Satyam Shivam Sundram 14

Fourteenth Discourse from the series of 30 discourses - Satyam Shivam Sundram by Osho.
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The United States government proudly proclaims itself “the land of the free and the home of the brave” and points to its constitutional protections of fundamental rights. At the same time it twists and breaks its own laws to persecute you who embody freedom and truth. It seems the politicians always tell the biggest lies in the loudest voice. The worst tyrants talk most about peace and freedom. Could you please comment?
Prem Niren, there are many questions in your question, many implications of tremendous importance. I would like to go step by step, giving you the total view of the situation that exists in the United States of America. And what I am going to say is not only true about the United States of America; it is more or less true about every nation dominated by the cunning, clever and crooked politicians.
The first thing you say is, “The United States government proudly proclaims itself ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ and points to its constitutional protections of fundamental rights.”
The first thing to be noted about the United States of America is that the land does not belong to the so-called Americans; the land belongs to the natives, the Red Indians. And America is, in fact, one of the strangest places to talk about freedom and democracy. If they really mean what they say, then all Americans are foreigners except the Red Indians – simple hearted, innocent people who have been forced to live in forests, in special reservations. The whole land is theirs, but they don’t rule it. Those who rule it are from either Britain or France or Italy or Switzerland or Sweden or Belgium or Greece. They all come from European countries. If they are really sincere, they should pack their luggage and go back home.
It is a strange kind of democracy in which the people of the land, the real owners of the land have no participation at all. And the foreigners – the invaders – who have mercilessly killed the innocent people of America are proudly proclaiming freedom, democracy, basic human rights, freedom of expression and all kinds of nonsense. At least Americans should not use these words at all. It is the greatest slavery that is still in existence, and there seems to be no possibility that the Red Indians will ever again be rulers of their own land because they are poor, they don’t have modern war technology.
That is what has irritated the Americans the most: when I said to them, “You are just as much foreigners as I am here. The only difference is that I am new and you are old tourists. I have come with a valid visa, and you entered America with your guns, not with your visas. In what way have you become citizens of America? Who accepted you? You destroyed the poor people, peaceful people, at the point of a gun and proclaimed yourselves the Americans. And you call the real Americans “Red Indians” – giving the sense that America belongs to the Americans. It creates an illusion.”
The Americans are all invaders, and if they have any self-respect and dignity they should leave America and go back home.
They deported me. This is strange – foreigners deporting another foreigner. At least I had a valid visa and I was not an invader. They are invaders and entered America with force and violence – and now they have become the proclaimers of freedom and democracy. America will be free the day it is in the hands of Red Indians. It is the greatest land of slavery today.
As far as their constitution is concerned, Americans have been very proud, proclaiming that they have one of the best constitutions. The latest research has just been published. Just two or three days ago I received the information that all that is beautiful in the American constitution is borrowed from the Red Indians and their old, ancient books of wisdom. So the so-called “great American fathers,” the founders of America, were simply thieves and nothing else. They have not mentioned, not even once, that they have borrowed the whole constitution from the poor Red Indians and their books of wisdom.
And you are saying, “At the same time it twists and breaks its own laws to persecute you.” It has been persecuting the Red Indians; if it has decided to persecute me, there are valid reasons for this persecution.
One of the most shocking things to the fundamentalist Christians of America – and Ronald Reagan belongs to that group… They have always been sending missionaries to the East, to the poor countries of the East. There are thousands of missionaries all over India, converting the beggars into Christians, the orphans into Christians, the prostitutes into Christians, the aboriginals into Christians, the uneducated, uncultured. But they have not been able to convert a single cultured, educated, high-class brahmin, or a Jaina or a Buddhist.
Their shock was that I was there and the most cultured and educated people of their country – doctors, surgeons, scientists, engineers – were dropping Christianity and becoming sannyasins. And I am not a missionary; I have never told them, promised them any salvation or any heavenly pleasures. I have not told them, “I will be your protector against hell.” I was simply telling them what is true and what is divine and what is beautiful. Satyam shivam sundaram.
Christianity has nothing to offer to the educated and the cultured. The shock was tremendous. Before me also there have been many people from the East – but they were all cunning, clever and the Christians were not annoyed with them. For example, Vivekananda: he was the first Indian who was very much appreciated by the Christians because he proclaimed that Christianity is teaching essentially what all religions are teaching. This was very ego-fulfilling.
