Sw Anand Yatri

Laxmi and your story of her. You managed a touching and detailed account of the lass and it certainly deserves a larger Western audience.

There were two beautiful women who were crucial in Poona ___ Vivek, and Ma Yoga Laxmi Osho told me to follow the latter rather than him.

She really became the “Arrowsmith Woman”, sadly a celibate lover in my life and an endless source of laughter and mischief. We bonded in so many ways from piles to sharing ways of saying “Yes master” and then as she mischievously added “then doing the needful” which was often not what the master had originally asked for.


So reading the effect she had on many of the other people who knew her intimately and you interviewed was a delight and a falling back to those crazy years.


You have managed to catch much of the enigmatic and magical quality of this elvin collossus and both Navyo and I congratulate you for doing so (Navyo helped to look after her on the ranch.)