This is a remarkable book … and I do not write as an Osho disciple. It is the vivid account of the life of Laxmi who was, perhaps, Osho’s most devoted disciple and administrator of his ashram in Poona during the early years. There is a very strong narrative drive to the story: you wonder what is going to happen to this small, intensely attractive and dynamic woman as the story of these turbulent years unfolds. Rashid Maxwell was obviously a witness and participator but he resists the temptation of making it his personal memoir. Nor is it an objective account, but somewhere in between. Passionately (and compassionately) he allows evocations of Osho’s teaching and spiritual presence to permeate the story; Laxmi’s life then becomes both the foil to and exemplar of the teaching. The essential values of meditation, selfless love and individual freedom are the background to writing that is always colourful, direct and fast moving. I found myself re-examining my own life and values while reading it