When I said that Christianity comes lowest as far as the hierarchy of religions is concerned – it has nothing that can be compared with Zen or Sufism or Hassidism; it has not even known the word meditation. All that it consists of is hypothetical. In fact, it prevents people from experiencing the truth. Its emphasis is on believing in God and believing in Jesus Christ.
Whenever a religion emphasizes belief, it is against wisdom, it is against enlightenment. It does not want you to become high peaks of consciousness and freedom. It simply wants you to become just a sheep and the shepherd, Jesus Christ, will take care of you. It takes away your responsibility, and you think, “This is very good. We are unburdened.” But with your responsibility, your freedom automatically disappears. A Christian is the poorest religious person in the world.
Before me there was Ramateertha, but he praised Christianity just as Vivekananda did. These are not authentically enlightened people; their whole interest is in how to get more admirers. And it is very easy to get admirers in a Christian country if you admire Christianity. If you admire Mohammedanism in a Mohammedan country, you will have thousands of admirers. It is a very mutual conspiracy: they fulfill your ego, you fulfill their egos.
I am a simple person and I simply say whatever is the truth. Whether it hurts you, shocks you, does not matter. To me truth is what matters – and certainly only the very cultured cream of the society has been attracted toward me. I cannot attract the beggars, I cannot attract the orphans, and I cannot attract the aboriginals because they will not even be able to understand what I am saying. Everybody is not capable of understanding the music of Mozart or Wagner. You will need very trained ears to understand those great masters.
And as far as spirituality is concerned, it is the highest point of intelligence. Unless you have that intelligence you are bound to misunderstand. Authentic religion is only for very few people because it requires a tremendous preparation beforehand.
The American Christians were tremendously puzzled how to protect, to prevent their educated and cultured people from moving toward me, because that will ultimately become a movement where even less cultured people will start following the more cultured. That is human nature. When people see that all the geniuses, scientists, engineers, doctors, surgeons are moving toward a certain magnetic force, a certain charisma, the others – without even understanding – also start following. That was the danger.
And the politician was also in difficulty. His difficulty was that I had created a commune of five thousand people according to my ideas, which go essentially against a Christian society, or a Hindu society, or a Mohammedan society. I am against any organized religion because to me truth can never be organized. It is an individual affair, just between one individual and the cosmos.
This was appealing to all those who had the intelligence. The commune became an alternative society in the eyes of the politicians. They could see the great success of the commune – it was the highest quality of communism – and they could not believe that five thousand people are living there, and there is no murder, no theft, no rape. Women could move alone in the middle of the night without any fear. And because my concepts about marriage, about family, about education, are absolutely against the traditional concepts, their fear was: “If this commune goes on succeeding, more communes will arise.” And I am absolutely anti-political. Deep down I am an anarchist. My ultimate goal finally is that there should be a humanity without any government.
Government is a condemnation of every one of us. The very existence of the government and the police and the army shows that we are still not civilized. Otherwise there is no need for courts, judges, police officers – what is the need of them?
If man is really man, if people become meditators and their criminal mind disappears, then the politician is naturally alerted. It is dangerous. If this commune succeeds, then there will be more communes arising in the country, and the politician will be in danger.
I have been condemning the politicians and the priests together because they are two sides of one coin. They are conspiring against humanity together. They have made a division: the politician will rule the body of man, and the priest will rule his soul. And they will support each other because their interest is the same – domination over humanity.
My effort to make life absolutely based on freedom and to destroy all possibilities of domination by anybody naturally brought the politicians and the Christian priests together.
This persecution was not the simple persecution that every religion does against any competitive religion. This was a very unprecedented persecution. All religions, all societies, all nations were against a single man who had no organization, but only friends and lovers and fellow travelers.
It is a strange fact that Christians are against Hindus, Hindus are against Jainas, Jainas are against Buddhists, Buddhists are against Mohammedans – but as far as I am concerned they are all together. On one point at least I have created a unity: they are all my enemies because I am hammering on the basic roots of every religion, which are the same.
You are saying, Niren, “At the same time, it twists and breaks its own laws to persecute you who embody freedom and truth.” That is my crime: freedom and truth. Politicians are very happy if you simply talk about it. But if you start creating a certain group of people who start living truth, who start living in freedom, then the danger immediately arises in the hearts of the priests and politicians. They are perfectly at ease if you are only talking. I was not only talking.
My effort is that I want to see whatever I am saying as a realized experience for all those who have come in some deep loving commitment with me. This was the danger.
You say, “It seems that politicians always tell the biggest lies in the loudest voice. The worst tyrants talk most about peace and freedom.” There is some hidden psychology behind it.
