Swami Sukhraj Bharti has merged into the lotus feet of Osho

…left his body on 02 January 2021

A friend who became a disciple Swami Sukhraj Bharti, Osho’s intimate friend from his childhood days, was a blessed one, who enjoyed the best of his time being with Osho, and playing with Osho and being a witness to the mystical flowering of Osho’s individuality into a Buddha. He was born in 1934, three years after Osho was born. He lived in Gadarwara where Osho spent most of his childhood.
In the year 1972, Swami Sukhraj Bharti was a wonderful host to our Osho Kirtan group in Satdhara village, his country-side house situated on the tranquil banks of Narmada river–a perfect place for meditation. There he told us so many juicy and delicious stories of being with Osho. Around that time, his whole family–his wife, son and daughters–all had been initiated into Osho’s NeoSannyas. Later, his daughter Ma Anand Divya joined the Osho ashram, who worked in Hindi publication, and also as a receptionist of the Ashram’s main office.

Swami Sukhraj Bharti was a very poetic person and a passionate story-teller. And why not..! He had been really very fortunate to spend so many years being close to a person who was going to be the Yogpurush, the master of masters, who would transform millions of people around the world. And to Sukhraj, he was simply a Baal-Saka, a childhood friend.

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