Avoid the do-gooders!

Q: Osho, please help me.

I cannot do that. I am not your enemy. I am not a dogooder. I don’t “help,” because the help, the very desire to be helped, is a desire to continue as you are. You want some props, some supports. You want consolation, comfort. No, I am the last person to give you any consolation. I am going to withdraw all props, so you fall flat on the ground. From there starts a new life, a new beginning.

Henry Thoreau once observed that if he knew for certain that a man was on his way to see him with the single purpose of trying to help him, he would run for his life.

That should be the attitude towards helpers. If somebody is coming to help you, escape! Your life is in danger. Avoid the do-gooders, the so-called saints and mahatmas.

I am not here to console you, to comfort you, to make you secure. I am here to destroy you utterly, because only then is the new born – the new man, the new consciousness. If I help, the old will continue. All help goes to help the old. All help keeps the old surviving; it nourishes it. No, I am not going to help in any way.

I know you want help. You don’t want resurrection. You want help. You don’t want death, you don’t want a new life. But if you are around me long enough, by and by I will withdraw all your supports. I will even take the earth beneath your feet away, so you fall into the bottomless abyss of existence. You disappear into that abyss… and in that very disappearance, God appears to you. When you are utterly helpless, God’s help becomes available.

I am not going to help you. I am going to make you utterly helpless so that in your helplessness a prayer arises, so that in your helplessness, surrender becomes possible, and then comes God’s help. Only God can help. And all other help is a barrier to God’s help.

One beautiful story that I always love…. Krishna has just sat down to take his lunch and in the middle of the lunch he rushes towards the door, and his wife, Rukamani, says, “Where are you going?” But he is in such a hurry that he doesn’t answer. At the door he suddenly stops, then comes back slowly, a little sad, sits back, starts eating. Rukamani asks, “What is the matter? What happened? Where were you going so suddenly, as if there was some emergency? And now suddenly you turn back from the door and you are sad. What happened?”

Krishna says, “One of my lovers, one of my devotees, is passing through a capital and people are throwing stones at him and blood is flowing from his head and he has wounds, but he remains utterly helpless – not a condemnatory word on his lips, not even in his mind. His surrender is total. I had to rush to help him. He was so helpless!”

Then Rukamani is even more surprised. “Then why did you come back?”

Krishna says, “By the time I reached the door, he had taken a stone in his own hand. Now he is ready to answer himself. Now I am not needed. Now he is no more helpless.”

Remember, all human help becomes a barrier to divine help. My purpose here is to make you REALLY helpless, utterly helpless, so God rushes towards you and fills your emptiness. That will be the day of real rejoicing, ecstasy.

Don’t ask for my help. Ask that I destroy all that you have arranged around yourself as help, comfort, consolation. Ask that I kill you. Ask that I behead you. The moment your head has rolled down on the earth, you will grow a new head, and that head will be the divine. That will be God’s head.

Osho, The First Principle, Ch 6, Q 4

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