The 90th birthday of Osho was celebrated by over 400 of his sannyasins and lovers at Osho Dham, Delhi

By India Education Diary Bureau Admin on December 13, 2021

New Delhi  : It is said that there are countries in the world without an Indian embassy but no country without Osho sannyasins. The 90th birthday of Osho was celebrated in Osho centers all over India on December 11th, 2021. His sannyasins and lovers are on the rise.

400 plus sannyasins gathered at Osho Dham, a meditation center 15 kms from Dwarka south west of Delhi to meditate and celebrate their Guru’s birthday. Meditations given by Osho are revolutionary to say the least. Many say they are surgery to the human psyche. This day began with Dynamic meditation at 7 am which is a cathartic meditation consisting of chaotic breathing, catharsis, hammering of HOO mantra on Hara centre and finally silence. This meditation was followed by discourses of Osho, dance music and celebration until lunch time with delicious vegetarian food and winter sunshine. The participants looked blissful relaxing in the lush green environment surrounding the dhyan mandir.

At 3 in the afternoon, the much talked about sale of Osho ashram in Pune was addressed candidly by various speakers.

Ma Dharm Jyoti who has been with Osho since she took sannyas in 1970 explained that since Osho left his body in 1990, the Osho ashram Pune has steadily declined.

Swami Atul Anand, Managing Trustee of Osho World Foundation and caretaker of Osho Dham explained how facts have come to light about serious mismanagement by the trustees in Osho ashram, Pune. These include financial fraud, siphoning of funds, money laundering, editing of Osho books, smuggling of Osho personal items abroad and forging a will by Osho. Further the trustees have even denied the existence of Osho samadhi in the ashram. The final straw on the camel’s back has been the recent attempt to sell the ashram property to Bajaj industries’ Rajiv Bajaj.

Shri Somnath Bharti, the popular MLA of AAP Party from Malviya Nagar, an Osho sannyasin and meditator since long joined the gathering. He expressed pain and grief on hearing of the Pune Ashram trustees’ crimes and misdemeanors.

Somnath ji said, “Every effort should be made to stop a group of people from usurping the intellectual & physical property of the ashram of Osho.”

“Osho initiated people belonging to all religions, caste, color and ethnicity to the path of truth. Hence it is incumbent on each one of us to protect the place where Osho lived, gave discourses, and guided seekers into the life of meditation and celebration. This sacred place needs to be kept intact for generations to come. The ashram must be accessible to all his disciples and lovers and no part of this ashram should be sold off. Furthermore, his videos, books and audio tapes should be made available freely and to prevent them from being tinkered with by the vested interests. This spiritual treasure should be made freely accessible to each human being.”

He added, “as an Indian I am proud that Osho was born in my country and the Indian government is duty bound to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the Pune ashram trustees don’t succeed in their sinister design and they should be held to account for their criminalities.””

The gathering then resolved that they will appeal to Honorable Shree Narendra Modi ji, Prime Minister of India and Honorable Home Minister, Shree Amit Shah to appoint a commission of enquiry into the workings of the trust of Osho Ashram in Pune.

Swami Anand Kul Bhushan, Ex-newspaper editor, a UN media consultant, and a long time Osho disciple drafted a resolution. This was passed unanimously by the gathering. A written copy of the resolution will be sent to the Prime Minister’s office and the Home Minister’s office on Monday, December 13th, 2021.

After the meeting, participants joined the revolutionary Kundalini Meditation.

On this occasion, Osho Dham unveiled an installation called Golden Future made of mild steel. It weighs around 400 Kilograms. This installation signifies the journey of a seeker. As meditation progresses, the disciple passes through many colors which in essence are various stages of inner growth. At the crescendo, the disciple dies as an ego, dissolves into existence and becomes one with the whole. That’s when the golden future emerges.

The high point of the day was Evening Satsang with Osho followed by Sannyas initiation. 25 people took initiation on this day to begin a new life of meditation and celebration- a life of love and awareness.

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