Swami Satya Vedant has left us, he has gone to the other shore.

A gentle being, with a wonderful voice, a clever and intelligent person full of compassion. He has absorbed Osho in totality. I have been blessed to have sieve so much time with him on his visits to London in the 1990s. His demeanour was such that one would fall in silence in his presence and there was no need to talk any nonsense in his presence. For me he made absolute sense and it was a pleasure for me to help him with Osho’s work. His work was to spread beloved Osho’s message to everyone and he did his best. His work will continue, we have all been blessed with such a brilliant sparkling guru, Osho, that the vision will continue to expand thousandfold. Pranam to Sw Satya Vedant’s elevated soul, may existence continue to shine its light on your path in your next journey wherever it is. Farewell Swamiji! With much live and gratitude,

Swami Yoga Milan, Osho Pankaj Meditation Centre, London, 18 March 2022

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