Swami Brahm Vedant

8 July, 1932 –14 January, 2021

Swami Brahm Vedant, a self-realized sannyasin, revered by thousands of Osho lovers all over India, left his body in his Osho Anand Sannyas Ashram in Madhopur-Ghed Gujarat, on the morning of 14th January, one day after the birthday of George Gurdjieff, who was always his most favourite enlightened master. Many people call him Bhagwan, but he preferred to be called only Swami Brahm Vedant, the name given to him during his sannyas initiation by Osho in the early seventies.

Swami Brahm Vedant’s very simple ashram in Madhopur, near the ocean, has always been open to meditators and seekers from around the world.  There is no mandatory fee for staying in the ashram. It’s mostly run on a donation system. One can donate as per his convenience and it’s alright if someone does not have money. Work is meditation and one is free to do any work in the ashram and mostly people wake up early to do their work. Swami Brahma Vedant himself used to wake up at 6 am to start his daily work. Ma Dharm Jyoti, Amrit Sadhana, and some other meditation facilitators often went there to conduct meditation camps. Ma Anand Taru, Osho’s most favorite Kirtan and Mantra singer spent the last years of her life being in Osho Anand Sannyas Ashram. The link below gives a video glimpse of this ashram.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

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