Swami Mohan Bharati

…..left for the other shore on 10th April 2020

Swami Mohan Bharati

Our Beloved Swami Mohan Bharti left his body Consciously and Peacefully early Morning at 3 AM today (10.04.2020) in his house, Trichy.

Swami Mohan Bharti, known as the first sannyasin from South India, was one of the most energetic and dynamic man. Also famous for being the only Indian in the 70s to have done maximum number of groups at Pune – even Leela and Encounter! Osho had kind of okayed for any group which was a rare those days and speaks a lot for the man.

There is hardly any Osho lover or sannyasin from South India who doesn’t have a story to tell or instance to relate about him. He had touched many people’s lives. He was known to bring groups of 50-75 people interested in Osho to Pune commune especially during the Guru Purnima (in the late seventies).

He had great support from his wife, Ma Vimla also a sannyasin. She was his shadow and always cheerful.

He built a beautiful meditation centre with residential facilities on the outskirts of Trichy. Right from 1978 he used to organise and conduct many camps and therapy like sessions.

He pioneered the publishing of Osho’s books and articles.

He translated and published more than 70 Osho books in Tamil language. Also published Osho Times Tamil – magazine in Tamil language for almost 35 years.

By Swami Dilip Satyarthi

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