Sometimes I will be shattering

Your lecture yesterday was ruthless, sharp and shattering. I felt throughout the lecture that a deep surgical operation is happening within my psyche. What is this, Osho? Along with the verbal talk what else do you transmit to the listener?

The word, the verbal, has nothing to do with transferring anything to you. The verbal is just a toy, so you can play with it. When you are absorbed with the words, I have an opportunity to do something to your being, otherwise you won’t allow me.

So whatsoever I am saying is just to keep you engaged. Once your mind is engaged with the words, you are available to me, your heart is available to me. When the mind is not engaged, the mind functions like a barrier, the heart becomes unavailable.

So the real work is not through the words – the real work is through the presence. If you stop thinking and you can put aside your mind, then there is no need for me to talk at all, then silence will do – because that which is going to happen is going to happen through silence. It is going to happen not through any verbal communication, it is going to happen on a deeper level than words can reach, on a deeper level of your being where mind has nothing to say.

The mind is only the surface, the circumference of your being. It is not your centre. But the circumference has become too strong. It surrounds you like a hard crust, it has become your prison. You need something so intriguing, so interesting, that your mind gets totally absorbed into it.

And sometimes I will be shattering, I have to be. Sometimes I have to be merciless, because that is the only way to help you, that is the only way to destroy you, annihilate you, and give you an opportunity to be reborn. As you are you have to disappear. As you are you have to die, only then can the new arise out of you. The ego has to disappear for your real being to be. The mind has to cease for God to be. The known has to be dropped for the unknown to be welcomed.

Sometimes I am persuasive. Sometimes I am shattering. Sometimes through affection and love I try to seduce you to drop the mind. Sometimes I hammer hard on it. I change like the climate around the year. And you have to be with me in all the climates – only then will you be able to know me. And you have to be with me in all of my forms – only then will you be able to see the formless.

If you allow me easily, then the operation is very easy. If you don’t allow me easily, if you struggle, resist, don’t cooperate, you create conflict, then too the operation is going to be done – once I have accepted you as my disciples, now it is my responsibility that you should be transformed – then the operation will be hard. But the hardness will come because of your resistance, remember it.

I have to be shattering sometimes only because you resist too much.

Let me tell you one anecdote:

Joe Levy went to a leading mountain resort for a week’s vacation. That night when he ordered dinner the waiter told him that he highly recommended the chicken soup. Joe replied, “I hate soup. I never eat soup. I couldn’t care less.” He ate his dinner, played cards, and retired to his room early and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, the man in the room below his took sick suddenly and the house doctor recommended that they get a nurse and give an enema. The nurse arrived and in error entered Joe Levy’s room, and before he even realised what was happening to him, gave him the enema and left.

When he got back to New York, his friends asked him how he had liked the hotel. He said, “It was very nice, but if you ever go there and the waiter suggests that you eat soup, eat it, otherwise they shove it into you anyway.”

So please cooperate with me!

Osho, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol 3, Q 2, Q 1

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