About The Web Series

Name of the web series: To be decided
Director: Rahul Mittra
Producer: Sanjay Grover and Atul Anand

About the series: A web series currently in the works aims at narrating the story of Ma Yoga Laxmi, the first secretary of controversial spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh also known as Osho. The script will be based on author Rashid Maxwell’s book “The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi And A Journey Of The Heart.”

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A web series currently in the works aims at narrating the story of Ma Yoga Laxmi

Web series on Osho’s first secretary Ma Yoga Laxmi in works

A web series currently in the works aims at narrating the story of Ma Yoga Laxmi, the first secretary of controversial spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh also known as Osho. The script will be based on author Rashid Maxwell’s book “The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi And A Journey Of The Heart.”

Cast and creative crew details are awaited, except that the series will be directed by Ranjan Chandel.

After Maa Anand Sheela, Osho’s First Secretary Maa Yoga Laxmi To Get A Web Series

A web series currently in the works aims at narrating the story of Ma Yoga Laxmi, the first secretary of controversial spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh also known as Osho. The script will be based on author Rashid Maxwell’s book “The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi And A Journey Of The Heart.”

Cast and creative crew details are awaited, except that the series will be directed by Ranjan Chandel.

After Ma Anand Sheela, Osho’s First Secretary Maa Yoga Laxmi To Get A Web Series

A web series currently in the works aims at narrating the story of Ma Yoga Laxmi, the first secretary of controversial spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh also known as Osho. The script will be based on author Rashid Maxwell’s book “The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi And A Journey Of The Heart.”

Expressions for The Only Life

I passed on your book to my ex husband; he was greatly impressed!

He was convinced it was an important book to read and found it very insightful.

So there you have a westerner in Holland, giving some feedback.


Laxmi and your story of her. You managed a touching and detailed account of the lass and it certainly deserves a larger Western audience.

There were two beautiful women who were crucial in Poona ___ Vivek, and Ma Yoga Laxmi Osho told me to follow the latter rather than him.

She really became the “Arrowsmith Woman”, sadly a celibate lover in my life and an endless source of laughter and mischief. We bonded in so many ways from piles to sharing ways of saying “Yes master” and then as she mischievously added “then doing the needful” which was often not what the master had originally asked for.


So reading the effect she had on many of the other people who knew her intimately and you interviewed was a delight and a falling back to those crazy years.


You have managed to catch much of the enigmatic and magical quality of this elvin collossus and both Navyo and I congratulate you for doing so (Navyo helped to look after her on the ranch.)

Sw Anand Yatri

Hi Rashid,

That’s an astonishing piece of writing, man! I ripped through it in a day and a bit. So much background I knew nothing about. Such insight into life’s non-black and non-whites. Such compression in your handling of the vast amount of material presented by both an unpredictable Master and that cascade of unpredictable events.

Chinmaya Dunster

Beloved Rashid,

I have SO enjoyed reading your book. Fascinating, touching, enlightening, interesting, full of goodness and love. Thank you so much for writing it, and thank you for giving me and us a copy.

Truly, I had never even heard of Laxmi. How? I don’t know. I am so grateful to have met her now.

You’ve done a great job and I wish the book every success. It’s a bomb!

Much love


I’m reading your wonderfull book “The Only Life” and I’m amazed from your fluent writing style. Compliment ! But let me shortly introduce myself :I’m italian but living in Auroville,an international city in Tamil Nadu.. Your portrait of Laxmi life is beautiful and like a mirror for the readers inner work.

Swami Agyana

It’s a wonderful book. Thanks for writing it.

Max Brecher

This is a remarkable book … and I do not write as an Osho disciple. It is the vivid account of the life of Laxmi who was, perhaps, Osho’s most devoted disciple and administrator of his ashram in Poona during the early years. There is a very strong narrative drive to the story: you wonder what is going to happen to this small, intensely attractive and dynamic woman as the story of these turbulent years unfolds. Rashid Maxwell was obviously a witness and participator but he resists the temptation of making it his personal memoir. Nor is it an objective account, but somewhere in between. Passionately (and compassionately) he allows evocations of Osho’s teaching and spiritual presence to permeate the story; Laxmi’s life then becomes both the foil to and exemplar of the teaching. The essential values of meditation, selfless love and individual freedom are the background to writing that is always colourful, direct and fast moving. I found myself re-examining my own life and values while reading it


I cannot express how much I have enjoyed and shared your book about Laxmi.  My love for her is tremendous and she is so missed.  Perhaps the Way Brothers will find the subject matter of her life and historical/spiritual contributions important for inclusion in their future project(s).  One of my dreams is to have some personal items from her life in the archives.

Your book is such a wonderful addition and I am very grateful for your contribution in keeping her memory alive.  Thank you.

Charles Geier Archivist

Your wonderful book will be my companion forever . . . The Only Life – The Only Book!  Thank you for reminding me of this silence.

