Swami Dhyan Pulak

After a long and arduous search for authentic spirituality in various religious traditions available in India, Swami Dhyan Pulak finally came to Osho and became a sannyasin in 1989. In 2003, he quit his career as Professor in biotechnology, deciding to work for Osho full time. He helped in managing Osho Teerth, Kuchwada (Osho’s Birth Place) for four years till 2006. Presently, he is closely associated with Oshoom Bodhisattva commune, Dehradun, Osho Leela Ashram, Gadarwara and Osho Moulshree Commune, near Bhopal. He has been facilitating Osho Meditation camps and therapy groups for the last 10 years. He also is a trainer in Tai-chi, Yoga, Reiki and Divine healing.