Satyam Shivam Sundram 13

Thirteenth Discourse from the series of 30 discourses - Satyam Shivam Sundram by Osho.
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Why am I forcing situations according to my will, instead of accepting them and letting them just happen? I have a feeling that my body makes me aware of it, reacting with a high fever.
The upbringing of man is so poisonous, so crippling, that it destroys all that is significant and valuable in you and replaces it with cruelty, violence, a desire to dominate. The whole of society from all sides supports this destruction of your innocence; it is favorable to these.
Forcing anything simply means you are forcing against yourself. This creates the schizophrenia, the split personality that is fighting with itself. This is the most ugly and destructive device that has been used by the vested interests for thousands of years. They found a simple clue to how to destroy the individual because the individual is a danger – a danger against exploitation, a danger against slavery, a danger against any kind of enforcement. An individual would rather like to die than submit.
Individuality has a dignity, but man has been taken away from his individuality by a simple device: put the individual in conflict. And you know the ancient proverb: A house divided cannot stand for long.
You are continuously fighting with yourself because you have been given such stupid ideas about yourself that you have to either choose between your nature, your relaxedness with nature; or you have to choose thousands of years of conditioning. And conditionings go deeper and deeper every day. Pleasure has been condemned, non-seriousness has been condemned, playfulness has been condemned. The whole of humanity has been turned into utter seriousness – and seriousness is a psychological sickness. It can seep deeper and can even make your soul sick.
There is nothing to be serious about in the world. There are only three things that happen in your life. One has already happened – your birth. You could not do anything about it. Another is death. Again, although it has not happened yet, you cannot do anything about it. So drop these two things completely, they are beyond your grasp. Between these two remain life, love, rejoicing.
A man who is alive cannot be suppressed so easily. A man who loves has a clarity of vision and cannot be befooled by any politicians. And a man who knows how to be playful will not be found in any church, any temple, any mosque, any synagogue. Those are the places where people who have died before their death go; people who have taken a standpoint against life, against love, against playfulness, against joy, against the whole universe.
But if you become blinded by these conditionings, then you will start repressing within yourself any possibility that can make you livelier, more loving, more blissful, more ecstatic. It is a struggle between you and your whole past. The past is long; it has gone to your very roots. But if you are alert enough there is still time to get out of the net, out of the chains of the past.
A man who is free from the past is the only man who is free to live in the present. And a strange thing to be remembered: the man who is free from the past – as if he is absolutely new and fresh on this beautiful planet – will also be automatically free from the future.
The future is a projection of the past. The past no longer exists, the future does not exist yet, but the past gives you ambitions and desires and all kinds of stupid ideas of greed and desire. Automatically you start looking at the future as a refuge.
And the reality consists only of now – the present. It has nothing to do with the past and nothing to do with the future. It is so concentrated in this moment that if you can be in this moment, all that you are seeking and searching will be fulfilled.
This moment is the door to the divine.
My whole effort here is to pull all my people away from the past and from the future and just make them available to the intense beauty of the present.
Live moment to moment, dropping the past continuously as dust gathered on the mirror. A man who is contented in the present will never bother about the future. You think about the future because your present is misery; you are in utter agony. To avoid it, not to look at it, you focus on faraway goals. Those goals are never to be fulfilled. You will become addicted to ambitions and goals; but remember, wherever you will be, it will always be the present, never the future.
Once you have forgotten to live the present you have already died. It is another matter that it may take sixty, seventy or eighty years for you to be buried or burned on a funeral pyre. You have died long before. The moment you have lost contact with the present your death has happened. But if you can regain the contact, resurrection is possible.
Only the present can give you the space to relax and not to force anything. It is the past that gives you ideals, moralities against nature. You cannot win against nature. It is so big and so huge and you are simply a small dewdrop in the ocean of nature. The dewdrop cannot fight with the ocean. It just has to relax and become one with the ocean.
