his power is the power of an emperor. His power arises within his own being. He becomes a radiant star.
All mystics are men of great power. To be in contact with them is enough to be thrilled, to be thrilled about the unknown possibilities of your own being. Just to be in the presence of a man of truth is enough; no argument is needed to convince you – his presence is the argument, and his power is the convincing force.
One great Christian missionary, Stanley Jones, used to stay with me whenever he was passing through the place where I was living. He has written beautiful books and he used to give beautiful sermons. Once I told him, “You spoke so beautifully! You were using the same words as Jesus…but I don’t see the power behind them, they are just old gramophone records. The words are the same, but the man behind the words is not the same. You use every effort to make your message emphatic, but you don’t have the power.”
He was a very sincere man, and he said, “Perhaps you are right.”
I said, “Not perhaps, I am right. If you had that power, which Jesus had, you would already have been crucified. It is hilarious that you hang a golden cross around your neck. Jesus did not hang a golden cross around his neck; his neck hung on a wooden cross, a cross so heavy that although he was only thirty-three years old – and the son of a carpenter who was accustomed to carrying big logs from the forest to his father’s workshop – he fell three times, the weight of the cross was so much. Whom are you trying to deceive? Your neck has to be on the cross – not the cross dangling on your neck, a small cross that cannot kill even a mouse.”
That was the crime of Jesus… The whole land of the Jews was full of great scholars, intellectuals, great rabbis, and this single man offended them all. He was not speaking against them, he had not said a single word against any of them. But just his presence, his powerful individuality, was enough to reduce them into pygmies – and all the pygmies joined together to destroy this man.
Pygmies are in the majority in the world, and they have been doing the same down the ages. Socrates they poisoned, because he was a giant. Even today his arguments are so fresh, as fresh as this morning’s roses blossoming in the sun and dancing in the air. They murdered al-Hillaj Mansoor, although what he was saying will remain eternally true. He has only declared a simple fact: “I am God, and you are also God. I know it, you don’t know it. Any moment you can recognize it…”
But the pygmies are feeling very comfortable and cozy in being pygmies. They don’t want to take the risk of becoming giants, because they have seen what happens to giants – crucifixion, poison, murder… They freak out with these ideas. It is better to be a Christian, with one hour’s religion every Sunday; it is better to be a Hindu, it is better to be a Mohammedan. Just belong to a crowd…because you don’t have power, and a man of power stands alone like a lion roaring. He does not need to mix with a crowd.
That which flows out from one’s own breast, as he calls it, is one’s own beginningless present awareness…
What starts flowing, the moment you become aware of your awareness, which is beginningless and endless, which is eternity – as you become aware of your eternal sources of consciousness, inexhaustible, suddenly the flow comes to you without any effort.
You are not a missionary; your very being is the mission. You are not trying to convince anybody by your argument; your very being is the answer, self-evident, needing no proof, no argument.
…fundamentally, complete of itself.
The enlightened being, the awakened soul, is complete in itself. It is not in need of anything from anywhere. This gives the awakened person the possibility to be absolutely free of all bondages, of all chains, of all handcuffs. You can put him in a jail, but you cannot enslave his consciousness. Now he no more identifies himself with the body. He has found his real identity. To identify with the body is to carry a false passport.
But Ta Hui wants you to be aware not to allow a second thought to arise. What is the second thought? When you first feel yourself in deep meditation, you say, “Aha, this is it!” – and you have missed. This sentence you have to remember not to use at any point, because the moment you say, “This is it,” your mind has come in. Mind is the most corrupting force, more poisonous than any cobra. It simply spoils the silence and the meditativeness.
There is a tendency in every mind to try it, so one has to be very aware not to give rise to a second thought. Just be alert, just be aware, just be conscious, just be meditative…but there is no need to reflect about it, or to make a statement about it, or even within yourself to say, “I have arrived.”
As soon as you arouse a second thought, you fall into thinking. Awareness is something from before your parents were born.
Jesus was asked, “Who do you think you are? You are just a young man, and the land of Judea has old learned rabbis who have devoted their whole life to looking into the scriptures. Who do you think you are? You don’t even have any education, you can’t read, you can’t write, and you are too young to be wise.”
And the answer of Jesus is one of the most tremendous answers which has ever been given. He said, “I have been before Abraham was.” Abraham is the oldest name in the genealogy of the Jews. “I was before Abraham was.” This is a statement of power and self-realization. He is saying, “I am beginningless. Don’t look at my body – it may be young, but I am eternal.”
This affair is not a matter of intelligence or acuity. Actually, it is just an abrupt bursting out, that is the criterion.
Ta Hui has come a long, long way. In the beginning, when he was just an intellectual, he was laughing at sudden enlightenment. How can enlightenment be sudden? In existence everything is gradual…. A tree grows gradually, a man grows gradually. It is not that there was nothing and suddenly a rosebush appears – complete, with the flowers and the fragrance. Existence does not believe in suddenness. It is a gradual process. Intellectually, it seems to be perfectly right.
But now he is saying that this is the criterion of whether your enlightenment is true or not: …it is just an abrupt bursting out, that is the criterion – a sudden illumination, just like a bolt of lightning. Now he is speaking from his own experience. As far as mind is concerned, it can observe that everything everywhere grows gradually, so why should there be this exception – that enlightenment is sudden?
The reason is clear: enlightenment is not something that is growing in you; it is something that is already complete, just waiting. It has been complete forever, from the very beginning. You have just to look at it – a one hundred and eighty-degree turn.
You will not find a small plant of enlightenment growing slowly, leaf by leaf, branch by branch. No, you will see the whole complete illumination – because it is your nature, because it is already there, because it has been there forever. It is just that you were not looking at it; you were standing with your back toward it.
And it cannot grow – it is complete, it is entire, it is as it should be. The only new thing that is going to happen is not to enlightenment, but to you. You were not aware of it; now you have seen it, now you are aware of it.
And this awareness of yours, is also sudden. You cannot see the enlightenment of your being gradually, piece by piece – one day you see a little enlightenment, then another day you see a little more, and so on it goes. Once you have seen just a little part of it, you will be pulled completely inward to recognize its totality.
It is very easy, as far as awakening is concerned, to know when a man is only talking intellectually or is talking existentially. Now Ta Hui is talking existentially. It has not only been a great pilgrimage for him, it has been also a great pilgrimage for you all. Seeing how intellect is capable of turning into enlightenment, how an ordinary mind can change into no-mind, how a mortal can become immortal – it is your story.
Ta Hui is coming to the very end of his pilgrimage. You may be far away from the destination, but Ta Hui’s progress will give you tremendous encouragement, however far away you are. He was also very far away, and if he can manage, there is no reason why you cannot manage!
As soon as you have attained this scene…
Just look at the words, how they change. The intellectual cannot say this; it is just out of his possibilities. He can talk about concepts, he can talk about hypotheses, he can talk about ideologies, but Ta Hui is saying, As soon as you have attained this scene… It is only a scene: it was already there – you were just not seeing it. Now you have opened your eyes and seen it.

