Osho Dham, a meditation center celebrating the Osho Day, Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

written by PP News Team January 17, 2022

That’s why I have been saying that death should be celebrated just as life should be celebrated. Both are natural, both are gifts.”

Death comes to all of us and yet we live life as if we will never die: when death does come, most of us die unwillingly. Covid-19 has brought to the forefront fear of our own and our loved ones’ death.

Osho, the enlightened mystic, has a completely different, refreshing take on death. He says, “Death is not something to be sad about — if it comes to a fulfilled life, if it comes to a life as a crescendo, its climax, it has a beauty of its own. I want my people to live totally, and to live intensely, to burn their life’s torch from both ends together. If they can manage to live a total and intense life in each of their acts, their death will be something of a greater beauty than their life has ever been — because death is the highest peak, the last touch of the painter on the painting.

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