Anneke Wills (Actor)

I just finished the book

Can’t say anything but

Heartfelt thanks

For the beauty

The beauty


I am amazed at the beauty of the writing.  Well I was slow to read it because of my eyes but I have to say I think it is truly a wonderful biography – thorough, warm, well-researched, beautifully written

Laxmi comes over with all her bubbly personality and enthusiasm intact. And I, goggle-eyed, head perched forward onto the pages at the penultimate chapter, found myself actually crying.

So, well done you! A really valuable accomplishment.

Ma Anand Savita

I met you at Osho Leela when you were talking about your book.  I asked you a question about Osho and about what he knew about the goings on at the ranch.  You answered quite beautifully and this helped me.

I have just finished your book and I wanted to thank you for the efforts that you put into it.  For someone who came to Pune as a complete naive young man in 1996, I now listen to Osho every day.  I did not have the amazing pleasure of meeting Osho in his physical form but I trust his words when he says that you will feel me in a thousand ways once I am unembodied.

Your book fascinated me as it gave me an insight into what it must have been like when Osho was in his body.  It brought together many strands and interwoven within the book were the many words of Osho.   There are times when I am staggered by the beauty of one paragraph in any one of his books.  And then to think that he spoke like this for many, many years.
What a being he is.

My love to you for your book.  It is beautiful.


Sandhya and I have now both finished reading Laxmi…..what a book! So well written, and totally engaging…neither of us really knew Laxmi, so on one level it was wonderful to find out about her life, and read about her journey with Osho. On another level her personal journey is all our personal journeys, and the way you wrote her story, it was easy, and sometimes surprising, to find the correlation……just, by the way, we were watching Wild Country during reading your book…..


I received my copy from Amazon some time back and have read it and written a glowing review which can only say the half of what I feel.  I was deeply moved by the whole narrative and so strongly felt Laxmi, Osho and the love that connected us all come through on every page.


I finished reading the latest book by you “The Only Life”. Beautiful journey of Ma Yoga Laxmi presented to us with such warmth and love. Gratitude towards you.  The book carries HIS fragrance.


I am just reading your biography on Laxmi. I have to be careful, I burst into tears when I read it on my kindle when I waited in the dentist’s waiting room, full of people wondering.
I just wanted to thank you. Your book gives me more than you might know.

SW. Anand Devada

So there we go…I’ve just finished it. Your final words are moving, simple, and powerful. Of course I cannot begin to imagine the extraordinary time you spent with and around Osho…but I can reflect on my own journey, and the extent to which small minnows of brightness have had major effects…and then think of Osho. Well done – I guess this has been hugely meaningful for you, but rest assured it transmits very well to others. Thank you

Dominic Scriven

Wow you really brought that woman to life.  I feel so touched. Thank you for bringing Laxmi to life, for one who never had the chance to meet her.

I came to Osho in June 81. It was a bad joke because he left just before i came 🙂

Don’t think we ever really met in person but i remember you very well.

Thank you again. Well done. Thanks for your wisdom and love


I just finished reading Laxmi’s book last night. Want to say my thanks to you for such tremendous work. I know all the hard work that goes in research, interviews and collection of stories. All my gratitude. This is so worth it. Many incidents in the book made me cry. All the hits, difficult situations that Laxmi faced being with Osho. The book gets more and more engrossing as you read. Her love and devotion for Osho. And at the end with all the pain and suffering from cancer. Her awareness and non identification to the body… There is much much to learn.

Neelam had read the book before me. She loved it. She says Laxmi deserved a book like this…

Thank you again….

Priya Dhall

I have just finished The Only Life. It is fantastically good!

Huge congratulations. I am full of admiration for what you have accomplished. I have only the slightest inklings of the time and energy you put into the book – the travelling and collecting, the meeting and deciding, the writing and editing – but it is clearly an act of devotion and an expression of love, as well as a gripping story and an enormously enjoyable read.

Knowing you a little, and your writing style a little, too, from what I have read, I would also like to say it is really a hollow bamboo of a book. Rarely does Rashid make his presence known. He has taken a back seat in the unfolding of this beautiful story. And when he does take the wheel, it is totally appropriate, adding the personal and the context when it is needed.

And God knows what politics entered the arena as you wrote and prepared the manuscript, but you have side-stepped all that and produced a pure Laxmi-centered, Laxmi-loving book. I am so excited to have it in my hands and be able to tell everyone I see to get it.

Now I wish for great success and many many readers, and wonder if there are plans for S&S to do a US/UK version, or at least market it beyond India.

Tony K

Just finished the book – love it, beautifully written, flows very well…

the part where she is being grilled by the INS or whoever reads like a thriller,

I could hardly put it down! It really does give a real life understanding of the nitty

gritty of being with Osho, in a way which anyone on any spiritual path will be able to relate to.


You have found the perfect medium through which you can say what you need to express

about Osho’s work, meditation, the state of the environment and the process of

being the disciple of an enlightened master…fabulous.


Many congratulations, I look forward to it coming out here, it is a beautiful description of how a Master works with a disciple, and the ups and downs of being a devotee!


