The Pilgrims of Love

If you ask me, I will tell you to forget God, to forget truth. I will tell you to seek only love. All the rest will follow. Just as your shadow follows you, God follows love.

-Osho, The Great Secret

What we seek decides the path we tread. For a pilgrim of love, life is filled with wonder. It is the path to understand and live “Ah! of things.”

Trust is the secret key on this path, and joy is the guiding light. Not striving but blissfully surrendering, not walking but dancing, a lover is in no rush to reach anywhere. Kabir sings, “The joy of looking for him is so immense.” In fact, surrounded by her beloved, she is already home while on the path. As Ikkyu puts it, such a seeker finds plum blossoms and peach flowers strewn all along the path.

Bamboos swaying, peacocks strolling, morning breeze, and the fragrance of blooming flowers- this retreat is an invitation to join the celebration of existence at Oshodham.
Come, let’s explore the path and experience the joy of seeking.

ONE must understand the Ah! of things and then all is understood.

-Osho, The Great Secret