According to me, an authentic sannyasin, a seeker of truth, is a seeker of the present.
You are asking, “Why am I forcing situations according to my will?” These are stupid ideas that have been given to you. You don’t have any will. The very idea of willpower is an absolute fallacy. The will belongs to existence. You can participate in that will. If you drop your personality, your separation, you will have the universal will within you. You don’t have individual wills. But it is ego-satisfying when people tell you that you are a man of great will.
What is man? – just a fistful of dust. Yes, something is also present within that dust, but it doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the total.
Secondly, why are you forcing situations? Haven’t you seen a river coming from the mountains’ high peaks where the snow has never melted; passing through valleys, passing through unknown territory? Where is the river going? It is utterly relaxed – no goal to be tense about, nowhere to reach. Each moment it is enjoying the trees it is passing by, the mountains it is descending. And one day every river, without exception, reaches the ocean.
But every man is not so fortunate. Most of them get lost in a desert and evaporate on a funeral pyre. Only a few fortunate ones, the blessed ones, reach the ocean. The secret is so simple and so obvious. That’s why it misses you.
Who are you to force situations? What power have you got to force situations? Situations are coming from existence itself. The wiser course will be to be in accord with them, not in discord. When you are in accord, you can ride on those situations, but the moment you start fighting, you are so tiny and the universe is so vast. There is no possibility of any victory. Then frustration sets in; then misery, agony, suffering follow.
Be just like a white cloud passing in the sky without any desire to reach anywhere. There is no need; you are already there. What more do you want? If the winds are blowing toward the south, the white cloud goes toward the south. Each moment of floating high above, on the air, in the sky, is such an ecstasy – who cares whether the direction is south or north or east or west? And if suddenly the winds change and they start moving again toward the north, the cloud does not complain; it does not say that this is illogical. “We were going toward the south and suddenly for no reason at all you started moving toward the north again.” Without any resistance the cloud simply starts moving with the winds, wherever they are going. There is no conflict between the cloud and the wind.
That should be the right standpoint for all seekers of truth: no conflict with nature, no conflict with existence, and all your misery, all your tension, all your anguish and angst will disappear on their own accord. They are your creation. Of course you are not totally responsible; they are the heritage of a long, ugly, unnatural past.
What kind of situations do you try to change? Love arises in your heart, but the society says, “Love is blind: beware of it! It is infatuation; it is a kind of slavery and you will repent for it, so it is better from the very beginning not to allow such things.” The head is full of all this kind of morality, puritanism, and you start fighting with your heart.
Your head and your heart are not together, that is the problem. Your head is full of all kinds of nonsense, and that nonsense does not belong to you. It has been given to you by your parents, by your society, by your teachers, by your professors, by your priests, by your politicians. You have a head full of all kinds of bullshit. And this head tries to dominate the heart, which is still beyond the capacity of anybody to distort, to contaminate.
That is the only hope for man: to listen to your heart and go along with it. Then your life will become a blissful pilgrimage. All the methods of meditation I teach you are nothing but… In short, it can be said they are bringing you from the head to the heart, from logic to love, from ego to egolessness, from your separation to a deep merging and melting with the whole.
The whole knows better. The whole knows nothing of your ideals, the whole knows nothing about your moralities and conceptions of right and wrong. But the miracle is, the moment you merge with the whole, everything is right and everything is good and everything is beautiful. Satyam shivam sundaram: it is true, it is divine, and it has a beauty that is not of this earth.
You are also stating… The thing I said just yesterday to Shantideva, “Don’t ask so many questions otherwise you will get dengue fever.” You have got dengue fever! You are saying, “I have a feeling that my body makes me aware of it, reacting with a high fever.” It is not a high fever, it is simply dengue fever. It will go within two days, so don’t be worried. It is bound to happen in this city of Pune, where there must be at least twenty times more mosquitoes than people – and not small mosquitoes. Maharashtrian mosquitoes are very stubborn!
I am reminded…