First, the worst tyrants talk most about peace and freedom. They have to, just to create a facade around them, so that you cannot see their reality in the smoke of their talk of peace and freedom. They have to make much fuss around themselves just to hide behind it. And the biggest lies come in the loudest voice from the politicians.

One of my vice-chancellors was one of the greatest legal experts of his time. He had three offices: one in London, one in New Delhi and one in Peking. He was continually running from China to India, from India to England, and he was fighting the greatest cases. I was not his student, but even though he was a vice-chancellor, he loved law so much that he used to teach law in the university, and I used to go to his class. I had a certain friendship with him that arose by accident.
I used to go for an early morning walk at three o’clock in the morning, and by chance he was also a lover of going at three o’clock. We met every day on a lonely place by the side of a lake. I have never seen such a beautiful lake with so many lotus flowers; it was almost covered with flowers. And just by the side there was a huge forest and mountain, and a small path going around the lake.
We were the only two persons every day, so naturally we started talking to each other, we became friendly. He told me that he would be very happy if I sometimes turned up to his class, although I was not a student of law. I said, “What will be the point?”
He said, “At least you will be a challenge to me. I have lived my whole life challenging the greatest legal experts all around the world, and I feel sorry… Why have you joined the philosophy department? You should have been in the department of law because your logic is so sharp and so clear.”
So I started going to his class, and I started arguing with him. I had no idea about law – but logic I understand, and law is simply a by-product of logic, just logic applied. But if you understand logic in its purity, you can understand law without any difficulty.
One day it was the final day before the examinations and he was saying in the class to his students, “My last advice to you: if you have facts in your hands and you also have the support of the law, be calm and quiet. Lay out your facts, lay out your laws. There is no need for you to be excited, angry or in a fighting mood; that will spoil the whole thing. Just be utterly silent. Evidence and law is enough.
“But if you don’t have any evidence for your case and you have only the law, then bring all the law books in your car to the court and make as much fuss as possible about laws, ancient precedents, ancient decisions by other courts. Create a jungle of laws. Because you don’t have any evidence for your case, it all depends how much you can enforce on the mind of the judge that your position is logical and legal.
“But sometimes there are situations when you don’t have evidence for your case and neither do you have any support of the law. Don’t be worried. Shout as loudly as you can. Go on hitting on the judge’s table. Let everybody present shake and be afraid, and make it a point that you must have all the evidence and the laws, otherwise you could not be roaring like a lion. It all depends on how much louder you are and how many times you hit the judge’s table.”

Whenever you see politicians telling the biggest lies in the loudest voice, you should know that lies can only be told in loud voices. The loudness of the voice hides the lies. Truth can be whispered, but lies can only be loudly declared. Their strength lies in your voice.
Truth is self-evident. Just whispering it is enough.
Prem Niren, what happened with me in America and with my people has to become a historical fact, exposing both the religions and the politicians, and all their bogus talk about great words.
Niren himself was one of my attorneys. In fact he was my chief attorney because he was my sannyasin. All the other attorneys were chosen by him. He was the coordinator. The others were paid, only he was working for love. You cannot depend on the paid people because their interest is money. They don’t care what is true and what is not true.
Secondly, you can never be sure of their own prejudices, which I became aware of sitting silently for three days in North Carolina. They were all insistent that I should not say a single word. They were afraid that if I said anything the case would become too long, complicated, and that I might say things that may become contempt of court and it would complicate things.
Their insistence was that I should remain completely silent. So I enjoyed complete silence for three days, watching, witnessing what those attorneys were doing. And the first thing that came to my vision was that although they were fighting for me, their hearts were with the American government. Although they were fighting for me, their conditioning was for the Christian church – so deep down they were not for me. Except for Niren, I could not feel any of the attorneys – and they were the best attorneys in America.
A man may be an attorney or a judge, but it doesn’t matter; he is still a human being with the whole unconscious conditioning. Even they – being Christians, being Americans – could not accept my approach toward life’s problems. And, moreover, I was a non-American, a non-white, against whom they have deep prejudices. Because they were paid so much money, they were ready. But they were simply paid people, servants, and I could see that their arguments were halfhearted – as if deep down they wanted that I should be persecuted, that I should be fined, that I should be jailed. Except Niren, I could not feel the sincerity and honesty in any of those attorneys.
