SUBHASH GHAI (Film-maker)

I met Osho in 1988 with my senior film-maker friend Vijay Anand. Since that time my understanding of the ways of the world and of mankind has matured and evolved. Osho’sthoughts, discourses and books have greatly influenced my movies, my sense of music, poetry, drama and aesthetics. In 1999 I wrote and directed the film Taal; it was both directly and indirectly, consciously and unconsciously pervaded by Osho’s teachings; particularly the idea—‘Rise in love, do not fall in love.’

Osho takes you to a new horizon beyond traditional beliefs. He nourishes the seeker in you and makes you question, debate, explore the universal truth within you. It is no wonder that so many of His people have been transformed by the subtle alchemy of the master–disciple relationship.

In The Only Life, we see how one of Osho’s first disciples, Ma Yoga Laxmi, embodies His vision of Zorba the Buddha, the new man or woman who lives fully both the life of the material world and the life of the spirit. Like all of us she had to pass through dark valleys and strenuous times to arrive at the sunlit summit. The author and disciple of Osho, Swami Deva Rashid Maxwell shows how, through meditation and engagement with life, harmony, wisdom and loving kindness arose in her, qualities the world needs urgently. This is a story for our times.