I was staying with one of the Buddhist monks, one of the most learned in India, Bhikkshu Jagdish Kashyap, in Sarnath. There were so many mosquitoes that even in the daytime we would sit inside the mosquito net. He would sit in his mosquito net, I would sit in my mosquito net.
I asked him, “Jagdish Kashyap, do you know why Buddha never came again to Sarnath?” Because it is a strange thing that Sarnath is the only place that Buddha visited only once and stayed only one day. He visited Vaishali twenty times and he visited hundreds of towns dozens of times – because in forty-two years of continuous preaching he was always on the move. But in the whole of history no one has ever wondered why he did not come to Sarnath again.
Jagdish Kashyap told me, “I am a great scholar of Buddhist scriptures, but I cannot answer your question. How can you find such strange questions?”
I said, “Write down in your scriptures that Buddha never came back to Sarnath because he had no mosquito net!”

And when I came to Pune, I realized the mosquito net is far more necessary in this religious city, this cultured city. You can see all around –even in such a hall you have to put up a mosquito net. I have looked at the mosquitoes. They are bigger than the mosquitoes of Sarnath.
Don’t be worried about the dengue fever. It will go.

What is religion?
Religion is not what people understand it to be. It is not Christianity, it is not Hinduism, it is not Mohammedanism. Religion is a dead rock.
I teach you not religion, but religiousness – a flowing river, continuously changing its course, but ultimately reaching to the ocean.
A rock may be very ancient, far more experienced, far older than any Rig Veda, but a rock is a rock, and it is dead. It does not move with the seasons, it does not move with existence; it is simply lying there. And have you seen any rock with any song, with any dance?
To me religion is a quality, not an organization.
All the religions that exist in the world – and they are not a small number, there are three hundred religions in the world – are dead rocks. They don’t flow, they don’t change, they don’t move with the times. And anything that is dead is not going to help you – unless you want to make your grave. Then perhaps the rock may be helpful.
All the so-called religions have been making graves for you – destroying your life, your love, your joy and filling your heads with fantasies, illusions, hallucinations about God, about heaven and hell, about reincarnation, and all kinds of crap.
I trust the flowing, changing, moving because that is the nature of life. It knows only one thing is permanent, and that is change. Only change never changes; otherwise, everything changes. Sometimes it is fall and the trees become naked. All the leaves fall down with no complaint. Silently, peacefully they merge back into the earth from where they have come. The naked trees against the sky have a beauty of their own, and there must be a tremendous trust in their hearts because they know that if the old leaves are gone, the new will be coming. And soon new leaves, fresh, younger, more delicate, start coming out.
A religion should be not a dead organization but a kind of religiousness; a quality which includes truthfulness, sincerity, naturalness, a deep let-go with the cosmos, a loving heart, a friendliness toward the whole. For these no holy scriptures are needed.
In fact, there are no holy scriptures anywhere. The so-called holy scriptures do not even prove that they are good literature. It is good that nobody reads them because they are full of ugly pornography.
When I said this, one of my friends started working on the Holy Bible, and now he has found five hundred solid pages of pornography. If any book has to be banned from the world, it is the Holy Bible. But that friend does not know that the Holy Bible is just nothing. If you look into the Hindu puranas, you will be surprised. They are the most ancient editions of Playboy! Not only the human beings but even the gods described there are such ugly, dirty old people. It is strange, and they are still worshipped as gods.
For example, the moon is worshipped as a god by the Hindus and by the Jainas. But the story is that the moon was very much sexually interested in a beautiful woman who was the wife of a saint. In India the saints go to take a bath early in the morning before the sun rises, and that was the time when the moon would come – in disguise, of course, because gods can do anything. He would knock on the door and the wife would think her husband was back. The moon would make love to somebody else’s wife and then disappear.
Almost all the so-called Hindu gods are rapists. And they are not satisfied that in heaven they have the most beautiful women – not covered with skin, of course, but covered with plastic. In those days it seems they had no word for plastic, so they say that these heavenly girls – the word is apsara, which you can translate very accurately as a call girl, not ordinary prostitutes, but very high class – don’t perspire.
When I came to know that they don’t perspire, I started thinking: How is it possible for a man or woman with skin not to perspire? Plastic seems to be the only alternative. And they remain stuck at the age of sixteen; they never grow up. For centuries they are only sixteen. And how many saints have enjoyed them? I don’t think they can even remember the number over millions of years.
An authentic religiousness needs no prophets, no saviors, no holy books, no churches, no popes, no priests because religiousness is the flowering of your heart. It is reaching to the very center of your being. And the moment you reach to the very center of your being, there is an explosion of beauty, of blissfulness, of silence, of light. You start becoming a totally different person. All that was dark in your life disappears, and all that was wrong in your life disappears too. Whatever you do is done with utter totality and absolute awareness.
I know of only one virtue, and that is awareness.
And if religiousness spreads all over the world, religions will fade away. It will be a tremendous blessing to humanity when man is simply man: neither Christian nor Mohammedan nor Hindu. These demarcations, these divisions have been the cause of thousands of wars all through history. If you look back at the history of man, you cannot resist the temptation to say that we have lived in the past in an insane way. In the name of God, in the name of church, in the name of ideologies that have no evidence at all, people have been killing each other. Religion has not happened to the world yet.
Unless religiousness becomes the very climate of humanity there will be no religion at all. But I insist on calling it religiousness so that it does not become organized. You cannot organize love. Have you ever heard of churches of love, temples of love, mosques of love? Love is an individual affair with another individual. And religiousness is a greater love affair with the individual directed toward the whole cosmos.
When a man falls in love with the whole cosmos, the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the oceans, the stars, he knows what prayerfulness is – it is wordless. He knows a deep dance in his heart and a music that has no sounds. For the first time he experiences the eternal, the immortal; that which always remains. In every change it renews its life afresh. And anyone who becomes a religious person and drops Christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism, Jainism, Buddhism, declares his individuality for the first time.
Religiousness is an individual affair. It is a message of love from you to the whole cosmos. Only then will there be a peace that passeth all misunderstanding. Otherwise these religions have been parasites exploiting people, enslaving people, forcing people to believe. And all beliefs are against intelligence, forcing people to pray with words without any meaning because they are not coming from your heart, but only from your memory.