There came a situation when one of the best experts, Peter Schey, who is head of the department of law in a Californian university – Niren must have been his student, so he had employed him. He was one of the best experts, there is no doubt about it, but at a certain point Niren came running to me in the jail and said, “Peter Schey seems to be shaky. He is not willing to say a few things under the oath of truth, so what should we do?”
I said, “There is no problem. You simply go to the witness stand instead of Peter Schey. Only you can overcome the prejudices of Christians.”
Niren did a beautiful job. And in a roundabout way he brought Peter Schey into his witnessing: “Peter Schey told me…” and then he repeated the whole thing that was supposed to have been told by Peter Schey.
I was sitting by the side of Peter Schey and I could see his head down – afraid that this man, Niren, was bringing him in. And I could see these lawyers’ split personalities: they cannot say no to money, but just for money they cannot go against their prejudices either. It was a strange experience.
One of our attorneys, Jack Ransom, told Niren, and he informed me, “We are fighting a losing battle because the people we depend on…” A man like Jack Ransom, a topmost attorney, said to Niren, “We cannot fight as totally as we could have fought for any American because Osho will go to India. But we have to live in America and we cannot annoy these magistrates and judges because we have to be continually in the courts in front of them. This is not our last case.”
Niren again became very shaken that our attorneys were saying that they would only go so far, not more than that; that they couldn’t annoy the magistrate; they couldn’t annoy the judge – even if he ruled illegally, against the constitution.
And that’s what finally happened. They did everything against their own constitution, against their own law.
Just the other day I was informed by Barkha – she was an important sannyasin in the commune; she was the head of the commune police. The government wanted the city to have a magistrate and a police department because the commune had become a city, had been incorporated as a city. We did not want non-sannyasins to be in the commune because they would feel strange and our people would feel strange. So the only way was to train our own people as the police, to train one of our own people as the magistrate. So one woman was the magistrate. Sangeet is here, she was the city attorney; and Barkha is here, she was the city’s police chief.
The day I was arrested and I was shown on all the television stations of America, the chief of police of Oregon phoned Barkha because Barkha was working under him as chief of police of the city of Rajneeshpuram. He phoned to tell her that this was absolutely illegal; you cannot arrest anybody without an arrest warrant. And even in special cases when the warrant has not arrived yet, but you have to take somebody into custody – you have been told to do so – then you cannot put handcuffs and chains on the person because he is not yet confirmed as a criminal by the magistrate.
But that’s what was done. And the police chief said, “I am feeling so sad and sorry that they arrested Osho with twelve loaded guns, and they did not show any arrest warrant, they did not even show verbally what was the cause of arrest.”
And the second day when he saw that I had been taken to another jail and I was descending the staircase of the airplane with handcuffs, chains on my feet, and with another chain around my waist to which the handcuffs were joined – a fly was sitting on my head and I could not even scratch my head – he said, “It is absolutely unprecedented: a man for whom they have no warrant, a man who has done no wrong.”
In three days the government attorney could not prove a single thing against me, and he accepted it in his summarizing statement: “We have been unable to prove anything against Osho.” Still, the way they were behaving was simply to humiliate.
But you cannot humiliate me, and they felt it. Even the jailers said to me, “Everything is being done to humiliate you, but it is strange, we don’t see any humiliation. You are taking it so coolly and so silently and so peacefully as if this has been your whole life’s practice.”
I said, “Who knows? It may be in the future. So I am training myself because one never knows about tomorrow. This may be my whole lifestyle in the future, and I never miss a single moment of learning.”
According to every psychoanalytic school, politicians suffer from an inferiority complex. In fact, if a man does not suffer from an inferiority complex he will not try to dominate anyone. The very effort to dominate is just to convince oneself that “I am not inferior, I am superior to those whom I rule, whom I dominate.” It is strange that your presidents, your prime ministers are all psychologically sick people. They are full of jealousy, competition.
They became jealous of the commune because the commune was living according to my ideology. I am against poverty; hence in the commune there was nobody poor and nobody was rich either. There was not a single beggar, and the commune itself was comfortably rich. It had its own airport, its own four airplanes, its own hundreds of cars, its own one hundred buses – particularly for the celebration days when people used to come from all over the world and the population of the commune, which was only five thousand, used to rise to twenty thousand.
We had every arrangement for twenty thousand people. We created new kinds of tents which can be air-conditioned, which can be centrally heated, which can be used around the year, whether it is hot or cold or snow is falling. These were our own invention. They could be folded in ten minutes and could be put back again in ten minutes. We were keeping those tents for the fifteen thousand people coming for the festivals.
