Nobody can represent me

When you are gone, how can sannyas avoid becoming just another empty church? Is there anything that can be done about it besides that you will be coming back?

I am not coming back. About that you must be absolutely certain: I am not coming back. That is also a hope through which you would like to postpone, through which you would like to create a future, so that you can go on avoiding the present. I am not coming. If you want to have any contact with me, this moment you have to make it. Nobody knows about the tomorrow, I may not be here. And I am not coming back. Don’t be tricky with me. You have been tricky with Jesus and Buddha and everybody. Mm? You go on hoping that Jesus is coming, he will come and he will deliver you. Why should he come to deliver you?

Can’t you stand on your own feet? Can’t you become responsible for your own self? If you are not responsible for your own self you will not have any soul, because the soul arises only by taking responsibility. Responsibility is of immense value, it gives you integration.

And why are you worried?

When you are gone, how can sannyas avoid becoming just another empty church?  

Why should it avoid? And how can it avoid? And there is no need. When I am gone it will be an empty church.

This is a trick again. You would like the empty church to still give you the protection and the shelter. You would like the empty church to help you believe that it is not empty. That’s what goes on. Jesus is gone. The day he left, the day he was crucified, Christianity also died with him – not only Christ. How can there be Christianity without Christ? It is a deception. How can there be Buddhism without Buddha? When the flower is gone the fragrance is gone.

You don’t ask a rosebush ‘When your roses are gone how can we make the bush go on appearing as if the roses have not gone? The bush will look empty, how can we avoid it?’ Yes, you can avoid it. You can go to the marketplace and purchase plastic flowers and hang those plastic flowers on the rosebush. That’s what your popes are, plastic flowers. The rose is gone, the rose died. And ail real roses have to die. Only the unreal ones don’t die. Plastic flowers can remain for ever, they have a kind of eternity and permanence. Real flowers can’t have that permanence, otherwise they will be plastic.

The real flower is born in the morning, will have its day. Will whisper with the winds, will release its fragrance, will have a dialogue with the sun and the birds, and by the evening will be gone. And that’s how real flowers should be. It cannot go on, go on; then it will be a corpse.

Why should you be worried? When a Buddha is gone, Buddha is gone. When Christ is gone, Christ is gone. But there is a reason why you ask the question. You cannot be here with me, you cannot be here with me right now. You would like a promise from me that I will be coming back, that the church will remain alive. If I am not there it will still be alive – my representatives will be there, I will appoint popes and they will be there, and they will go on guiding you. So that you need not worry about me. If I am gone nothing is gone, something will be available.

No, I want it absolutely clear, I want it to be recognized absolutely, that when I am gone I am gone. And the church will be empty. And I am not going to appoint anybody. How can you appoint anybody? Buddhas are not appointed. And nobody can represent me. How can anybody else represent me? I don’t represent anybody, how can anybody else represent me? The church will be empty. So if you want to have something from me, if you want the transmission from me, if you want to enkindle your life through me, if you want to partake of my fire and my passion, then don’t postpone.

You ask: When you are gone, how can sannyas avoid?

There is no need to avoid. All avoidance is dangerous. That’s what Christianity has been doing for two thousand years. Avoiding the fact that Jesus is gone, that the church is empty. Putting plastic Jesuses instead. Trying to believe that he is still there. He is not there, he cannot be there.

So there is no need to avoid, the church WILL become empty. Before it becomes empty enjoy it. Before it becomes empty pray in it. Before it becomes empty, drink of it, partake of it.

Is there anything that can be done about it…?

Nothing can be done and nothing should be done. Because all that will be wrong. That’s how religions die and become sects, that’s how everything goes false. No more of that. I am here, you are here, why bother about the future? I am knocking on your heart: listen to it right now! And you are asking ‘When you are gone, who will be knocking at my heart?‘ And I am knocking already and you are not listening and you are planning for the future: ‘When you are gone who will knock at my heart?’

I am knocking. Listen to it.

But you want to avoid me. You see the danger, so you postpone. You say ‘Tomorrow. But will you be there tomorrow to knock on me? And if you are not there then who will knock at my door?’ Tomorrow never comes. Only fools live in the tomorrows. The wise person, the intelligent person, lives in this very moment. He knows no other time. He neither lives in the past nor in the future, he neither goes into the memories nor into the imagination. He lives this small moment. And this small moment is all, it contains eternity.

Osho, This Very Body the Buddha, Ch 9, Q 3

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