Finished reading your book. I don’t know what to say as everything that I say seems to be untrue to what is. Thank you so much for such a beautiful book. Reading the book, very often it would throw the reader back into the silence of one’s own being, and hence the gratitude and the tears. Such an inspirational story of love and devotion that will encourage anyone on the path to keep on walking and not cling to anything. Loved it so much and thank you again and again.

Pragya Sangeeta Lama

Looks like you have something hot here. I can’t imagine where it’s all leading but for those of us who met Laxmi, it’s It is a firecracker!
Very much enjoyed. You certainly write well. Would you put us down for 30 copies to start with.

Sw Sudas for Osho Risk

Just wanted to send you a quick line about your book about Laxmi.  I ordered it from Viha and have read it, and have lent it on to Kavido who’s reading it in his care home in Lyme.  (He’s half way through and is very much enjoying it….. so manyfriends are all wanting to read it too!) You are a fantastic writer, so creative and engaging.  And what a subject!  It feels so brilliant for us all to become aware of this inspirational being who lived, breathed and transmitted Osho’s vision so steadfastly and with all her heart and being. THANK YOU!!! Big hugs and acknowledgements and appreciation for your immense creativity and dedication.

Ma Masta – Lyme Regis

I met Osho in 1988 with my senior film-maker friend Vijay Anand. Since that time my understanding of the ways of the world and of mankind has matured and evolved. Osho’sthoughts, discourses and books have greatly influenced my movies, my sense of music, poetry, drama and aesthetics. In 1999 I wrote and directed the film Taal; it was both directly and indirectly, consciously and unconsciously pervaded by Osho’s teachings; particularly the idea—‘Rise in love, do not fall in love.’

Osho takes you to a new horizon beyond traditional beliefs. He nourishes the seeker in you and makes you question, debate, explore the universal truth within you. It is no wonder that so many of His people have been transformed by the subtle alchemy of the master–disciple relationship.

In The Only Life, we see how one of Osho’s first disciples, Ma Yoga Laxmi, embodies His vision of Zorba the Buddha, the new man or woman who lives fully both the life of the material world and the life of the spirit. Like all of us she had to pass through dark valleys and strenuous times to arrive at the sunlit summit. The author and disciple of Osho, Swami Deva Rashid Maxwell shows how, through meditation and engagement with life, harmony, wisdom and loving kindness arose in her, qualities the world needs urgently. This is a story for our times.

SUBHASH GHAI (Film-maker)

‘Listening to Osho is very refreshing. It enables deep reflection.’

Dr Kiran Bedi (IPS [Retd])

‘Osho led Laxmi to the edge of understanding the Ultimate Truth. She completed the journey herself. She appears to be a real and honest seeker of Truth.’

Sonu Nigam

‘Congratulations, Rashid. This book helps give form to Osho’s inspiration.’

A.R. Rahman (Composer, musician, singer, educationist, movie-maker)

‘It takes courage to be oneself—now more than ever there’s a need to live with awareness and independence; with love and compassion. Osho’s work is to bring awareness to all aspects of life. He has evolved new meditations for modern humanity. He values the heart and the head, the mundane and the mysterious, the sinners and the saints, male and female equally. Laxmi was an ordinary woman who led an extraordinary life. She is you and me. Like so many of us she wanted to make the world a kinder place but it was not until she met Osho that she could fulfil that intention. However, she had to pass through the fire of a master’s transmission to become pure gold. That transmission flows through this book. I congratulate Rashid for this beautiful book. The readers will find inspiration to live life with awareness and celebration.’

Sushmita Sen (Actor)

‘Osho didn’t just live amidst us: he changed the world he lived in and changed himself too. He wasn’t a spiritualist but instead an intellectual messiah who held up the mirror for all to see. In many ways, he was the last of the philosophers we would embrace and be blessed to learn from. Yet again, he wasn’t the quintessential teacher: he was in fact the essential shepherd. This book The Only Life is more than a book: it captures the essence of what Osho was and what his teachings are. Resonating long after he’s left the body but never our souls.’

Suhel Seth (Author, marketing maven)

The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi and a Journey of the Heart

A one of its kind biography, The Only Life is the story of a woman who blazed a path for herself and others in the presence of one of the greatest mystics, Osho.

Growing up an ordinary Indian girl in British India, and rendered powerless in a domineering world, Laxmi went on to become Osho’s first disciple and secretary.

What follows is an account of not just a life, but of the massive international movement which grew around Osho in the 1970s and 80s—one that Laxmi was at the helm of. Equally, what unfolds is a narrative, full of pathos, where her protégé usurps her place. Heartbroken, ostracised and later banished, she wanders the wastelands of America in isolation, seeking to rediscover herself by choosing devotion for her master over despair.

The Only Life is an extraordinary account of a life of starkly contrasting ups and downs. Laxmi’s journey and the way she lived continues to serve as a crucial illustration for dealing with life’s adversities. It shows that the path of kindness, devotion and awareness trumps all in these present chaotic and precarious times.