And the festivals were exactly what festivals should be – twenty thousand people eating together under one roof, and while people were eating, somebody was playing guitar and somebody was dancing and somebody was playing on the flute. That was my idea always, that people should live as festively as possible. Their lives should be one long celebration.
Happy people can never be forgiven, and the commune was one of the happiest collections of people that has ever happened on the earth. You could not find a single person who was miserable. Misery was simply sent away to other American cities.
In five years there was not a single fight between two sannyasins. The whole of America, and particularly the politicians, became jealous: “This is dangerous because if people came to know more and more about it…” And they were going to know because every day planes were landing in the commune – television stations, reporters, all kinds of news media.
For a time it looked as if Rajneeshpuram had become the capital of America. I was on the television more than the president of America. Naturally, jealousy arises.
I was not even a tourist because my tourist visa expired in three months. I asked for an extension. That expired again in three months, and then I applied for permanent residency and the immigration department was in trouble. The trouble was that they could not say yes to me because the government was pressurizing them, the church was pressurizing them: “This man should not be allowed in America.”
They could not say yes and they could not say no either, because if they had said no I could have gone to the court. On what grounds could they say no to me? They have six categories of people who can be allowed to stay in America as permanent residents; I fulfilled five categories. I could not fulfill only one category, and that was marriage. But if the worst had come to the worst I could have fulfilled that too. There was no problem in it.
They could not say no, they could not say yes, so for five years I was there without any visa, without any permission. A man without a visa who is getting more attention than the president of a country is naturally going to create a great violence in these inferior, psychologically sick and almost retarded beings – then they will forget all the constitutions and all the laws that they have themselves made.

Paddy was showing…

[There is an outburst of sudden and surprised laughter as Osho, after all this serious talk, begins reading a joke.]
I will have to begin it again.

Paddy was showing Sean his pet turtle. “Wow,” said Sean, “that certainly is a magnificent turtle.”
“Maybe,” replied Paddy, “but he is very shortsighted.”
“Shortsighted?” asked Sean in surprise. “How can you tell?”
Paddy smiled and said, “He has fallen in love with my old army helmet.”

Politicians are almost like Paddy’s turtle – very shortsighted. The day America deported me, I told a few of my friends who had come to send me off at the airport, “This is the beginning of their downfall.”
Existence functions in its own way, not according to human stupidities. After Socrates, what happened to Greece? It was at the highest peak of consciousness, but the day they poisoned Socrates, they poisoned themselves. Never again in these twenty-five centuries could they rise back to being a world power. What happened to Judea that crucified Jesus? It has disappeared from the map completely.
The day they fined me without my having committed any crime, and forced me to leave America immediately, they were not aware that existence is more just than any human court or any human constitution can be. I told my friends, “My leaving America – you will soon see it falling from being a world power.” And it has come true. Now every day America is falling into a ditch, and I declare that it will never again be the world’s greatest economic power, as it has been.
Existence supports even a single innocent man against a whole country, against a whole government because existence has no fear of your atomic missiles, your nuclear weapons. It does not care about anything except innocence. The only value in the eyes of existence is the eyes of a sage, so utterly innocent and mystified and wondrous that for a single sage like Socrates or Jesus, the whole country can be removed, erased from history.

Sean and Paddy were having a drink at the pub when Sean said, “I heard you having a great argument with Maureen, your wife, last night. How did you make out?”
“Ah,” said Paddy, “she came crawling to me on her hands and knees.”
“Is that so?” said Sean. “What did she say?”
“She said,” replied Paddy sipping his beer, “come out from under the bed, you coward.”

America behaved with me and my people like utter cowards. If they had had any guts, they could have called me to their senate and I was ready to answer all their questions and I was ready to defend all my ideas. That would have been dignified, rather than forcing me into a jail under loaded guns and then trying to poison me. And because they failed to send me to jail for twenty or thirty years, they managed to have a bomb planted under my seat.
Just today I received the whole investigation report. I had asked them whether they had investigated how the bomb had entered the jail with all their security, and how it managed just to be under my seat. Now comes a long report with so many contradictions and stupidities.
The report says that at four o’clock, just after the judgment was given by Federal Judge Leavy against me, an anonymous phone call came to the police station, to the jail, and to a television station – that a bomb had been placed under a certain seat in the visitors’ room. And the report from the police department of Portland says: “We searched the whole place, we evacuated the whole ground floor. But it was only a threat. No bomb was found.”
