Sannyas is living in freedom

Buson wrote:

No beginning no end

A flash of lightning!

The sound of the dew dripping down the bamboos.

These small pieces of a meditative mind – ‘A flash of lightning!’ Visualize, you can see it – ‘A flash of lightning! The sound of the dew dripping down the bamboos.’ Listen quietly and you will hear the sound of the dew dripping from the bamboos.

A man of utter silence comes to know so many things which are happening around you, but you are so much occupied. Have you ever heard the sound of dripping dew from the bamboos? You are so much occupied, you are so full of thoughts that these subtle experiences around you which have tremendous beauty, just escape you, just pass by your side. But you are occupied, you don’t look at them. Your ears, your eyes, your mind – everything is full. There is no space for any new experience to enter in you.

Meditation makes you spacious, it cleanses all your senses. It makes your sensitivity so sharp that the smallest fragrance passing by your side, and you will immediately get it.

Just a small sound, even the sound of silence, will be heard so loudly and so clear.

We are living in trivia, and all that is great in existence we are missing. Only a man of no-mind, a man of enlightenment, knows what beauty is, what joy is, what ecstasy is.

And the moment you know what ecstasy is, you know you don’t need any God, you don’t need any commandment, you don’t need any discipline. Everything comes out of your no-mind, fresh. You live for the first time in freedom without bondage.

I define sannyas as living in freedom without bondage, living in freedom from every commandment, from every discipline, from every morality, from every religion.

This life in freedom is the only authentic life there is. And this is eternal – no beginning no end.”

Osho, I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here, Ch 3 (excerpt)

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