I have often told the beautiful story of Leo Tolstoy. The story is about three uneducated, uncultured villagers who lived on a small island in a big lake. Millions of people were coming to them and worshipping them, and the archbishop of the old Russia – before the revolution – became concerned.
The churches are empty, nobody is coming to the archbishop, and the Russian church is the oldest church in the world, very orthodox. People are going to those three persons who are not even initiated into the secrets of Christianity.
How had they become saints? In India it is easy to become a saint, but in Christianity it is not so easy. The English word saint comes from a root, sanctus. It means that unless you are sanctioned, certified by the pope or the archbishop, you cannot be accepted as a saint. But people were saying, “Those three people are so saintly.”
One day, in anger, the archbishop took a boat and went to those three people who were sitting under a tree. He looked at them and he could not believe it. What kind of saints are these?
From the very beginning he declared and introduced himself: “I am the archbishop.” The three saints all touched his feet. Then he felt relaxed: “These are fools, and things have not yet gone too far so that they cannot be managed.”
He asked them, “Are you saints?”
They looked at each other, and they said, “We have never heard the word. We are uneducated, uncultured. Don’t talk Greek to us; just simply say what you mean.”
“My God!” said the archbishop, “you don’t know what a saint means? Do you know the Christian prayer?”
Again they looked at each other, and nudged each other as if to say, “You tell him.”
The archbishop now became really powerful. He said, “Tell me what your prayer is.”
They said, “We are very uneducated. We don’t know what Christian prayer is. We have made a prayer of our own.”
The archbishop laughed. He said, “Nobody makes his own prayer. Prayer has to be authorized by the church. What is your prayer, anyway?”
They felt very embarrassed, very shy, and finally one said, “Because you are asking, we cannot refuse, but our prayer is not much of a prayer. We have heard that God has three forms – God, the Holy Ghost, and the Son – so we thought to make a prayer of our own. Our prayer is: You are three, we are three, have mercy on us.”
The archbishop said, “You idiots! Do you think this is a prayer? I will teach you the prayer authorized by the church.”
But the prayer was too long, and all three said together: “We cannot remember such a long prayer. We will try our best, but please repeat it one time more.” And they asked him to repeat it a third time because it was too big. “If we remember the beginning, we forget the end. If we remember the end, we forget the beginning. If we remember the beginning and the end, we forget the middle.”
The archbishop said, “You need education.” But they said, “We cannot write, otherwise we could have written your prayer. Just one time more and we will try our best.”
The archbishop was very happy that he had converted three idiots who were being worshipped by millions of people. He said the prayer a third time, they touched his feet, and he went back into his boat.
Just as he was in the middle of the lake he saw a huge something coming toward him. He could not believe it. What could it be? He started praying. As they came close, he understood that it was those three idiots walking on the water. He said, “My God! Only Jesus has ever walked on water.”
And they came with folded hands saying, “We forgot the prayer, so we thought – one more time.”
The archbishop, seeing them standing on the water, realized the fact. He said, “You don’t need my prayer. Your prayer is perfect. I have been praying my whole life, I have reached the highest post in the Orthodox Church of Russia, but I cannot walk on water. God seems to be with you. You just go and do your old prayer.”
They were very happy. They said, “We are so grateful because that long prayer would have killed us!”

