Osho India

Only intelligent people can laugh

Beloved Osho, In a world ridden with hate and hostility, sadness and sorrow, you seem to be the lonely bard of love and laughter. Is this not hilarious? It is. Maitreya, it is hilarious but…

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Osho Dervish

You are the fabric of the universe

Let trust be YOUR approach towards Sufism. It is available only to those who trust. And remember again, only the courageous can trust. The cowardly always shrink back from the unknown. Now the story… it…

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Osho Rajneeshpuram

Osho on celibacy

Beloved Osho, I have been a sannyasin for one year, and feel like a kangaroo who has to make big jumps to follow you. Today, I was shocked to read that you had said you…

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Be ordinary

I tell you to be just ordinary, because to try the extraordinary is a very ordinary thing – everybody wants that. And just to be ordinary, accept it, is very extraordinary because nobody wants it.…

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Osho 14

The river has become the ocean

You said enlightenment is individual, but does individuality remain after enlightenment? No. Individuality does not remain after enlightenment, but enlightenment is individual. You will have to understand it. A river falls into the ocean. When…

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Osho Rp Aug19

Man’s mind has a robot part in it

If you watch yourself, you will see in twenty-four hours how many times you go on changing your personality. And it becomes such an automatic process that you need not even make an effort to…

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