Student to Disciple to Devotee

The student is in the head.
The disciple is in the heart.
And the devotee is in the being.

The student thinks, interprets. The disciple loves, and simply drinks the very presence of the master. The disciple is in tune, his heartbeat is harmonious with the master’s heartbeat. There is no question of interpretation or interference. The heart does not work through thoughts. And from the heart, the state of devotee is not very far, but very close. As love deepens and becomes trust, as harmony with the master grows and becomes one organic unity, the devotee is born.

It will be immensely good for you to be clearly aware that you are still in the head. Perhaps your head feels convinced of what I am saying, but there are underlying doubts. To avoid those doubts, your head interprets in such a way that it fits with your own prejudices, your own ideologies.

The student does not get in tune with the master; on the contrary, whatever the master says, the student tries to make it in such a way that it becomes in tune with his old mind. Hence, interpretation and interference are absolutely necessary, but they are indicative that you have not moved from the head. And it is your head that is going continuously into a desire, into a longing to be a devotee.

To be a devotee is not a desire and is not a longing. The disciple is so satisfied, so contented, that the state of devotion happens on its own accord. It is not a desire, not a longing — because every desire and every longing makes things complex and difficult.

The distance between the disciple and the devotee is almost nil. The disciple is the beginning of relaxing with the master, and the devotee is the fulfillment of that relaxation. The disciple is the beginning, the devotee is the end.

Chandira, whatever is happening is not bad. It is good that you are feeling yourself diving deeper and deeper into yourself. But remember that you are still a student and that you have to get rid of your thoughts. For that purpose there are so many meditations — do any meditation that appeals to you, that feels good to you, because I don’t want you to torture yourself. Remember Chuang Tzu’s statement, “Easy is right.” So find a meditation which is easy for you, comfortable, blissful, and comes without any effort. It is almost a relaxation, a rest. If the mind stops its madness, its constant chattering, its distortions of everything, you will become a disciple.

The bridge between the student and the disciple is meditation, and the bridge between the disciple and the devotee is love. It is only a question of two steps — one step of meditation and one step of love — and you have arrived home.

But drop the idea completely that you are already a disciple, because that will become a tremendous hindrance. Without meditation coming to a fulfillment, love cannot arise. That’s why to be a devotee seems to be a faraway star. It is not only far away, it is impossible. One should be very factual and very scientific in judging oneself, where one is. Don’t feel hurt, because even to be a student is a rare thing. In millions of people around the world, to be a student in a mystery school is a rare, very unique opportunity. And you will become a disciple… but keep your focus on moving away from the head towards the heart. Right now the devotee should not be made a goal. Once your mind is gone and your heart is singing and dancing with joy and love, you will see that the devotee is just one step more. The love has to become crystallized into trust, and the harmoniousness has to come even closer and become oneness.

 The master and the devotee are one. The master and the disciple have a little distance. The master and the student are really far away — but everybody has to begin from being a student.

That is the right beginning. Don’t start thinking of yourself as a disciple. Start from the right beginning as a student; your goal is to be a disciple.

Once you have reached to the point of disciplehood, you cannot ask such a question, saying that the state of devotee looks like a faraway star. It is just within the reach of your hand — A little more courage, a little more love, a little more risk, a readiness to dissolve into the master, who is not.

Dissolving into the master is only a device. The moment you dissolve into the master, you will be surprised that you have dissolved into existence itself; the master was only a window. Through the master you can enter into the open sky. Then all the stars are yours and the whole existence is yours. You are part of it.

But be intelligent in recognizing where you are. Only the unintelligent cannot grow; the intelligent have no difficulty in growing — and everybody has the intelligence, but is not using it.


This is an excerpt from the transcript of a public discourse by Osho in Buddha Hall, Shree Rajneesh Ashram, Pune. 

Discourse name :

The Razor’s Edge

Chapter title: A little more courage, a little more love
Chapter #30
12 March 1987 am in Chuang Tzu Auditorium


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