In this remarkable collection, Osho touches on every aspect of life. He shows that man as he is, is a disease, and how people can be healed by medicine and meditation working together to form a complete science. Osho gives a detailed description of why catharsis is a necessary part of his modern meditation methods, and what is needed for transformation. Catharsis is described as an overflow, a flood that breaks all barriers, in which anger and other long-suppressed emotions are released — not onto others, but into the void, into the open sky. And then:

“Everything will be gone. When the mind becomes empty of repression and habits, awareness will happen easily.”

Responding to questions, Osho clears up many misconcep¬tions about the mind, awareness, meditation, real and false religions, and the effect of the will.

This short and comprehensive work gives the reader an overview of Osho’s vision and guidelines for his own medi¬tations, as well as a roadmap toward a more blissful, happier humanity.

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