Swami Swatantra Sarjano

Sarjano Rome 600x803Sarjano was born Carlo Silvestro in Pordenone, Italy, in 1943 and was reborn in India through his Master Osho in 1978 and given a new name: Swatantra (meaning freedom) Sarjano (meaning creativity). The name given by his Master sums up his character and his intense life.

In his initiation darshan (in Don’t Bite My Finger, Look Where I’m Pointing, Ch 2 – see below) Osho says, “Freedom is true only if it creates. Creativity is the indication of a true freedom, and creation is true only if it comes out of freedom. Creativity without freedom is not true creativity, it is imitation, it is borrowed. It can be very skillful, it can be technically perfect, but something essential will be missing in it: the soul will be missing.”

Sarjano was a creative person throughout his whole life, enjoying a space of total freedom, outside the box. A rebel, non-conformist, histrionic artist, photographer, cook, writer… Sarjano was one of the lions who dared to stand by the Master with intensity and sincerity.

He often confronted Osho in public with his borderline-decent questions and received an avalanche of love as well as Zen thrashings from the Master.

Sarjano and I arrived in Pune around the same time, in early 1978, coming from the same background of politicised rebels who had sought in revolution an alternative to the society of the sixties and seventies. He in the artistic field, I in the medical field.

In 1972 he had met Allen Ginsberg in Rome and others from the Beatnik generation, wrote poems and articles and published the first alternative newspaper in those years, NO.

Before he landed at the feet of the Master, he had already created the first commune in Italy of flower children – naked, free and happy – in Terrasini in the province of Palermo, Sicily.

His journalistic career had begun in the 1960s when he wrote for glossies the likes of Ciao 2001, Epoca, Oggi, Gente, Anna. He collaborated with the most important mainstream Italian magazines of the time, including Famiglia Cristiana.

However, after arriving in Pune in the Master’s commune, he devoted himself exclusively to spreading the Master’s message.

Sarjano quickly became known for his exuberance and was loved by many and rejected by others, but he continued to be himself.

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