You have found a beautiful meditation

Beloved Osho,

Whenever any emotions get triggered, my attempts at watching usually result in mind trips, unless I do something like run around Buddha Hall a couple of times first.

I feel that if I could turn all this energy in, instead of out, great things could happen.

While you talk to us about watching, it feels so simple. And basking in your silence, I wonder how it can be a problem.

Beloved master, what am I missing, or am I too impatient?

Prashanto, the first thing is to remember that the exact purpose of Buddha Hall is what you are doing.

Go on running as long as you don’t fall down. Fall down on the ground not by any effort, but just let it happen by running continuously. The time will come when you will fall down. Then rest there and you will find immense peace and great silence which you have never known.

This is exactly the purpose of Dynamic Meditation: to exhaust your energy, so the mind has no more supply of energy to create thoughts and dreams and imaginations. So you are using the Buddha Hall perfectly correctly for the first time, knowing that that is the purpose of it.

I have never told anybody, because then from tomorrow you will see there will be two big crowds running.

Exhaust the outgoing energy and suddenly you will find you are in. To go in, you don’t need any energy, you are there. The outgoing energy has to be exhausted, so you cannot go out. As far as going in is concerned that is a wrong idea; nobody goes in. How can you go in? That’s where you are! You can go out – that’s okay.

So go to Buddha Hall and run as much as you can. Don’t stop in the middle thinking that it is too tiring. Go on, go on, let the body according to its own wisdom fall down. Don’t act, don’t try to deceive, because you are deceiving yourself. And if you can allow the body to go on running till it falls, then lie down there on the ground, and you would be surprised that you have never known such peace, such silence, such deep meditation.

Gautam Buddha himself… If you go to Bodhgaya where he became enlightened – that’s why the name of the city has become Bodhgaya. Gaya must have been the name of the town but when Gautam Buddha became enlightened, bodh means enlightenment, so the city of Gaya became Bodhgaya. There is a temple in his memory made almost two thousand years ago and there is the tree under which he used to sit.

If you go to Bodhgaya you will still find what I have described to you by the side of the temple and nearly two hundred stones in a line. For one hour Gautam Buddha used to sit and meditate, and for one hour he used to walk on those stones and meditate. When he became tired of walking he would sit; when he became tired of sitting he would walk. This way he exhausted his outgoing energy.

One day he found there is no energy at all for any outgoing. He remained in. And this remaining in revealed to him his luminous being, his ultimate consciousness.

In language it is a problem; we say, go in. You cannot go in, because if you go in, then that “in” will also be out. You can only go out; you cannot go in.

In, you are. What do you mean by “in”? It is not the inside of your house; it is where you are. There you don’t need going, all that you need is that you don’t have any energy to go out, so naturally you remain still and silent and in. Suddenly there is an explosion of light and bliss and ecstasy.

So you have found a beautiful meditation, Prashanto. Continue, and you will find many more from tomorrow on the way. Don’t chitchat with anybody. The moment you enter the path by the side of Buddha Hall forget that anybody else exists in the world: you and the road, till you fall down. Then in a day you can achieve something which you may not be able to achieve in one year’s Dynamic Meditation. This is the ultimate dynamic meditation!

I have not told people but you have found it, so now I have to recognize it.

Just remember one thing, that you are not to stop by yourself. Because if you stop you will miss the point, you will always stop before the energy is finished. That’s why I’m saying go on and on and on till you cannot go on, and you fall. Don’t pretend to fall, because those are all deceptions that you can detect yourself. You know perfectly well when you are pretending to fall and when you are really falling.

So don’t misunderstand me. The real thing will happen only when automatically you find yourself falling. You are just a watcher, not a doer. And a tremendous experience is possible.

The father was having a heart-to-heart talk with his son before the boy’s marriage.

“Son,” he said, “I have two bits of advice for you before you get married. First, you must tell your wife, right from the start, that you insist on spending one night each week out with the boys.”

“And what,” asked the son, “is the second bit of advice?”

His father smiled and said, “Don’t waste it on the boys.”

Hymie Goldberg goes for his weekly visit to the doctor and says, “Doc, I snore so loudly that I keep myself awake. What can I do?”

The doctor rolls his eyes and says, “Why don’t you try sleeping in another room?”

So Prashanto, just get exactly what I am saying.

A Jew and an Irishman were fishing in separate boats some distance apart. The Irishman got a bite and was so nervous that he fell out of the boat. He sank twice, and as he was coming up the second time, the Jew rowed over and called out: “Mister, can I have your boat if you don’t come up again?”

People have their own understanding. Just get exactly what I have told you, and when something happens report to me, because everybody will be waiting, “What happened to Prashanto?” And tomorrow everybody will be watching! I have made you a hero within a second.

Osho, The Invitation, Ch 19, Q 2

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