Osho says “Sufism is the soul of every religion.”

Sufi Samaa is a Sufi Meditation Camp of four days where an amalgamation of popular Osho meditations along with soft Sufi techniques are presented before the group. Keeping in mind the mix interest of the audience, a balance is kept between the two so that beginner don’t feel left out as well as advance participants also get something of their interest and benefit…

Sufi techniques like SUFI SAMAA, ZIKR, KARWAN, WHIRLING and more along with carefully selected Sufi music like Nisbati Quwwalis & Kafis (Hamd, Naat & Manqab) make every session perfectly meditative and celebrative. This is gelled with Osho’s insight on every aspect of the subject turning Sufism into an easy Path to move on. On the top, with Osho’s unique meditation techniques, one is well grounded in one’s actual roots and thus realizing spiritual satisfaction and relaxation without much effort.

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