Osho Satsang Group : A Silence Retreat

Osho Dham Mystic Rose Group 13 Feb to 5 March 2023 by Ma Dharam Jyoti_597

Satsang is a silent heart to heart communion with the Master.

Osho says, “Satsang means in close proximity of the truth; it means near the truth, it means near a Master who has become one with the truth — just being near him, open, receptive and waiting. If your waiting has become deep, intense, a deep communion will happen.”

Osho Satsang Group is a unique opportunity to experience the silence and bliss of being in the presence of Osho. This three days program is designed to help you connect with your inner self through music, silence and meditation.

The group consists of silent sittings, satsang meditation, silent walking meditation as well as the main meditations of Osho and all daily activities during this period are done with slow, silent awareness. Being in silence create a space for inner awareness and relaxation.

Osho says, “Satsang means in the presence of the master — and that is going to be your sadhana. Remember me as much as you can, and feel me present everywhere, whatsoever you are doing. Let that become a constant milieu around you. Let me surround you and let me drown you….”

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