Here is a beautiful story saying that the traditional, the orthodox religion becomes dead. Religiousness has to arise within your heart as an individual offering of love and fragrance to the cosmos.
Even God is not necessary for a religious person because God is an unproved hypothesis, and a religious person cannot accept anything unproved. He can accept only that which he feels.
What do you feel? – the breathing, the heartbeat… Existence breathes in and out, existence goes on giving you your life every moment. But you have never looked at the trees, you have never looked at the flowers and their beauty, and you have never thought that they are divine. They are really the only God that exists.
This whole existence is full of godliness. If you are full of religiousness, the whole existence simultaneously becomes full of godliness. To me, this is what religion is.

Why do I get so sensitive? Where does it come from and is it possible to share sensitivity?
Every child is born sensitive, utterly sensitive. But the society does not want so many sensitive people in the world. It wants people with thick skins. It needs laborers, it needs soldiers, it needs all kinds of hard people who have bypassed their hearts. It needs professors, intellectuals; it needs scientists. They are the people who don’t know anything about their own hearts, about their own sensitivity.
It is absolutely blissful that you are feeling sensitive. Perhaps a woman is more capable of being sensitive than a man because she is not going to be a soldier, she is not expected to kill people. A woman is more sensitive than a man because the society has rejected the woman for any important work.
It has been a blessing in disguise. The woman has remained still human, while man has become a monster. His whole work seems to be either to kill or to be killed. His whole life is devoted to accumulating more and more war weapons. It seems the Second World War has not satisfied him; he is preparing for the third. And remember, whenever a soldier dies on the front, a father dies, a son dies, a husband dies. Men fight and kill each other and women suffer.
And because women have suffered for centuries, they have become more and more sensitive to subtle nuances of joy, of suffering, of pain, of pleasure. Don’t ask, “Why do I get so sensitive?” You are born sensitive; it is your birthright. When you don’t feel sensitive you can ask the question, “Why I am not feeling sensitive?” Sensitivity is one of the great qualities of being religious.

It is told of one of the great men of this century, George Bernard Shaw, that a man had come to meet him, a creative artist, a novelist. He saw so many beautiful flowers in George Bernard Shaw’s garden that he could not believe it. And when he went into George Bernard Shaw’s room there was not even a single flower there. He asked him, “This is strange. You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden, an abundance. Can’t you pick a few flowers for a flower vase in your room?”
George Bernard Shaw said, “I love children too. They are as beautiful as any flower, but I don’t cut their heads to decorate my sitting room. The flowers will blossom, they will dance in the rain, in the sun, in the wind. There, they are alive. I am not a butcher; I cannot cut a flower from its life source, and I don’t like corpses in my room.”

He was right. He was a sensitive man, very sensitive.
You are asking, “Where does it come from?” It comes from your very being. Don’t look for any outside source; it is your nature. “…and is it possible to share sensitivity?” Of course.
You may have observed that when shaking hands with a few people, you feel as if you are shaking hands with a dead branch of a tree – no life, no warmth, no energy. And you will have also experienced shaking hands with someone else, and you feel something is being transferred, something has transpired between your energies – a warmth, a loving friendliness. These are the people that you will feel nourished by if you sit with them. And those others, like dead branches of a tree – if you sit with them you will feel strangely as if you are drained.
Sensitivity can be shared in a thousand and one ways. The most fundamental is a lovingness – not a love relationship but just pure lovingness, without any conditions. Not asking anything in return; just pouring your heart on people, even on strangers because it is overflowing with sensitivity.
Now the scientists say you can shake hands with a tree, and if you are friendly you will feel tremendous sensitivity in the tree itself. There are old stories, unbelievable ones, which cannot be factual – but one never knows, maybe they are factual. It is said that whenever Gautam Buddha passed, trees that had been without leaves suddenly grew leaves to give him shade. Whenever he sat under a tree, suddenly thousands of flowers blossomed and started falling over him. It may be simply symbolic, but there is a possibility of its being real too. And modern scientific research about trees supports what I am saying.
It was the first Indian Nobel prizewinner, Jagdish Chandra Bose, who proved to the scientific world that trees are not dead. But since Jagdish Chandra Bose much has happened. He would be tremendously happy if he could come and see what scientists have managed.
Now they can have something like a cardiogram attached to the tree. A man comes to the tree, a friend with love in his heart, and the tree starts dancing even without any wind and the cardiogram becomes very symmetrical. The graph on the paper almost has a harmonious beauty.
When another man comes with an ax, with the idea of cutting the tree, even if he has not come close, the graph of the cardiogram goes berserk. It loses all symmetry, all harmony. It simply goes insane: something is going to harm the tree. It is strange because the tree has not been harmed; it is just an idea in the woodcutter’s mind. The tree is so sensitive that it even catches your ideas. And the same man comes with the ax, not desiring to cut the tree, and the graph remains sane. There is no fear, nervousness in the tree.
And another thing they became aware of, that they had not thought about before, was that if one tree was trembling with fear and a scientist just put a few cardiograms on other trees surrounding it, when the tree started trembling with fear, the other trees also participated. They must have been old friends. Growing in the same grove, they must have shared their love with each other, they must have been friendly. They also reacted immediately.
The whole of existence is full of sensitivity – and man is the highest product of this existence. Naturally, your heart, your being, is ready to overflow. You have been hiding it, repressing it because your parents and your teachers have told you to be hard, to be strong because it is a world full of struggle. If you cannot fight and compete you will be nobody.
So only a few people like poets, painters, musicians, sculptors – who are no longer in the competitive world, who are not hoping to accumulate billions of dollars – are the only people who have some trace of sensitivity left.
But a meditator is on the way of the mystic; he will become more and more sensitive. And the more you share your sensitivity, your love, your friendliness, your compassion, the closer you will come to the goal of being a mystic.
Even small children, particularly male children, are deprived from the very beginning and are told, “You are not supposed even to cry.” It is something condemnatory. Women can weep and cry because they have never been accepted up to now as equal human beings. They are somewhat subhuman; so it is allowed for them – “these women are weak.” Sensitivity has been thought to be weak. The strong person should not have any sensitivity. When he cuts off people’s heads he will not think twice.

