You are just a collection of problems

Just think that one morning you wake up and you don’t have any problems — you will be in such grief. You will say, “My God, what am I going to do? No problems at all!”

You cling to problems because problems give you personality. They give you a certain identity.

Without problems, you are no more. You are just a collection of problems. That’s why Buddha is right, that meditation is the extinction not only of problems but of you too, because you were nothing but a collection, a name for a collection of problems. When all the problems are gone, you are gone… you are not separate from your problems. Buddha’s greatest contribution to the world was the realization that man himself is the problem. You may go on changing problems – that is possible – but you cannot exist without problems. There is no need! If you don’t have any problem, what is the point of existing?

Psychologists now say that after retirement, people lose almost ten years of life. If they had remained working they would have lived ten years more, but because they got retired… They had been hankering for years to be retired so they could go on a world tour or visit ancient palaces, castles, the Himalayas. They will enjoy, life will be fun. Up to now life has been just work, work, work. After retirement they can enjoy life as fun.

But after retirement they find that life has become absolutely useless. Nobody needs them. Their children are grown up, they have gone their way. And even if they tour around the world…

I have seen tourists with all kinds of cameras and bags and machinery covering both their sides, but look at their faces! They know that they are unnecessarily running from the Taj Mahal to Ajanta, from Ajanta to Ellora. They know perfectly well that all this is useless; they are simply keeping themselves engaged in something which is futile. Now death seems to be the only release. Naturally their lifespan shrinks…

Osho, Turning In, Ch 4, Q 1 (excerpt)