Swami Advait Bodhisattava journey to the other shore

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Swami Advait Bodhisattava has left his body on 8th September 2023

8th September is celebrated as Mahaparinirvana day dedicated to all Sannyasin who leave their body any day of the year. And today morning Swami Advait Bodhisattava, one of the oldest Sannyasins and center leader of Osho Jaipur, Judge Sahib Ranjit Chandra Bhansali, has left his body. It is a day of grand celebration. Since the early days, he was a host to our Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Kirtan mandli traveling in Rajasthan during the year 1972…. He worked dedicatedly to spreading Osho vision. His wife and daughter, all in the family were Osho’s Sannyasins. In Poona 2, this family bought an apartment in Koregaon Park lane number one to live closer to Osho.

Happy journey to the further shore, beloved Judge Sahib… Swamiji

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