I have heard about a small child who saw the Catholic priest coming by, and he ran to him and said, “Father, my dog has given birth to six small kids. And why I am so excited is because they are all Catholics.”
The father said, “That’s very good.”
After three weeks, the father was coming and he saw the boy sitting on his steps crying. He said, “What happened? What happened to your six Catholics?”
He said, “That is why I am crying. Their eyes are now open, and they are no longer Catholics.”

To be a Catholic or to be a Hindu or to be a Mohammedan, your eyes need to be closed, but to be enlightened your eyes need to be open. It is a scene…the most beautiful scene that you can ever see, or can conceive.
As soon as you have attained this scene, then whatever words you have, they are established.
Out of an awakened consciousness, each word is on fire, each word is alive, each word is established. It does not need any support of scriptures, and it does not need any support of anybody else in the world. It is its own authority – that is the meaning of its being established.
When where they are established is real, this is the so-called “flowing out from within one’s own breast to cover heaven and earth.”
When you are established in truth, you will fill the whole cosmos with your truth, with your ecstasy, with your fragrance. And wherever there are people who are sensitive, they will start searching for the man who has attained the power, and whose words have become established.
Now, you are here from almost every country of the world. Every government is against me, every government is trying to prevent people reaching here. The government of India is trying to prevent journalists, scholars, professors, all kinds of other news media, from reaching here. They are asking every tourist, “For what reason are you going to India?” Just a little suspicion that they are going to meditate, and their application is rejected.
It should be counted as one of the most wonderful things…because meditators have always come to India from all over the world, down the ages. It has been the land of the mystics and the buddhas and the Jainas. Its only contribution to the world is meditation. But this is not a small contribution; it is the greatest contribution possible.
Now the people – the so-called political leaders – who don’t know anything about meditation, are ready to give visas to visit the Taj Mahal, Khajuraho, Konarak, Ajanta, Ellora. But I have received letters from people saying that “because we said we want to learn meditation, our applications were rejected.” They are not allowing them to come.
When all the governments of the world – the Indian government included – are trying to prevent them, still people are finding ways to come. Something is pulling them. Even if the whole world is against me, it does not matter. The people who have a little sensibility, sensitivity, toward higher states of consciousness are bound to come here.
This is the power Ta Hui is talking about.
I don’t have any power in the ordinary sense, but I have a power within myself. I am full of my own awakening, and I am willing to share it with anybody. I don’t ask whether you are qualified – who cares about qualifications? I have come to an inexhaustible source, so even if unqualified people can be benefited, there is no harm. I am not losing anything.
Qualified, or unqualified, deserving or not deserving… One thing is certain: they have come from far away, from all over the world, and all the governments are trying to prevent them. But something invisible is calling them, and the call is irresistible.
I am not a missionary. I don’t convert you.
I am a mission.
If you come close to me, you will be transformed.
It will not be a conversion – from Hinduism to Mohammedanism, from Mohammedanism to Christianity – that is simply changing the jails.
Ta Hui has given us some beautiful sutras this morning. Allow them to sink deep into your being. They will be of immense help on the path.

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