The day President Truman ordered the first atom bombs to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – which killed more than two hundred thousand people – he remained awake till he received the message that the atom bombs had been dropped. According to the calculations they had functioned perfectly well. Then he went to sleep.
In the morning he was surrounded by the news media and their first question was, “After killing two hundred thousand innocent people” – because they were just citizens, they were not soldiers – “could you sleep in the night?”
And President Truman said, “Of course! I slept as deeply as possible for the first time in a few months. The work is done perfectly. Now Japan is bound to surrender. When I received the news, I was so contented that I slept the whole night without waking up even once.”

These are the insensitive people – and his name is “True Man!” Since that day I have started calling him President Untrueman.
But from our very childhood, the head is trained and the heart is left absolutely untrained.

Ernie was talking to Ronnie, the little boy from next door.
“How old are you?” asked Ernie.
“I don’t know,” replied little Ronnie.
“Do women bother you?” inquired Ernie.
“No,” said Ronnie.
“Then,” said Ernie knowingly, “You are four.”

My final suggestion to you is, keep climbing upward. You may never reach the top, but it is definitely the right direction. Sensitivity is the beginning of a new opening in your being. Don’t be afraid; just go on climbing higher and higher. Become more and more sensitive. Hopefully, it will bring you the ultimate flowering of humanity – the mystic rose.

It was a very special day in Paddy’s household and Maureen came down to breakfast with an air of expectancy.
“This is our tenth wedding anniversary,” she whispered to Paddy, who was reading the newspaper, “so let’s have a chicken from our own farm and celebrate.”
Paddy looked up and said, “Why kill an innocent bird for what happened ten years ago?”

“Some young man is trying to get into my room through the window,” screamed old Mrs. Kleinman into the telephone.
“Sorry, lady,” came back the answer, “you’ve got the fire department. What you want is the police department.”
“No, no,” she pleaded, “I want the fire department. What he needs is a longer ladder!”

“My poor husband,” said Mrs. Ginsberg to her psychoanalyst, dragging her husband behind her. “He’s convinced he’s a parking meter.”
The analyst looked at the silent, morbid fellow and asked, “Why doesn’t he say something for himself? Can’t he talk?”
“How can he,” said Mrs. Ginsberg, “with all those coins in his mouth?”

You are living in a very insane, pathetic world. If you don’t take yourself out of the mob psychology and manifest your authentic reality, you will be drowned in the mess of the whole world.
In my vision, a sannyasin is one who is making every effort to get rid of the insanity that he has been conditioned for.
Sensitivity will help immensely to make you sane, sensible. And if you go on moving in the right direction it will become your meditation, and finally your mystic experience of enlightenment.

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