Osho Vipassana Group

The word Vipassana simply means insight. This meditation includes sitting in awareness and watching the breath as it goes in and out of the body, either at the nostrils or at the belly (the rising and falling of the belly). This is alternated with slow meditative walking, where one is aware of movement of the legs, and contact with the ground through the feet.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-25 at 6.08.26 PM (2)This meditation was practiced by Buddha 2500 years ago and continues to be practiced. Quoting Buddha during one of His discourses while talking about Vipassana, Osho says “Buddha says: AWAKE. BE THE WITNESS OF YOUR THOUGHTS.

In these simple words he has given to the world the greatest meditation: Vipassana. More people have become enlightened through Vipassana than through any other method. There are thousands of methods but Vipassana seems to be the easiest, the most perfect, and very natural.”


Osho says, “Meditation was not something arduous or difficult, but to the Western mind or even to the Eastern mind today — which is absolutely overtaken by the Western ideology — watching the mind is not an easy job. So much garbage and so much crap has been forced into the mind that you go almost crazy just watching it. It is a film which begins, but never ends… It is because of this I had to create a few other devices — Dynamic, Kundalini, and others — before you could enter into a silent witnessing meditation like Vipassana.”

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-25 at 6.08.26 PMIn this week-long group, participants maintain silence and practice this technique as well as at least one active meditation. As a detached witnessing state becomes possible, thoughts are simply watched with indifference as they pass through the mind; feelings and emotions are allowed to come and go. Sitting meditations are alternated with walking meditations and all daily activities during this period are done with slow, silent awareness. A Zen stick that is used as part of the technique to help people maintain an alert state of consciousness.


Osho says, “Remember: easy is right.

As meditation becomes settled, mind silent, the ego will disappear. You will be there, but there will be no feeling of “I.” Then the doors are open. Just wait with a loving longing, with a welcome in the heart for that great moment, the greatest moment in anybody’s life — enlightenment.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-25 at 6.10.12 PMIt comes … it certainly comes. It has never delayed for a single moment. Once you are in the right tuning, it suddenly explodes in you, transforms you. The old man is dead and the new man has arrived.”

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