I have asked my legal secretary to write to them, “If you had evacuated the whole ground floor, why did you take me there? You evacuated everybody from the ground floor and immediately you took me there.” The first thing I noticed was that there was nobody on the ground floor, where there used to be hundreds of people working. I asked the man who had taken me there, “What has happened to all the people – some kind of holiday?” If it was a bomb threat, then certainly they should not have taken me to the ground floor.
But it was not a bomb threat, and the ground floor was not evacuated because of the bomb threat. It was evacuated in case the bomb under my seat exploded. Then nobody else would be hurt. When I asked that man, he said, “I don’t know. Perhaps it is a shift change.”
I said, “I do understand a little bit about shift changes. The second shift people should be here; only then can the first shift people go. This gap cannot be left between the two.”
He became shaky and he said, “I don’t know anything at all about what has happened.” And he left me inside the waiting room, exactly the same waiting room that the anonymous call had indicated: that under a certain seat there was a bomb that was going to explode at five minutes to six.
That was their calculation: that the case would take at least that much time, that the court would not decide before five. And after the court’s decision my fine would have to be paid and only after my fine was given to the court would I be allowed to be taken to the jail. So they had calculated perfectly – at nearabout six I may come back to take my clothes.
But because there was no trial… The government was not ready to go for a trial, knowing perfectly well that they didn’t have any evidence against me. For three days they had seen the same government attorney general fighting in the court of North Carolina and concluding in his speech, “We don’t have any evidence against him.” Now, what more could they do?
It was absolutely clear that if they went for a trial they would be defeated. And they told my attorneys, “You should remember one thing: you can win the case, but it may take ten years or twenty years. We can go on postponing it. And the second thing you should remember is that the government of the United States of America is not going to be defeated by a single individual. If you are interested in saving Osho’s life, it is better not to go for a trial.”
That’s why the case was finished within two minutes. I reached the jail too early. In the waiting room where they were going to deliver me my clothes, there was only one man, and he was shaky. The form in his hand showed that his whole being was shaking. I asked him, “Is something wrong with your hand, or is something wrong with the form?”
He said, “Sit on this seat, and just wait. It will take ten or fifteen minutes for me to get my boss’s signature on the form – which was an absolute lie because there was no place on the form where anybody else’s signature was needed. It was a simple form saying that I had received my clothes back. Only my signature was needed.
When he went out, locking the door from the outside, he indicated the chair on which I had to sit. That was the same chair under which the bomb was found. Perhaps he had gone to ask what had to be done now because he may not have been aware what the decision in the court had been. If I was released, then there was no need to explode the bomb; if I was going for trial, then it was better to finish it on the first day. Why wait unnecessarily for years of trial and millions of dollars to be wasted?
Looking at the police department’s report, it is absolutely clear that now they are trying to make it simply a rumor. But if it was a rumor, why did they evacuate the prison? And if they believed in the rumor and evacuated the prison, they should not have taken me in there. It is so clear.
So what they have been doing for an investigation is finding out who phoned. They found out the locality where the call had come from, but in that locality there are many people and many phones. That is the end of the street. The investigation has stopped. Where to go from there?
Even a certain belief in an anonymous phone call was stupid because the jail was so secure and safe; it was perhaps the most modern jail in America. It had opened only three months before I entered it. It has all the latest security equipment: doors that only open with remote control buttons; nobody can open them by hand. And there were doors beyond doors. As far as I remember, there were three doors through which they took me in.
Just inside the car they had the remote control, and then the first gate would open. The gate was a solid steel rock, rising up to give just enough space for the car to move in. Then there was the second gate, and the second gate would open only when the first gate had come down. And then there was a third gate, and the third would open only when the second had come down. It was all automatic.
It was absolutely impossible for any individual who was not an insider to reach inside and plant a bomb.
The American government may have the nuclear weapons, but it has a very cowardly soul. They could not encounter a single individual. That very day I thought, “How are these people going to manage in the Third World War with the Soviet Union?” And now their situation is becoming worse every day.
It will be good for you to be reminded that it was not Columbus who first discovered America. It has been discovered many times, and then it was found that it was not worth discovering. Then it was hushed up.
In Turkey there exists a map eight hundred years old that has America on it, exactly as you have it on any modern map. That was four hundred years before Columbus discovered America – but that also is not very old.
In Mahabharata, a great war happened five thousand years ago in India. The hero of the war was Arjuna, perhaps the greatest archer of all time. He married many wives from different countries, and one of his wives was Mexican.
Of course America was known, but it has been hushed up again and again. Perhaps the time has come again to hush it up.

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